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  1. I never cease being amazed at how you filthy lying sons of whores twist statements into whatever you want them to be. Notice, pecker smoker, I never said only I could shoot.
  2. Naw, I think I found one. It's very attractive.
  3. Maybe get this one instead, don't thing a jew wore it.
  4. Like this one. I saw it on Amazon and it's about 50 bucks. but the problem is I want one that a black guy hasn't worn. Any suggestions?
  5. Why is it that you child molesters never tell us what those activities are? Know, true to the crap stain you worship, post some fake news to prove it.
  6. All you understand is that when you where a child instead of being breast fed your dad fed you his dick.
  7. You can't prove that either ya lying sack of schiff.
  8. If there was any doubt where it was it would be planted in your ass.
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