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  1. Fake News Media ONCE AGAIN proves they are SCUMBAG LIARS, and NEVER to be believed... for the UMPTEENTH time !! THIS time, BuzzFeed prints some unproven story, and EVERY Liberal Media outlet ERUPTS with coverage of the story... REGARDLESS that nothing had been proven, or corroborated... and they RUN with the FAKE Story anyway... HA!! THEN there are RED FACES EVERYWHERE when, of ALL PEOPLE, Robert Mueller has to come out and CORRECT BuzzFeed, and say the the BuzzFeed story was INACCURATE !! HOW many TIMES do we have to see the Fake News Media DO THIS, before we ALL just start calling them what they are !! FAKE NEWS !! https://www.yahoo.com/news/apos-everybody-apos-bs-alarm-102751907.html
  2. The people at the FBI who THOUGHT Trump was a traitor... Comey, McCabe, Strzuk, Page, Baker, and Ohr... among others... THEY are the ones who have been FIRED for VARIOUS offenses.... apparently CONSPIRED to remove a duly elected President of the United stats for their OWN BLATANTLY Politically BIASED Liberal Left wing PURPOSES !! Seems to me that many of those who have been fired are the REAL TRAITORS !! NOT Donald Trump... AND, the investigations CONTINUE !!
  3. You are CORRECT KoC !! BUT we all know that Liberals think a DIFFERENT set of laws apply to them !! I'm hoping THAT all changes when the NEW Attorney General is sworn in !! I HOPE that the Washington swamp, INCLUDING Hillary Clinton, is Charged, Prosecuted, and Convicted... and the ENTIRE FBI, CIA, and DOJ are PURGED of ANYONE who is a LIAR, CORRUPT, or a BLINDLY Partisan Liberal Socialist !!
  4. Hmmm... HA!! It seems to me that his press release went to GREAT LENGTHS to make sure it was clear that the story published by BuzzFeed... WAS NOT ACCURATE !! It said NOTHING about it being "unauthorized" or "leaked"... Looks to me like it was MORE FAKE News... so NO, I don't believe ANYTHING that the FAKE News Media puts out.. BUT THIS came DIRECTLY from the office of Robert Mueller !! HA!! AND it COMPLETELY Stepped on 1 1/2 DAYS pg Fake News Propaganda !! https://www.thedailybeast.com/muellers-office-report-claiming-trump-pushed-cohen-to-lie-not-accurate
  5. My guess would be 40+ years of Liberal Democrat influence ans Socialist Presidents !! AND. I would be RIGHT !!
  6. HA !! The media has been FALLING ALL OVER themselves the last few days, reporting that Donald Trump told his lawyer to LIE to congress.. Yesterday, Robert Mueller HIMSELF slapped the FAKE NEWS Media into reality... AGAIN !! and said THOSE reports were not ACCURATE !! HA!! IF the Media had ANY CREDIBILITY LEFT... it is NOW ALL GONE !! WHAT was this the 10th or 11th time that the RAN with a FAKE News report, intended to make Donald Trump look bad... ONLY to have it ALL turn out to be a LIE?? FAKE NEWS !! Donald Trimp BRANDED them as FAKE NEWS, and THAT is what they are !! The media will NEVER RECOVER from their LYING SELVES !! THEY are FOREVER MORE... the FAKE NEWS Media !! "Toobin: “the larger message” that many people may take away was that the news media is “a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president and they’re willing to lie to do it.”" https://www.yahoo.com/news/cnn-apos-jeffrey-toobin-mueller-122259931.html
  7. The Democrats are CLEARLY RESPONSIBLE for the shut down... SIMPLY because they are doing everything in their power to PERPETUATE it !! I don't care WHAT Donald Trump "said"... what is MUCH MORE Damning, is what democrats are DOING !! Democrats = GUILTY !!
  8. Bruce Ohr testimony from last YEAR, and kept secret by Rob Rosenstien, is NOW PUBLIC... He TESTIFIED that the Russian Dossier was FAKE, and that he TOLD the FBI it was FAKE, BEFORE they used it as PROOF to get FISA warrants to SPY on Donald Trump !! The FBi LIED, Obstructed Justice and had NO PROOF to launch a TWO YEAR investigation against Donald Trump... there are DOZENS of FELONIES here... and many of these CORRUPT POS's MUST go to JAIL !! https://www.dailywire.com/news/42366/knowles-bruce-ohrs-testimony-game-changer-russia-jacob-airey
  9. If the Democrats WILL NOT negotiate, then LET the Government stay SHUT DOWN !! By NOT Negotiating, in the midst of a DIVIDED government (Republicans DO NOT control the House), the Democrats are the ones ULTIMATELY Responsible !! REGARDLESS what the FAKE NEWS Media say, Republican DO NOT have the power to implement THEIR vision alone... and the party controlling 1 of 3 branches of the government, CAN NOT dictate an agreement... AND SO, the Government STAYS SHUT DOWN !!
  10. If the Democrats WILL NOT negotiate, then LET the Government stay SHUT DOWN !! By NOT Negotiating, in the midst of a DIVIDED government (Republicans DO NOT control the House), the Democrats are the ones ULTIMATELY Responsible !! REGARDLESS what the FAKE NEWS Media sa
  11. NEW Attorney General (William Bar), COULD be the beginning of the END of the Washington DEEP State, and the Democrat party that BEGAN it !! ALL he has to do, is DO HIS JOB !!
  12. WHY are democrats SO dishonest, and SUCH LIARS? Maybe because they are Socialist HYPOCRITES, and intent of DESTROYING the American Republic ? WHAT other answer IS THERE !!
  13. TELL ME there is no CRISIS... it's ONLY the Democrats who REFUSE to see the MAGNITUDE of the crisis !! 1. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of American Citizens DYING... due to Drugs, and Violence caused by open borders !! 2. Hundreds of BILLION of dollars WASTED each year because of illegal aliens...i.e. Education, Healthcare, and Legal proceedings !! 3. THOUSANDS and Thousands of illegal aliens being killed, dying, or being abused by drug cartels and coyotes on the trip !! 4. TONS and TONS of illegal drugs being smuggled across an open Southern Border !! The ONLY QUESTION, is WHY has neither party, nor ANY other President, EVER made it an issue before ?? That is a subject for ANOTHER investigation !!