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  1. With TRUMP you get a President who is trying to make America BETTER for Americans... with the Democrats, you are getting a Party who is trying to make America BETTER for THEMSELVES !! The evidence is DIRE and STARK... and getting WORSE every Day !! Do something GOOD for America and Americans... WALK AWAY from the Democrat Party !!
  2. With TRUMP you get a President who is trying to make America BETTER for Americans... with the Democrats, you are getting a Party who is trying to make America BETTER for THEMSELVES !! The evidence is DIRE and STARK... and getting WORSE every Day !! Do something GOOD for America and Americans... WALK AWAY from the Democrat Party !!
  3. MORE evidence that Trump is TRYING to make Government more accountable... LAST year, for the FIRST TIME EVER, the Pentigon was required to be AUDITED.. it failed, but much was determined to be because of the SAME money being counted 3x and 4x.. NOT GOOD ! AT LEAST, thanks to trump... they are TRYING to get their spending and accounting under control... of course, we will need to RE-ELECT Trump to see I thru... Why? Because Democrat LIKE loose accounting rules, or NO RULES... it's easier do run their CORRUPT SCHEMES !! https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/pentagon-racks-up-dollar35-trillion-in-accounting-changes-in-a-year/ar-BBZcVdy
  4. Just like ALWAYS.. when they accuse someone of "Abuse of Power", it is THEY who are Actually guilty... "Collusion"? THEY are actually Guilty, "Sexual Misconduct", THEY are guilty, Campaign Finance Violations? THEY are guilty ! And the LIST goes on... Much of it will be brought out by the Durham/Barr report, and HOPFULLY, an POLE of the Liberal SOB's will go to JAIL as a result !!
  5. Like it or not, the evidence that was sent to the Senate, contained NO IMPACHABLE Charges... AT ALL !! AND, only ONE witness that could be even be called a "CREDABLE" witness... and HE provided testimony that Trump wanted NOTHING from the Ukrainians... HA!! What's MORE, the other witnesses should not have even been CALLED witnesses... they witnessed NOTHING !! They were "Hearsay" Witnesses, which means they would be THROWN OUT of a REAL trial... However, IF additional witnesses are permitted, and it looks now like they MIGHT be... because Democrats are INTENT on making Republicans from purple states into uncomfortable positions that might anger their purple voters... the EASIEST approach would be to PERMIT additional witnesses, BUT, on a witness for witness basis... SO, if there have already been 7 Democrat witnesses? THEN the first 7 NEW witnesses should be Republican witnesses... AND, I would vote for Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Whistleblower #1, Whistleblower #2, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi !! THEN we can get into NEW witnesses for the Democrats !
  6. NO, the transcript was CLEAR... NOT the FAKE version that LYING Adam Schiff composed and presented to congress, but the REAL Transcript... where it was clear that Trumps concern was Ukrainian CORRUPTION... and why Shouldn't he be? He was giving $1.3 Billion to a Ukrainian government that was PROVEN to be corrupt in the past... HOWEVER, he DID ask a couple favors, relating Americans who were involved in their OWN corruption... ONE was for information about the lost computer that Hillary Clinton had kept he e-mails on... and was apparently sent to a Ukrainian company when it was discovered that it was HACKED (WHY not the FBI? does THAT smell or what)... and TWO, was Joe Biden's use of a $1.3 Billion loan guarantee to Ukraine, and a Quid Pro Quo for TERMINATING a Ukrinain investigator who was planning on Indicting Hunter Biden and the company he worked for... I would say the ONLY ones who have problems here, are the DEMOCRATS !! ONLY DEMOCRATS would consider the Investigation of CORRUPTION by a sitting President of the United States, as an "ABUSE of POWER" !! MOST would consider it PART of the JOB !!
