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  1. Trump ASKED them to investigate, "if they could"... it was a REQUEST, and NOT a demand !! The money in question was released, WITHOUT any "announcement", or "Investigation" or "anything" that the democrats READ into the transcript... but was NEVER there !!
  2. YES, it WAS clear... He was concerned about Ukrainian corruption from the past, and made it CLEAR that he wanted to see some improvement in their corruption... they didn't know it at the time, but Trump has stopped the aid payment until he saw evidence that the NEW government was NOT the epitome of corruption that the last government was.. and THAT, was EXACTLY what he SHOULD have done... THAT was CLEAR from the transcript. Other than that, asked the Ukrainian president to look into a few other issues... one having to do with a computer server that MAY be in Ukraine... that had belonged to Hillary Clinton but which DISAPPEARED when the Democrats got a Subpoena to provide it (FUNNY how that happens when Democrats are involved).. AND That the Ukrainian President, if he could, look into the Joe Biden's corruption when he TOLD the Ukrainian government to FIRE an investigator that was looking into Burisma (and Joe Bidens son)... of LOSE the $1.3 billion they were promised... AND which Joe Biden ADMITTED to doing, ON TAPE, for ALL the world to see !! HA!! There is NOTHING illegal about ANYTHING he did, EXCEPT that the Democrats DI NOT LIKE Joe Biden being under investigation (which he already was by the DOJ)... BUT, that is NOT illegal !!
  3. WHAT a LOAD of CRAP !! It's been the Democrats who have been more responsible than ANYONE else, in SUBVERTING Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy... Making America Polarized, Divided, and on the verge of Civil WAR, AND working VERY hard to take us down the road to SOCIALISM... and TELL us that we WANT it !! ALL the above is just ANOTHER load of CRAP to try to achieve the SAME Anti-American goals... SO, it's time to KICK the Liberalism the Democrats, AND the SOCIALISTS OUT of power... and put in people who LOVE Freedom, LOVE Liberty, LOVE Capitalism, and LOVE America !! We NEED more Republicans... at EVERY Level, in EVERY State, in ALL of America !!
  4. There is NO DOUBT in my mind they ALREADY KNOW that this is going to be REALLY BAD (for Democrats and the Deep State)... he's already starting to get America READY for the Bloodbath... AND, SHUT the LYING SOB's like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and McCabe UP. They can WISH for the moon, and TRY to get America to believe them, but Barr has had ENOUGH of their LIES... and he KNOWS they're guilty as SIN !!
  5. TYPICAL Liberal Reaction... WHAT are you going to do when DOZENS of Democrats and Deep State IDIOTS are indicted and are faced with the prospects of spending YEARS in prison? THEY are going to start POPPING and FLIPPING like... like popcorn on a hot stove !! I don't think there is a CHANCE that this doesn't find it's way ALL the way back to Obama, and Barack Obama MIGHT be the firsts president to ever spend time in JAIL because of CORRUPTION... I know it seems hard ro believe right now, but I believe the evidence will be SO OVERWELMING... Barr and Durham won't be able to do anything else !! AND it will SHOCK the WORLD, and DEVESTATE the Liberals and the Democrat Party !!
  6. Doesn't matter if it was BUSH or Obama... is was a FELONY, either way... It's time the Constitution be placed FRONT and Center once again... and the PATHETIC Liberal push to Subvert and Destroy it be ENDED... and ALL of those involved in the Conspiracy, spend MANY LONG YEARS in JAIL as a result !! THAT is what the remedy to all of this CRIME and CORRUPTION is... NOT looking the other way !!
  7. HA!! I think he sees the Democrats going on a LYING BLITZ... and CLIMING that the Horowitz report PROVED an entire SERIES of democrat LIES that it does NOT... What's more today, Horowitz has BLOWN HOLES in MOST of those democrat LIES, but they CONTINUE to LIE !! Do you REALLY think people are THAT STUPID ? HA!! SOON people are going to be INDICTED for many of the things YOU have said they were EXONERATED of today... HA!! WHAT will you LIE about THEN ? YOU FRIKKIN MORONS !!
  8. Are YOU Democraps HIGH ? WHAT the HELL are you TALKING about... YOU are being SHOWN to be the LIARS that you are, and JUST KEEP LYING !! The IG Report on Monday PROVED that 3 years of FAKE News were INDEED LIES, and 3 years of Sean Hanity, Fox news, and Conservatives was ALL TRUE ! Barr and Durham even kick the trash can over FURTHER, and today, Howitz in front of congress ENIALATES MOST of the democrat LIES AGAIN... and you STILL LIE ? HA!! YOU are ALL going to go down HARD !!
