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  1. No, you filth beat us all too it, ya media fed pecker smoker.
  2. Well, Christmas eve we went out night sticking some colored boys and one of them was wearing a green jacket with a hood so I took it and now I don't has to buy one! White privilege is great.
  3. Lol, loser bitches! Bwahahahahah...poah poah wittle butthurt faggots... Many Democrats are flying high today after the culmination of more than three years’ of partisan work and straw-grasping ended in the House of Representatives voting to impeach President Donald Trump. But some are coming back down to earth as they realize that the impeachment doesn’t mean that Trump has been removed from office, that it will likely get canceled when it goes for a vote in the Senate, and they’re still hopeless losers. “Wait, what?” said Foolmeé Wancz, a New York Democrat and avid Nancy Pelosi fan, at an impeachment watch party. “What’s the use of an impeachment if he’s still in power?” https://genesiustimes.com/dems-shocked-to-find-their-lives-still-suck-after-trump-impeachment/
  4. I never cease being amazed at how you filthy lying sons of whores twist statements into whatever you want them to be. Notice, pecker smoker, I never said only I could shoot.
  5. Maybe get this one instead, don't thing a jew wore it.
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