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  1. Absolutely CORRECT !! Furthermore, THOSE articles of Impeachment have been DEFEATED/REJECTED, and the SHODDY nature of their crafting, should FOREVERMORE be a tutorial for FUTURE Congressmen... of how NOT to do it... They were a COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT to the House of representatives, and MORE of a stain on Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi than ANYONE else !!
  2. HA!! Even the Southern District better base it on FACTS and DATA... NOT Bull $hit and LIES... Otherwise, THEY may get into the cross hairs of the Barr/Durham DRAGNET... where Facts & Data TALKS, and BULL $HIT WALKS !!
  3. Donald Trump was Aquitted minutes ago, of ALL Impeachment charges, MEANING that he was COMPLETELY EXONERATED of ALL charges by the Senate !! IF Nancy PIGGelosi wants to take the next step, FILE the charges with the nearest Federal Court... AND you have a SLSIM to NO chance of prevailing there, and SLIM just left the building !! https://www.yahoo.com/news/senate-acquits-trump-in-impeachment-trial-213412728.html
  4. The ONLY LIES, are the DEMOCRAT LIES that Donald trump LIED about what he has accomplished !! I KNOW it's hard to believe that Donald trump has COME THRU on so many promises, and has done SUCH a GREAT job... BUT, it's ALL TRUE !! And the ONLY way the democrats can fight back, is to LIE about the Accomplishments, and HOPE that the people they're trying to convince, don't look too hard for the FACTS... Because if THAT happens, they will see that it's the DEMOCRATS who are the LIARS !! BUT, Americans are generally SMARTER than the Democrat believe... AND THEY have already figured it out... 3 YEARS ago when they elected Trump the FIRST time... and EVEN MORE Now !!
  5. Liberal SOCIALISM... Obama's LEGACY !! But, with another 4 years of trump... with a House and Senate majority to go along with it... It might be just a pathetic footnote in history, of what is becoming an EPIC Democrat FAIL !!
  6. Lie after LIE, after LIE, after LIE... Is EXACTLY what the BS above is... There are FACTS and FIGURES that support Everything Donald Trump took credit for yesterday, and what he said was 99% CORRECT... Liberal BULL $HIT will NEVER change that !! What's more... the American people can FEEL it... and they will NOT be fooled by Liberal JIBBERISH !!
  7. KEEP WATCH'in... it AIN'T NEVER going to happen !!
  8. The GOP also sees some favorable numbers in this Gallup survey: As Trump's job approval rating has improved, so has the image of the Republican Party. Now, 51% of Americans view the Republican Party favorably, up from 43% in September. It is the first time GOP favorability has exceeded 50% since 2005. Meanwhile, 45% of Americans have a positive opinion of the Democratic Party, a slight dip from 48% in September. Additionally, the poll finds 48% of Americans identifying as Republicans or leaning toward that party, compared with 44% Democratic identification or leaning. Recent Gallup polls had shown a fairly even partisan distribution, after the Democratic Party held advantages for much of 2019. These numbers are positive for President Trump and the Republican Party, to say the least. President Trump is at his best when carrying out campaign promises, and these numbers prove that. Democrats also deserve credit for these positive numbers, though; Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Sen. Chuck Schumer and the entire impeachment team have successfully managed to let the American people see right through their highly-political, non-substantive impeachment effort. The more the Democrat TRY to remove Trump... the more the PEOPLE tell them... HELL NO !! It only gets WORSE for the DIMocRATS from here !!
  9. It's ALL just part of the VAST Left Wing Conspiracy... KNOWING the LONG and dubious history of the Democrats, who OFTEN accuse republicans of things that THEY are actually GUILTY of... is it REALLY that difficult to believe that bill and Hillary, and almost the EXACT time Hillary accused Republicans of having a VAST Right Wing conspiracy... that she and Bill were beginning to create the LEFT Wing Conspiracy, that we now call the Deep State? It's GOOD that the entire thing in on a banana peel now... because America will be MUCH better off, once IT'S been dismantled and KILLED !! and if it's NOT done NOW... it will come BACK.. BIGGER, More ARROGANT, and More DANGEROUS than EVER !! Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham... YOU have to KILL this thing !!
  10. Stand against a Man with no character? THAT is CERTAINLY NOT Donald Trump !! Donald Trump is QUITE the Character... but also a HELL of a President !! Lying Adam Schiff will convince NO ONE with MORE LIES !!
  11. So then HOW do 11 witnesses who never talked to Donald Trump about the issues that they testified to (they were Hear Say evidence), and ONE, who ended up CONFIRMING that Trump told him he wanted NOTHING from Ukraine.. and he "ONLY wanted them to do the right thing"... HOW would that EVER get the public to come to the conclusion that Trump was GUILTY? 1. The evidence was NIETHER "OVERWHELMING", OR INCONTROVERTIBLE"... and 2. It NEVER was adequate to convict ANYONE, of ANYTHING !!