  9. IG Horowitz TEARING Democrats a NEW BUTT HOLE !! Was asked if report exonerated James Comey, and Comey had claimed earlier... Horowitz said in NO WAY is James Comey exonerated... NOR is anyone else mentioned in the report !! Democrats have been LYING since yesterday, HOPING that their UTTER LIES would somehow be CORROBERATED by Horowitz's testimony... BUT, they are getting a TERRIFYING DOSE of REALITY !! HA!! You CAN'T make this stuff UP... THEY are so far gone, THEY evidently BELIEVE their OWN LIES !!
  10. The ONLY corruption that is being PROVED... is that of Democrats, the FAKE News media, and the Deep State... The IG report ONLY touched on the surface, HOWEVER, when it is complete, it will EXPOSE the CORRUPTION, ABUSE of POWER and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTCE by Democrats and the Deep State.. and their COLLUSION with the FAKE News Media !! ALREADY Bob Barr while commenting on the IG Report... When asked about the IG report not proving that there was any "Political Bias"... Stated: That he does NOT accept the Horrowitz assessment that there was no Political bias... that Horowitz's scope is much smaller that what Durham is investigations... AND, that the Durham investigation will be the final word.... BUT, from what WE ALL have seen... What does it say about an FBI, who would work so HARD to absolve Hillary Clinton of an Obstruction of Justice charge that she was OBVIOUSLY guilty of, and yet, work EQUALLY hard to CONVICT Donald trump od something where they had NO Evidence, NO Facts, and NO Proof... of ANY wrong doing... THAT ALONE is the EPITOMY of a Political bias !!
  11. After what we learned yesterday, and what we will learn in the late spring when the Barr/Durham report comes out... COUPLED with a STRONG economy, Trump keeping he word on DOZENS of campaign promises, and the democrats finding NOTHING from the Russian collusion fiasco... and NOW, the Impeachment inquiry laying ANOTHER EGG... Do you REALLY think people are going to be inclined to vote DEMOCRAT? ESPECIALLY since now they've essentially WASTED their entire House term trying to OBSTRUCT Trump instead of helping Americans... and TRYING to get one of the Most SUCCESSFUL American Presidents in HISTORY IMPEACCED !! I think the Democrat will be LUCKY if they can KEEP the House, because I think the House will flip, and Republicans will ADD seats in the senate !! Blacks supporting Trump up to 25%, Hispanics up to 50%... Republicans supporting Trump at close to 96%, and Independents breaking for Trump 60% to 40% !! A LOT of things would need to go wrong for that to change... could it happen? Yes, But I wouldn't bet AGAINST Trump... the MAN is a winner !!
  12. WATCH the ENTIRE Barr interview on CBS... READ the TRANSCRIPT !! He pulled ABSOLUTELY NO PUNCHES... and i think he just BLEW UP the ENTIRE FAKE Democrat Impeachment FARCE... THEY were doing it to take the WIND out of the IG Report... BUT Barr on CBS? The Democrats CAN NOT LIE about things any longer... The Democrats, the FAKE News, and the Deep State are in a WORLD of HURT !! https://www.cbsnews.com/news/william-barr-interview-full-transcript-cbs-this-morning-jan-crawford-exclusive-2019-05-31/
  13. If you listened to BARR on CBS today... He came out an DID NOT pull any punches... the Fake News Journalist asking him questions couched them so that he could get the best sound bite slant possible...BUT, Barr just BLEW them UP !! He SAID they SPIED, he SAID that what the FBI did was INEXPLICABLE, and he SAID that THEY (He and Durham) would be going into ALL of it, and that it would be done in late Spring, or early March... I'M SURE, these guys will not be delaying it... they will WANT it out LONG before the Election, and there is NOTHING that the LYING LIBERALD can do about it !!
  14. Barr BLASTS the FBI on CBS... No hushing this up ANY LONGER... Calls FBI's behaviou "INEXPLICABLE", and "SPYING" "Attorney General Bill Barr chided the FBI for "gross abuses" of counterintelligence tools and "inexplicable behavior" and called the bureau's investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign "completely baseless."" "Barr's condemnation of the FBI follows the release of a long-awaited report from the Justice Department's inspector general into the origins of the bureau's Russia probe. The review by Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that while the FBI made several procedural errors and there were "serious performance failures," there was overall no political bias by the agency." "While the inspector general determined the FBI was justified in opening its investigation, called "Crossfire Hurricane," Barr told NBC News in his first interview since the report's release that the probe upended the country for several years and was based on a "bogus narrative."" https://www.cbsnews.com/news/in-interview-bill-barr-attorney-general-chides-fbi-for-inexplicable-behavior-in-russia-probe/ AND, Durham was even MORE direct... NIETHER minced any words... whatever they're finding... is BAD, and THEY are NOT going to SUGAR COAT ANYTHING !! THIS is the beginning go the END for the Deep State... the FAKE News, AND the LYING Democrats !! ALL are Complicit !!
