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  1. HA!! Trump is PUSHING for a FULL Impeachment TRIAL in the Senate !! HA!! That means the democrats better be ready for the Whistleblower to testify, For Biden and Son to testify for Schiff and Nadler to Testify, and Pelosi to testify... UNDER OATH !! HA!! Once DOZENS of Legal experts BLOW the Democrat House of Representatives KANGAROO court OUT of the water, and leave NO DOUBT that "Hear say", "Opinions", and "Presumptions" are NO BASIS for Impeachment, and NEVER belonged in the same sentence with "PROOF"... and NIETHER was asking the leader of foreign nation that was NOTORIOUS for it's CORRUPTION, to prove that they have cleaned-up their house BEFORE they were given BILLIONS of dollars in U.S. Aide... THEN, the questions of HOW and WHY the House of Reps. leadership CONCOCTED, ORCHESTRATED, and RIGGED the Impeachment trial that we witnessed in the House... and IF some of their tactics were ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL, and IMMORAL? (which they were) !! Finally, they can ask Joe Biden and his son questions about THEIR activities in Ukraine, and about Joe Bidens "Quid Pro Quo" demands that he ADMITTED to... and ask Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi if their UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS of TRUMPS "Quid Pro Quo", were CONCOCTED, ORCHESTRATED, and RIGGED... AND only an efforts to create a SMOKE SCREEN, to Protect Joe Biden for his PROVREN Quid Pro Quo demands !! I think the Democrats will REGRET they EVER opened this can of worm !!
  2. Democrats have a LOT of GALL... FALSELY ACCUSING Donald Trump of doing, what Joe BIDEN ACTUALLY DID... AND has ADMITTED TO !! One of these days, when the American PEOPLE realize what happened, there will be HELL to pay... and I believe that starts with the Horrowitz report... which is to be released next MONDAY !!
  3. The REAL problem is that the current crop of EUROPEAN leaders are ALL more Socialists than Capitalists... AND, they THINK that is the way the WORLD should go forward... THEN, here comes Donald Trump who is an UN-ASHAMED Capitalist, PUTS America on the path BACK to Capitalism and Making America GREAT Again, and TURNS America BACK into the Economic POWER HOUSE that it once was... AFTER Barack Obama spent 8 years trying to CONVINCE America that our BEST days were behind us, and to Prepare for The NEW NORMAL... Now, America is BOOMING, and is likely the ONLY reason ALL of Europe is not ALREADY in recession... or DEPRESSION... AND, THAT has thrown a MONKEY Wrench into their plans... and is why they HATE Donald Trump !! I say DO what's BEST for America, and HOPE the Europe comes to it's senses... It is NOT America's responsibility to CRUTCH the EU, because THEY can't get their ACT together... Time to let THEM figure things out, WITHOUT BILLIONS of Dollars in American subsidies !
  4. PATHETIC European Leaders KNOW they can't beat Trump... SO, they act like CHILDREN ! WHY should Donald Trump associate with CHILDREN? Bottom Line? When he lays down the law, THEY will follow... or Trump has MANY ways to RESPOND !! The European leaders have been SUCKING on the U.S. A. Gravy Train... and Trump is ENDING it !! So, Like CHILDREN, they CRY, COMPLAIN, and FUSS... BUT, All Trump has to do is stand firm... and THEY don't have much of a choice...
  5. TOTAL BULL $HIT !! Did YOU even READ the transcript of the Telephone conversation? If you did you would KNOW that your post it total and UTTER Bull $HIT !! But, PATHETIC partisans like you are ONLY cutting YOUR OWN THROATS !! People who DO have a sense of fairness, and WANT what's best for America can SEE what's going on... and more and MORE of them are becoming Republicans !!
  6. If Republicans listened to EVERY IDIOT Liberal who TOLD THEM what the "TRUTH" was, Donald trump would not be President, because Republicans would have thought that it was USELESS!! HA!! But, we didn't listen to the PATHETIC Liberals THEN, and we're NOT about to listen to them NOW... WHATS more, it LOOKS like LOTS of Independents and Democrats are coming over to OUR side... And to THEM... I say WELCOME !!
  7. HA!! Well, YOU better get ready to be VERY ashamed for a LONG time !! 1) Because Donald trump will be around for a while longer, and not to mention another 4 year term... 2) Because Trumps FIGHTING BACK style is NOT being rejected by 95% of Republicans, it's being EMBRACED... and 3) Because YOU can expects Republicans voters to USE Donald Trump as a role model, and PICK their candidates accordingly !! If THAT doesn't scare you? GREAT !! It doesn't "scare' me EITHER !!