  12. So, NOT ONLY have the Democrats NOT made the case for impeachment, they have apparently NOT made the case for NEW Witnesses EITHER !! It seems that it all boiled down to the question... is ANY evidence of a personally motivated Quid Pro Quo, cause guilt? OR is a Quid Pro Quo "for the "Public GOOD"", take precedence. Adam Schiff tried to make the Senate believe that ANY EVIDENCE of a personally motivated Quid Pro Quo, should result in a guilty verdict... BUT, the LONG TIME Constitutional attorney, Democrat, and one time director of the ACLU... Alan Dershowitz... Dershowitz made the case that there IS a difference between a Personally motivated Quid Pro Quo, and one made in the public interest... he also said that IF the case for a 100% Personally motivated Quid Pro Quo can not be made, and there are OTHER motivations which ARE in the public interest... it can NOT be criminal... AND if it can NOT be criminal, there IS NO BASIS for removing a sitting President of the United States because of it !! SO do we take a LYING Partisan Pencil neck Democrats word for what the law says? OR DO we take a LONG time Liberal Democrat, who is a Constitutional Attorney, and Harvard professor, who lead the ACLU for a time, and has decided to support Donald Trump BECAUSE he believes that the Democrats are BASTARDIZING the Constitution with their Impeachment aspirations? I Vote for Alan DERSHOWITZ !! and APPARENTLY, so are enough Republicans to PREVENT additional witnesses from being called, and extending the Impeachment until GOD KNOWS when ! Looks like THIS Dog & Pony show may be over SOON !!
  13. the WITNESSES should have been called by the HOUSE of Representatives... THAT was THEIR responsibility !! The Senate is only responsible to USE the HOUSE provided evidence, to determine GUILT of INNOCENCE !! THATS IT !!
  14. HA!! Establishment Democrats HEADS will EXPODE !! I think Trump is PRAYING that Bernie will be the Democrat nominee THIS time around !! And WHY? Because NO ONE in the Republican party is SOCIALIST (maybe 1%)... Because the VAST Majority of Independents are NOT Socialists... and Because 50-60% of DEMOCRATS are NOT Socialists !! So, if you add that up in the general election, Trump will win in the BIGGEST LANDSLIDE election since Ronald Reagan... and LIKE the "Reagan Republicans" of the early 1980's.... there will be an entirely NEW WAVE of Democrats turning Republican in 2020.. the "Trump Republicans"... and the Democrat party will NEVER recover ! It's like Deja Vu all over again !
  15. Democrat LIE: "Bolton says that Trump tied military aid to investigations."... How do we KNOW? Because Ukraine GOT the aide, and have STILL not investigated Joe Biden !! HA!! THAT"S RIGHT... so, 1) EVEN if Trump DID with hold aid until Ukraine investigated Buresma, Joe and Hunter Biden, and the THREATS Joe Biden made... WHY would that be illegal... don't we WANT to investigate CORRUPT politicians, ESPECIALLY when they try to use other countries to further their CORRUPT aims... which Joe Biden even ADMITTED to in a video, in front of a WORLD WIDE audience ?... 2) AND, EVEN IF Trump THREATENED to withhold money from Ukraine, HOW can it be Impeachable if Ukraine GOT the entire $1.3 billion guarantee, WITHOUT investigating ANYONE, or EVEN announcing that they were doing ANYTHING of the sort !! They HAVE the testimony, UNDER OATH !! 3) AND SO, HOW can it POSSIBLY be Impeachable if Ukraine GOT the entire $1.3 billion guarantee, WITHOUT investigating ANYONE, or announcing that they were doing ANYTHING... ESPECIALLY since ALL the evidence indicates Trump was interested in making sure that Ukrainians was taking steps to root out their RENOUNED CORRUPTION FIRST and Foremost..., AND regarding Joe Biden and the Hillary Clintons server, said< according to the testimony of the democrats STAR witness.... THAT he (Trump) didn't want ANYTHING in return from the Ukrainians, but ONLY wanted them to "Do the RIGHT THING" !!!!
  16. HA!! You know what... I think Trump was PRAYING that Hillary would pick Crazy Bernie !! I think Trump is PRAYING that Bernie will be the Democrat nominee THIS time around !! And WHY? Because NO ONE in the Republican party is SOCIALIST (maybe 1%)... Because the VAST Majority of Independents are NOT Socialists... and Because 50-60% of DEMOCRATS are NOT Socialists !! So, if you add that up in the general election, Trump will win in the BIGGEST LANDSLIDE election since Reagan... and LIKE the "Reagan Republicans" of the early 1980's.... there will be an entirely NEW WAVE of republicans in 2020.. the Trump Republicans... and the democrat party will NEVER recover ! HA!! That's what I THINK !!
