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  1. HA!! Calling ME stupid, and YOU PROVING your STUPIDITY with your posts... is like an "Oxymoron"... and I EMPHASIZE the MORON part !! Look in a mirror before you ACT like and IDIOT, Post like an IDIOT, and call OTHERS "Stupid" !! You are talking about YOURSELF !!
  2. YOU listen to the LYING Main Stream FAKE News Media... and YOU think THAT is the real News !! HA!! And YOU call OTHERS... fools, STUPID, brain damaged, and parrots? HA!! When EVERYTHING that we are saying will happen DOES HAPPEN... WHAT will that make YOU ? Hmmmmm?
  3. Former top FBI attorney Jim Baker had this to say about Comey: Senior FBI officials were concerned then director James Comey would appear to be blackmailing then President-elect Trump – using tactics notoriously associated with J.Edgar Hoover – when he attended a fateful Jan. 6, 2017, meeting at which he informed the real estate magnate about allegations he had consorted with prostitutes in Moscow, according to Jim Baker, the bureau’s chief counsel at the time. “We were quite worried about the Hoover analogies, and we were determined not to have such a disaster happen on our watch,” said Jim Baker, then the FBI’s top lawyer in an interview with the Yahoo News podcast Skullduggery. Meanwhile Clapper thinks the country should just move on. Now that they've been caught using the power of the federal government to go after political opponents, it's no surprise they're 1) calling for America to move on 2) going after each other to avoid responsibility. THIS is going to be LOTS of FUN !! And I'm only about half way kidding about people escaping to Brazil to avoid prosecution !! I see those guys finding SOMEPLACE to escape to if the arrest in IMMINENT !! Especially Brennan... who MIGHT end up in Russia... being the Communist sympathizer that he once was (and probably STILL IS) !!
  4. Hmmm... Obama Borrowed and SPENT and barely got the economy growing after EIGHT YEARS !! With ZERO interest rates, Quantitative Easing, and MASSIVE "Shovel Ready" programs... Obama's economy NEVER grew at 3% a year... Reagan's did, HW Bushes did, Clinton's did, W Bushes did, and Trumps has... BUT NOT Barack Obama's SOCIALIST experiment... YEP, history PROVES... if you WANT GROWTH, DO NOT hire a Community Organizer !!
  5. You will see who is stupid and who is not !! I would say by early Fall 2019, it will be obvious. By then the IG report will be out, and THAT will roll right into the Attorney General investigation... rumors are that a Grand Jury is already been empaneled, and there are already LOTS of people who have been implicated... with LOTS of evidence.. People ARE going to be indicted, and people ARE going to Jail... After Hillary was with washed... I don't think they have the GUTS to try again... and NOT with Trump as President, and NOT with Barr as AG !! The handwriting is ON the wall... Watch and LEARN !!
  6. I say between 10-15%, will just BE GONE !! They will have just HAD ENOUGH of the democrat party... their LIES, DISHONESTY, and DIRTY TRICKS... and just BOLT... I would go as far as to say, that when this starts to happen, a HUGE number of Democrats will turn independent, and in 2020, vote Trump... They MAY form the basis of a new Independent Party after that, but the Democrats will be SHUNNED, the name "Democrat" will become synonymous with TRAITOR or SCUM-BAG... and they will be will be MINOR players in U.S. politics for a decade or MORE !! Am I a little over the top? or is this a possibility? Is TREASON, by and ENTIRE party, a HUGE part of out intelligence community, and the Media ENOGH for Americans to just BOLT the party in DROVES? I wonder ?
  7. We're in a VERY interesting period... If they haven't already, ALL of the Deep State players who were involved in the Trump SCAM are figuring things out... THEY are in a WORLD of HURT !! Strzuk and Page have already implicated Loretta Lynch... and probably others as well.. They know about e-mails between Comey and Brennan that will PROBABLY send Brennan to Jail, and more and more the underlings are going to want to be the FIRST to flip... and I'd bet there are a DOZEN who have flipped already. THEY will be indicted, THEY will plead guilty to some minor offense, IF their testimony makes the case for some of the BIG players involved.. WHEN this starts to BREAK BIG? IT will breaks FAST !! MARK MY WORDS !! LOTS of people are gong to be indicted, and MANY are going to JAIL... Obama will be LUCKY if he doesn't... Loretta Lynch is almost a SLAM DUNK !! SHE was telling America that she would defer to the FBI to charge Hillary or not, and YET, she was directing the whole WHITE WASH from behind the scenes... It will ALL come out, and it will BE BIG !!