  8. Devin Nunes sues CNN for $435 Million... says they aired a "HIT" piece that was DONONSTERABLY false, But, the ran it anyway !! CAN he win it? MAYBE this is the one that will go ALL the way to the Supreme COURT !! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/devin-nunes-sues-cnn-for-dollar435m-over-false-and-defamatory-ukraine-story/ar-BBXIFKk?li=BBnb7Kz With all the FAKE News and FAKE reporting, the FAKE News Networks have NOT had to really PAY for their BLATENTLY FALSE and INACCURATE reporting... THIS might be where ALL of that changes. The Supreme Court has been WATCHING this for YEARS now... and public figures are at the mercy of the FAKE News LIARS... Will they decide that THIS is a WRONG that needs to be FIXED? GOD I HOPE SO !
  9. PRETTY well... and SO is Trump support among Black and Hispanic voters !! https://www.bizpacreview.com/2019/11/26/ana-navarro-fumes-over-rising-black-trump-support-digs-deep-hole-with-racist-tweet-857706 https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2018/08/19/yes-trumps-support-among-black-voters-seems-to-be-rising-n2511182 https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/08/naacps_own_poll_reveals_surge_in_black_support_for_trump__and_they_react_badly.html
  10. Would Democrats REALLY take something like Global Warming, that has been HAPPENING for the last 15 – 20,000 years, BLAME it on Humans, and try to USE it as a PRETENSE to justify “Higher Taxes”, and a “Socialist take-over of our Republic”? SAD but TRUE I'm afraid... When a Political Party just TELLS us, to "NEVER let a good Crisis go to waste"... meaning to Always USE a crisis to further Political goals, narratives, and aspirations... WHY wouldn't they just CREATE a crisis, out of THIN AIR.. to do the same ? THINK about it ! https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/717228-you-never-want-a-serious-crisis-to-go-to-waste https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=yfp-t&p=never+let+a+good+crisis+go+to+waste#id=2&vid=e25cf32e096d7201e1f1b0bfcfb77062&action=click
  11. I think the THING here is that the people who come to a "Trump" rally, are theoretically considering voting for Donald Trump (a Republican) as President in 2020, AND if they consider themselves "democrats", and have not been voting regularly in the recent past.... they would be registering AS REPUBLICAND, for 2020 !! I think that's probably a POSITIVE for Donald Trump ! I think AMERICANS are having their EYES OPENED... as far as WHAT a President CAN DO if he wants to... and the FACT that because recent Presidents haven't been keeping their promises with much regularity... DID they really WANT to keep those promises. What's more, Trump should come up with MORE positive issues as "Promises"... Finishing the wall obviously being one, and finishing the repeal and replacement of Obama-care... but also: 1. Campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of BIG money donors ! 2. Donation of up to $2,000 being tax deductible for normal people ! 3. STRICT laws and penalties against Voter Fraud ! and... 4. STRICT laws and penalties against the ABUSE of POWER by the Intelligence agencies and other public agencies (IRS, CIA, NSA, VA, etc...)
  12. WHO but LYING Democrats would take something like Global Warming, that has been HAPPENING for the last 15 – 20,000 years, BLAME it on Humans, and try to USE it as a PRETENSE to justify “Higher Taxes”, and a “Socialist take-over of our Republic”? Who was it in the Clinton administration who once said: "Never let a good crisis go to waste"... was it James Carvel? Because it was JUST about that time that the "Global Warming" BULL $hit began to pick up steam... ONE might think that the PARTY that would USE a CRISIS for political gain... MIGHT actually CREATE a crisis so that they can Benefit Politically... and THAT is EXACTLY what I believe the Democrat Party has done over the last 20 years, relating to the FARCE known as "Man Caused Climate Change" !!! https://faculty.ucr.edu/~legneref/bronze/climate.htm
  13. I'm TELLING you... Trump support is RISING... and you CAN NOT believe the polls that tell you otherwise ! Before Donald trump is finished, HE will set the bar a COMPLETELY new level for Presidential candidates... BOTH Democrat and Republican... Why? Because HE made promises, and he KEPT promises... HE DID what Democrats and RINO republicans said COULD NOT be done, BECAUSE they didn't WANT it to be done.. NOW, people see that if a U.S. President WANTS to get something done... HE CAN... and those "Presidents" who make promises, and then FIND reasons to NOT accomplish them... will be viewed with a LOT more skepticism !! NOW, Promises made, and Promises KEPY MEANS something... WHY would people NOT back Donald Trump... he is a COMPLETE breath of fresh air... and NOT the career politicians, and UTTER LIARS, we have become used to !!
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