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  1. Just to correct ONE mis perception... and "Ice Age" is technically the periods during a cooling Epoch (the Pleistocene Epoch), during which the ice expands... However, MOST of uc consider the entire "EPOCH" the Ice Age. Currently, we are STILL in the Pleistocene Epoch (cooling period), and will be until ALL of the glaciers have melted... SO, the EARTH is STILL in a cooling period, compared to 85% of the last 500 million years, during which we were NOT in a cooling period, AND, there were NO Glaciers on the face of the earth !! In other words, 85% of the time when the earth was MUCH warmer than it is TODAY, AND, during which LIFE STILL THRIVED !!
  2. I don't see that at all... THEY come out and are PRO Socialism, PRO Radical Islam, PRO Green New Deal, and ANTI American (even though they say they are NOT)... I think that puts them SOLIDLY on the SHORT side of American Support... AT LEAST 80% of Americans DISAGREE with ALL of those positions !! Donald Trump KNOWS that, and he is looking to make THEM (the Squad), the FACE of the Democrat Party... Pelosi, to her CREDIT, see it happening, but can't do a THING to stop it, because the SQUAD will do what they WANT !! IF this continues to play out like this... THIS 2020 election COULD be the biggest LOP SIDED defeat for the Democrats, that they have EVER SUFFERED !! And the FUNNY thing is, MOST Democrats don't even see it coming, because the FAKE Polls are still making them APPEAR to be popular... PELOSI has access to the REAL polls, and she KNOWS, it is NOT !!
  3. Hmmm.... Then, if ALL that is true, WHY couldn't close to TWO DOXEN of the TOP Partisan Democrat Lawyers in the United Stares NOT PROVE it during the TWO YEAR, $40 Million, Mueller investigation? It seems to me that these EXTREMELY Partisan lawyers, WOULD have found the dirt, IF they could have... and IF they could prove it !! NOT to mention that the BIASED Peter Strzuk, who, before he went over to the Mueller team to investigate Trump some more... ADMITTED to Lisa Page that it was a waste of time... "because "there was no there, there " ! HA!! EVERYTHING tat you wrote seem EXTERMELY questionable, because IF it was true, the Mueller team WOULD NOT have completely STRUCK OUT !! Which they DID !! You PUNLED me? HA!! You need FACTS to PUBK me... and YOU HAVE NONE !! Consider YOUSELF PUNKED !!
  4. I think it's ONE of the things that many in the black Democrat community DO NOT really want to be commonly known... and that is that BLACKS owned slaves TOO... in America, and thru-out the Caribbean !! AS A MATTER OF FACT... Black Slavery was first practices by the various black Tribal Chiefs along the western coast of Africa... They had conflicts with neighboring tribes, and took SLAVES as the result of their conflicts ! Somewhere along the way, White traders bought slaves, and realized that there was a market for them in the America's... AND, it was PREDOMINANTLY the Black Chiefs of the west African tribes that captured the slaves, and then SOLD them to the traders, that MADE the slave trade possible !! THAT was how the "slave trade" actually BEGAN !!
  5. YOU are WRONG !! NASA WAS turned into a Political entity under Barack Obama... THAT was when THEY started becoming involved in the Climate Change debate.. it was a CONCUOUS effort by Obama, and, in my opinion, INTENDED to provide "gravitas" to the Climate Chabge: debate... I THINK it did more to TARNISH the reputation of NASA than it did to support the climate Change argument.. I believe there are MORE people TODAY who don't believe in the farce, THAN THERE WERE when Obama made the change !!
  6. YOU completely missed the point... Donald Trump NEVER impugned their "race"... he IMPUGNED their PATRIOTISM, their LOVE of America, their Common Sense, AND their MOTIVE... BUT, he NEVER said a WORD about their RACE !! The RACE BATING Democrats CREATED that, and are now trying to get Trump to back off from his statements, BUT, it epic trump fashion... he KNOWS he never said anything racial, OR WRONG, and so is DOUBLING, TRIPLING, and QUADRUPLING down if necessary... until the American PEOPLE know EXACTLY what he DID say... and THEY will SUPPORT him BECAUSE of it ! HA!! Donald Trump is going to win this one... AGAIN !! THIS is why the Democrats HATE Trumps ability to TWEET !! He has 100+ million people who get his tweets... and the FAKE News Media CAN NOT manipulate, or "spin" his words... America gets them EXACTLY the way he said them, thought them, and MEANT them.. and there is NOT a thing that the FAKE News Media can do about ti !! Making America GREAT Again !!
