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  1. Leftists. People say Biden is stupid but he's not. He has dementia. The people who voted for him are stupid.
  2. What would you child molesters do if you couldn't lie? Suck each other?
  3. How many jobs has the traitor bastard killed? Democrats must be happy how they fuked themselves too!
  4. I don't give a damn about the so called n word, but if people are gonna be ruined for saying it then ruin them all.
  5. Winner most idiotic post of the day! Does it look like Biden is 35 years younger there?
  6. well ya goddamned liar the close captioning picked it up just fine!
  7. Well ya lying son of a bitch, the close captioning picked it up.
  8. No surprise that leftist shit stains are silent on this.
  9. skip to 15:33 Even the close captioning picked it up. The Five on Fox tear into Cuomo's nursing home killings but for nearly a minute as they lay out events they show Trumps picture.
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