  15. What was released yesterday was JUST the tip of the iceberg...and ONLY what the FBI did, that Horowitz had responsibility over... There is MUCH more... indicating that the CIA, NSA, and the Obama Administration ITSELF was involved... EVER wonder WHY the Democrats act like their SCARED TO DEATH ? It's because THEY ARE !! IF they can't get Trump OUT of office before the 2020 election, they KNOW that they are TOAST... and with that, they Barr Durham Investigations will continue to their TRAJIC (for the Democrats) conclusion... Trump will re-write many aspect of U.S. Law that Democrats hade SUBVERTED over the years, and Trump will appoing somewhere close to 50% of the Judges to lifetime appointments, INCLUDING possibly a 7th SCOTUS... And the Democrats will be DEVISTATED, By Scandal, Trump Success, and a NEW REBIRTH of American Exceptionalism !!
  16. HA!! Trump is PUSHING for a FULL Impeachment TRIAL in the Senate !! HA!! That means the democrats better be ready for the Whistleblower to testify, For Biden and Son to testify for Schiff and Nadler to Testify, and Pelosi to testify... UNDER OATH !! HA!! Once DOZENS of Legal experts BLOW the Democrat House of Representatives KANGAROO court OUT of the water, and leave NO DOUBT that "Hear say", "Opinions", and "Presumptions" are NO BASIS for Impeachment, and NEVER belonged in the same sentence with "PROOF"... and NIETHER was asking the leader of foreign nation that was NOTORIOUS for it's CORRUPTION, to prove that they have cleaned-up their house BEFORE they were given BILLIONS of dollars in U.S. Aide... THEN, the questions of HOW and WHY the House of Reps. leadership CONCOCTED, ORCHESTRATED, and RIGGED the Impeachment trial that we witnessed in the House... and IF some of their tactics were ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL, and IMMORAL? (which they were) !! Finally, they can ask Joe Biden and his son questions about THEIR activities in Ukraine, and about Joe Bidens "Quid Pro Quo" demands that he ADMITTED to... and ask Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi if their UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS of TRUMPS "Quid Pro Quo", were CONCOCTED, ORCHESTRATED, and RIGGED... AND only an efforts to create a SMOKE SCREEN, to Protect Joe Biden for his PROVREN Quid Pro Quo demands !! I think the Democrats will REGRET they EVER opened this can of worm !!
  17. Democrats have a LOT of GALL... FALSELY ACCUSING Donald Trump of doing, what Joe BIDEN ACTUALLY DID... AND has ADMITTED TO !! One of these days, when the American PEOPLE realize what happened, there will be HELL to pay... and I believe that starts with the Horrowitz report... which is to be released next MONDAY !!
  18. The REAL problem is that the current crop of EUROPEAN leaders are ALL more Socialists than Capitalists... AND, they THINK that is the way the WORLD should go forward... THEN, here comes Donald Trump who is an UN-ASHAMED Capitalist, PUTS America on the path BACK to Capitalism and Making America GREAT Again, and TURNS America BACK into the Economic POWER HOUSE that it once was... AFTER Barack Obama spent 8 years trying to CONVINCE America that our BEST days were behind us, and to Prepare for The NEW NORMAL... Now, America is BOOMING, and is likely the ONLY reason ALL of Europe is not ALREADY in recession... or DEPRESSION... AND, THAT has thrown a MONKEY Wrench into their plans... and is why they HATE Donald Trump !! I say DO what's BEST for America, and HOPE the Europe comes to it's senses... It is NOT America's responsibility to CRUTCH the EU, because THEY can't get their ACT together... Time to let THEM figure things out, WITHOUT BILLIONS of Dollars in American subsidies !
  19. PATHETIC European Leaders KNOW they can't beat Trump... SO, they act like CHILDREN ! WHY should Donald Trump associate with CHILDREN? Bottom Line? When he lays down the law, THEY will follow... or Trump has MANY ways to RESPOND !! The European leaders have been SUCKING on the U.S. A. Gravy Train... and Trump is ENDING it !! So, Like CHILDREN, they CRY, COMPLAIN, and FUSS... BUT, All Trump has to do is stand firm... and THEY don't have much of a choice...
  20. TOTAL BULL $HIT !! Did YOU even READ the transcript of the Telephone conversation? If you did you would KNOW that your post it total and UTTER Bull $HIT !! But, PATHETIC partisans like you are ONLY cutting YOUR OWN THROATS !! People who DO have a sense of fairness, and WANT what's best for America can SEE what's going on... and more and MORE of them are becoming Republicans !!
  21. If Republicans listened to EVERY IDIOT Liberal who TOLD THEM what the "TRUTH" was, Donald trump would not be President, because Republicans would have thought that it was USELESS!! HA!! But, we didn't listen to the PATHETIC Liberals THEN, and we're NOT about to listen to them NOW... WHATS more, it LOOKS like LOTS of Independents and Democrats are coming over to OUR side... And to THEM... I say WELCOME !!
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