  7. GREAT... so HOW do you account for the MASSIVE climatic changes that began to occur from about 15 to 20,000 years ago? The earth was a DRAMATICALLY different place back then, with Glaciers into the central U.S. and Europe, a MILE of ice over what is now NY City, Ocean levels 100's of feet lower than now, Deserts (like the Sahara) which were wet and green... AND, Humans had not even entered the BRONZ age... THAT was still 1000's of years in their future... AND YET, the climate changed... DRASTICALLY !! Since these types of climatic changes occurred MANY TIMES thru out the earths past, and ALL of them without Humans being a factor... and they ALL lasted 10's of Thousands, and often MILLIONS of years... PROVE to me that what we have seen within the last few HUNDRED years, is statistically INCOMPATABLE with a CONTINUATION of the last major warming (which I have described), and is INSTEAD it's OWN unique event !! THAT is what we are REALLY arguing here... AND, you can NOT do it... Because 100-300 years is Statistically INSIGNIFICANT when talking about cycles that last MILLIONS od years... YOU might be getting wrapped around the axle, over an ABORATION !! Much like trying to predict where the STOCK Market will go, based on ONE 15 minute period, on ONE DAY chosen at random... it is a FOOLS ERRAND !! And THAT is why "Man Caused Climate Change" advocates are WRONG !!
  8. Liberals IDIOTS TRY to talk down EVERY VICTORY that Donald Trump achieves... and they are REALLY starting to look STUPID doing it... 1) BOOMING Economy is BAD ? 2) Lowest unemployment in DECADES is BAD ? 3) Lowest unemployment rate EVER for Minorities is BAD ? 4) Jobs BOOMING is BAD ? 5) Manufacturing jobs coming BACK to America is BAD ? 6) Getting CHINA under control, after ABUSING American Industry for 30 YEARS is BAD ? 7) ISIS Defeated in Syria and Iraq is BAD ? HA!! These Liberals actually THINK that is going to WORK? Even the BLACK Billionaire (Robert Johnson) knows better, and GIVES Trump his DUE... BUT, HARD CORE Liberals LIE, and HOPE people believe them !! HA!! GET A CLUE !!
  9. Other Robert Johnson, founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television), quotes: "America’s political establishment is riven with partisanship that has become “very wicked and very mean,” "the Democratic Party has become too liberal" “The party in my opinion, for me personally, has moved too far to the left,” “I think the economy is doing great, and it’s reaching populations that heretofore had very bad problems in terms of jobs and employments and the opportunities that come with employment … so African-American unemployment is at its lowest level, “I give the president a lot of credit for moving the economy in a positive direction that’s benefiting a large amount of Americans,” he said. “I think the tax cuts clearly helped stimulate the economy. I think business people have more confidence in the way the economy is going.” “overall, if you look at the U.S. economy … you got to give the president an A+ for that.”
  10. AFTER Literally a DOZEN NY Times articles that they have PRINTED about Trump, and THEN, turned out to be TOTALLY and UTTERLY LIES.... I would have to aske the NY Times to PROVE their most RECENT attempt to "GET" Trump.. and LETS SEE what their proof is !! AFTER ALL of their past LIES, "PLEASE BELIEVE US" just doesn't WORK any more !!
  11. HA!! Like the NY Times has NEVER LIED to try to SMEAR Donald Trump !! If this is PROVEN to be a LIE, and the NY Times has EGG all over it's face... It will be about the 8th or 10th time !! Maybe we should just give Donald TRUMP the benefit of the doubt, and ask the Times to PROVE their allegations... They have been SO WRONG, SO MANY times BRFORE !! Bill Clinton on the other hand, a CONVICTED Sex offender... and accused RAPIST... Maybe we can SEE the SCUMBAG at work !!
  12. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says that raising the minimum was would raise wages for 17 million, and cause 1.3 million to be LAID OFF !! Pretty TYPICAL of Democrat polices... FRAUGHT with "unintended" INTENDED consequences !! https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/15-minimum-wage-would-boost-pay-for-17-million-workers-says-cbo-202803314.html
  13. Cinton with Pedophile Epstien... THIS says it ALL !! Cinton with Pedophile Epstien... THIS says it ALL !! Cinton with Pedophile Epstien... THIS says it ALL !! Cinton with Pedophile Epstien... THIS says it ALL !!
  14. "The Democrat Party has moved TOO FAR LEFT"... It's NOT my quote (although it COULD have been)... It could have come from ANY of the Conservative Voices on this board, and THEN be called a LIAR, and IDIOT, and a TRAITOR... They might have accused him of being a RACIST, a BIGGOT, and HATEFUL... But NO, this quote was from NO ONE on this board... THIS quote came from Robert Johnson- FOUNDER of BET (Black Entertainment Television) !! That's RIGHT... MANY of the same things YOU have been hearing from Republicans in this board for YEARS... The FOUNDER of BET, and African American himself, has ACKNOWLEDGED to be TRUE !! https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/09/democrats-too-far-to-the-left-bet-networks-bob-johnson-says.html
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