  8. YOU, my IDIOT friend, are ASSUMING that: 1. Americans would be willing to pay a 25% premium for buying Chinese made products, 2. That the importer would be successful in pushing the cost to the Consumer, and 3. That there would be NO acceptable options for the consumer OTHER than Chinese made ! I can tell you ONE THING for sure... IF the American consumer buys American MADE products, there WILL BE NO "Tariff" cost... and I can tell you ANOTHER thing for sure... IF the American consumer buys products made by ANYONE other than China, THERE WILL BE no "Tariff" costs. SO, WHY ARE YOU trying to scare Americans... IF NOT for your OWN political ends? WELL, There we are... SOME THINGS never change !
  9. Bull !! Trump is trying to make China play fair in their trade with America.. as follows: 1) NO Stealing Technology from American companies! The use it in military advancements... 2) NO barriers to American products into China, while American markets remain WIDE open ! 3) NO Linking Chinese's currency to American dollar at a level so that China ALWAYS has a trade advantage ! 4) NO Predatory trade practices in America to destroy industries the Chinese would like to lure to China ! 5) As well as other underhanded tactics... THIS is something that SHOULD have been done YEARS ago, but Democrats were to AFRAID to do it... Donald Trump is NOT AFRAID to PROTECT American industry from Chinese trade practices... AND, with a $300 billion to $50 billion trade advantage by the Chinese... WE CAN'T LOSE.. we can only QUIT, and LET the Chinese win... and THAT is what Democrats are trying to force Trump to do !! Democrats WANT America to lose !!
  10. HA!! So, WHO is paying the tariffs then? The products are being built in China, and China benefits from taxes and other benefits that they get from the companies who are using China as a low cost place to build and ship their products back into America. SO, maybe, IF Americans continue buying at the inflated 25% rates, THEY will indirectly pay, BUT, the chances are that at a 25% increase in costs, Americans will say NO THANK YOU to buying the products if the companies try to pass the tariffs along, and MORE Likely, American will go somewhere else to buy... So, the Companies will need to EAT the increase, or sell the products somewhere else, which will, in the end hit the Chinese and the companies, who LEFT America to manufacture their products in China, the MOST !! The markets will take a hit, and China's bottom line will fall... WHICH is the Idea... IF Americans refuse to pay the higher costs? They will NOT PAY at ALL !! YOU must think people are REALLY dumb !
  11. Agreed... What worries me the most right now, is the NEW FBI Director, Chris Wray, seems to be more interested in PROTECTING all the bad actors at the FBI... RATHER than CLEANING OUT the CESSPOOL and making Justice "Blind" again for the American people... I'll tell you what, IF the SOB tries to protect OBVIOUSLY Guilty FBI agents... I would be 100% behind Trump to FIRE the SOB, and hire someone NEW !! We can not have vestiges of the DITY Deep State cope at the FBI.. and a STATEMENT MUST BE MADE... Wray just seem to be OOZING.. some old, same old , Same old $HIT ! THAT can NOT happen...
  12. UPDATE: Crossfire BOOMERANG ! Bob Barr today announced the appointment of veteran U.S. Attorney Durham... Durham is described as a "rule of law" straight arrow, VERG Good, and a BULL DOG... He will now be tasked with the investigation of all issues associated with the SPYING and the investigation of Donald Trump... WAS it authorized, and WAS it legal? He will have access to a Grand Jury, and broad ranging authority, and those close to the matter, say anyone who was involved with the Illegal use of FISA warrants, using UN-VERIFIED information, and using them to spy on the trump campaign... or any other illegal activities... SHOUD be VERY afraid !!