  7. DO the Democrats want JUSTICE? or ARE they just playing a PATHETIC game, whose intention is to disenfranchise MILLIONS of American Voters, Commit an act of TREASON, and PROTECT themselves from the Legal FIRESTORM that is likely coming... and for which THEY are COMPLETELY responsible... The Democrats were responsible to conduct and investigation, PROVE the impeachment was justified, and PRESENT it to the Senate... for Judgment... INSTEAD, the Kangaroo Court that they did in the House of Representatives, compiling an EMARRASSING case for impeachment, that included ONE "first hand" witness, who upon questioning, ADMITTED that when asked what he (Donald Trump) "WANTED" from the Ukrainians, he said "NOTHING... I just want them to do the right thing"... and ALL THE REST of the witnesses were "Hear say" and "Opinion/Perception" witnesses. For those SAME Democrats who NOW are attacking the Republicans for resisting RE-LITIGATING the case, that THEY had the RESPONSIBILITY, and the OPPORTUNITY to do, NOW want the senate to DO it ALL OVER AGAIN? ... It BOTH Stinks to HIGH Heaven, and is ALSO one of the most PATHETIC tactics I've ever seen attempted by "so called " intelligent" human beings... Because it's now OBVIOUS, that their ONLY intention was NOT JUSTICE, but to CONVICT and IMPEACH Donald Trump at any cost... REGARDLESS what evidence they had, or the CASE that could been made, and ONLY because it was what they WANTED to do... and NOT because it was RIGHT, or Justified, AT ALL... because it was NIETHER !
  8. You are RIGHT... and it REALLY is SAD that these Democrats just DO NOT CARE... they don't care what's Right, or what's Wrong... what's Good for America or what's Bad for America... what's Good for Americans OR what's BAD for Americans... ALL they seem to care about... GENERALLY speaking, is Accumulating and Maintaining THEIR Political POWER... WHATEVER is Right or Wrong, OR GOOD or Bad... or for WHO, is IRRELEVANT to them... unless it's THEM, or their Party... !! ARE they EVEN Americans any longer? I would say NO !! If there is a Political Party that has RUN AMUK, and LOST it's WAY... it's the Democrat Party... IF it were a HORSE, I would say it should be PUT out of it's MISERY... BUT, as it is... it JUST needs to be DEFEATED at the polls... over and over and over AGAIN !
  9. HA! If it's true, and I haven't had time to confirm it... it was because of the ups and downs of the China trade negotiations... BUT NOW... Phase 1 has been signed, it should assure the FARMERS are taken care of, and Trump has agreed to drop some of the tariffs IF the Chinese comply with the agreement, and the negotiations go on for the REST of the Trade Deal... It's REALLY a WIN for the United States... I don't see HOW these LYING Bastards can try to PUSH this BS... and EXPECT people to believe it !!
  10. The CRUX of your post, is that the because the Trade Managers report had dipped, it caused a selloff in the sock market, and could potentially be a problem for our economy... HA!! Well, since I didn't see a date on that the report, OR the actual article linked, I couldn't find a date, BUT.... I believe you cherry picked an article that, because of one of the rough patches in the Chinese Trade talks, might have shown some decline, and YOU, COMPLETELY BLEW it out of PROPORTION !! Let me EDUCATE YOU... Today, the USMCA (with Mexico and Canada is LAW), AND the Phase 1 of the US.China trade deal has been signed by the US and China, AND, the U.S. Stock market is OVER 29,000, and AT ALL TIME HIGHS !! Your post is COMPLTETE BS... and YOU are a TOTAL LIAR, JUST like your Democrat SCUMBAG friends !!!
  11. AND, Calling people names, and saying they're full od $hit DOES NOT change the FACT that Everything I posted above has been REPORTED by the Finance publications and companies, for MONTHS an YEARS now... it IS THE TRUTH, and the jobs NUMBERS ARE a FACT... and NOTHING YOU say or Do will change that.... NOT even attacking the COLOR of my font, OR HOW post the FACTS and FIGURES... THEY are STILL the TRUTH, and YOU are STILL a PUTZ !!
  12. Dose the TRUTH bother you Bad word? Many of them were.. the BOTTOM LINE is, that you don't get Unemployment down to 3.5%, and have MORE JOBS AVAILABE than you do people looking for jobs, UNLESS you are growing jobs EVERYWHERE !! HA!! The BIGGEST DIPSTICK of them ALL... EVEN with the HARD Numbers presented in the video, which HAS NOT been a secret for the last 3 years... THIS ASS WIPE still pretends it is ALL a lie... Well DUMB ASS it is NOT a Lie, and the evidence is presented there, by CNN for ALL to see... YOU are a DIP $hit and a LIAR.. and there is NOTHING that Donald Trump or I can DO about THAT !!
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