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  1. 14 minutes ago, benson13 said:

    Due to Automated/Driverless Trucks in the near Future.....Imagine being in your early 20s knowing your truck driving career will only last another 10-20 yrs at the most....Then what..



    Of course...the gop wants to keep gas guzzlin bs on the road, and take us back to the Pretend 50s, when America Ruled.... due to Europe, Japan, and China being torn apart by WW2


    I know the FACTS hurt you republiKlans....the 40s/50s were soooo great for you, your white hoods, "White People ONLY" etc etc

    No you lying cock sucker! It because they get constantly FUCKED by demoscum governors and their goddamned taxing and regulation! Fuck you, ya useless lying son of a whore!

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  2. 8 hours ago, Skans said:

    That forum's got the top spot, and there isn't shit going on in there.  I was thinking it needs some Conservatives to go in there and shake it up some.  Is it dead because:


    1.  Liberals smoke too much dope to actually write anything in that forum?

    2. Liberals secretly want to be Conservatives, so they hang out in our forum?

    3. Liberals are dropping acid and their pathetic brains are fooled into thinking they are actually writing something in that forum?

    4. Liberals went off their Lithium, to conserve this resource for Tesla batteries, and are too depressed to write anything in there?

    5. Something smells really bad in there?

    6.  It's just a Homosexual pick-up site?


    No, all they are is coward censoring faggots that suck goat cock from their dads moms ass.

  3. 5 hours ago, drvoke said:

    Daughter Blames Tucker Carlson's Misinformation for Unvaxxed Dad's Death



    Tucker's hands are awash with blood. He is one of the biggest mass murderers in U.S. history.



    Daughter Blames Tucker Carlson’s Misinformation for Unvaxxed Dad’s Death (msn.com)

    (Full article at above link)



    The daughter of an unvaccinated man who recently died from COVID-19 told CNN on Monday that she her father was a victim of misinformation, specifically saying Fox News star Tucker Carlson “played a role” in the vaccine hesitancy that led to his death.

    Patrick Lane died from COVID-19 unvaccinated. He was healthy with no underlying conditions.

    His two children, Katie and Evan Lane, told CNN’s New Day on Monday that while their dad wasn’t an “anti-vaxxer” he listened to Tucker Carlson and put off getting the vaccine.

    And even though the vast majority of coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among the unvaccinated, Carlson has raged against vaccine requirements—despite his own employer boasting about its vaccine policy— while claiming there’s a “mixed picture” between its effectiveness and possible side effects.

    "We are suing Fox News and Tucker Carlson, personally, for wrongful death."



    How many young boys have you molested this week?

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