  17. Well, I have to applaud you, as I agree with just about everything you said... AND, I do have to say that I came to a similar EPIPHANY about the democrat party in the latter years of the 1970's... Democrats seemed more Communist than most Communists, and when the Iranians rose up, and captured the American Embassy and all of those Americans, Ted Kennedy and most Democrats BLAMED America !! It made me HIT THE ROOF !! When I came down, I realized I was NOT a Democrat any longer, but, WHO would I vote for... When Ronald Reagan came on the scene as a legitimate contender, I listened to him... and when he talked about America as a shining light on the hill, that our BEST days were ahead of us, and his message was PRO Capitalism, PRO America and PRO American... too may years of Democrats trying to TEAR America DOWN, of BLAMING America First, and ALWAYS excusing their FAILED policies by BLAMING someone else... made me VOTE for Ronald Reagan, and I became a Republican, but I REALLY became a CONSERVATIVE !! Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are like TWO peas in a POD... and Donald Trump is the closest Republican to Reagan, SINCE REAGAN !! So, the DISTINCTION between Conservatism and Republicanism for me is REAL... and It took YERS to figure out... BUT, here it is in a nutshell... RINO Republicans are MUCH like Democrats... they are Establishment elitists, in the pockets of the RICH in this country, and don't really give a DAMN about America or Americans... They are Globalists, they are Elitists, they believe in Open Borders, and a welfare society... because that is what their puppet masters WANT... to perpetuate their power, and to minimalize the strength and power of WE THE PEOPLE !!... THAT was NOT Ronald Reagan, and it is NOT Donald trump... BUT, on the other side... it WAS ALL of the Democrat Presidents, CERTAINLY since Bill Clinton, and maybe since Billy Carter... AND Republican Presidents to include GHW Bush, and GW Bush !! NOW, we have a chance to BREAK AWAY from the Globalist Elitists, BUT, it MEANS keeping power AWAY from the Globalists, and the Elitists, and KEEP it with the PEOPLE. Donald Trump is IT in 2020, and who knows in 2024... BUT, Trump has reset the bar for American Presidents... IF another American President SAYS everything everyone WANTS to hear, and THEN, finds ways to BREAK all of his promises, THAT President SHOULD be impeached... for LYING to the American people !! Donald trump has PROVEN that Promises MADE, SHOULD be Promises KEPT... and that WILL NOT happen with Democrats in power !
  18. The Media, Democrat Politicians and Washington "elites" SEE what's happening... but they WILL NOT say it... Every once in a while you hear about a Democrat who lets it slip... that "Democrats can't beat Trump in November, so, they HAVE to IMPEACH him".... I think it's becoming more and more obvious... Trump is a GREAT President, and he is being ILLEGALLY, and Un ethically ATTACKED because of it... I believe it WILL be a LANDSLIDE in November, NOT ONLY for Trump, but ALL Republican Trump supporters EVERYWHERE !! If SO... THEN watch things happen !!
  19. Trump RALLY in New Jersy was PACKED... and THOSANDS watched outside in the Overflow area... 100,000 Requested tickets for the Rally !! For those who don't know, New Jersey is generally a pretty Democratic state... BUT, could THAT be changing? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/varney-trump-turned-jersey-shore-151311525.html
  20. Democrats would like ILLEGAL Immigrants, from ALL other countries, to be permitted to come to America, and LIVE, ILLEGALLY, on the TAX PAYERS DIME !! Is THAT RIGHT? When Donald Trump talks about America FIRST, THIS is what he is TALKING About... America for AMERICANS... not ILLEGALS from GOD KNOWS where !! WE do NOT need the Democrat Party to implement THEIR version of America ! AND the only way to make sure that happens... is to NOT ELECT Democrats !! https://news.yahoo.com/supreme-court-allows-trump-policy-184401841.html
  21. HA!! So, why are you DELLUDING yourself into believing that a BUNCH of accusations that have broken NO LAWS, are based on actions that are NOT ILLEGAL, using an investigation that was a FARCE, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, ALL done in SECRET, AND where ONLY witnesses that supported the Democrats claims were used ? Americans are NOT that STUPID... AND, given that Trump is a President that had worked to keep EVERY Campaign Promise that he made, and largely PROVEN Democrats to be LYING SCUMBAGS... as he has been successful at EVERY turn while they claimed he would FAIL !! I know Democrats who have TOLD me they LIKE Trump now, and wonder WHY people (i.e. Democrats) won't even give him a chance ! ANY Senators who vote in favor of removal, will be PROVEN to be partisan HACK Democrats, or Trump hating Establishment Republican RINO's and will ALL be targeted for DEFEAT on election day !! AND, there will be a LOT of X-Democrats who will consolidate with Trump Republicans and Moderate Independents who WILL do EXACTLY THAT !! Donald Trump isn't going ANYWHERE !!
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