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  1. How President Donald Trump will wreck the world economy

    People wishing trump would die vs. trump wishing blacks and hispanics would die. Difference?
  2. How President Donald Trump will wreck the world economy

    Does John Wilkes Booth have a great grandson? Let's hope and pray. We need a hero right now.
  3. It's coming dipsh**. Wait till your master is put under oath, you trump coc*holster.
  4. Not proud anymore

    Don't give up man. This is a "blip" in our history. It will be looked at by historians as the first major challenge to our democracy. It will be stomped out soon.
  5. As suspected, this went right over your simple-minded head you fu**tard. Let me help...you can say "prove it" for anything, regardless of overwhelming facts and evidence... same as "fake news". Simple-minded dumbf**ks like you and trump hide from from the truth because it hurts.
  6. Prove the earth is round, you f**king dolt.
  7. You're a f**king dolt. She remembers every minor, boring detail of whatever she thought was positive, and forgot the things that where HUGE and reflected negatively on the f**ktard-in-chief. Yes, SHE F**KING LIED you DOLT.
  8. I wish republicans would just die. Pieces of sh*t, all of you.
  9. Hugely "popular". Like Hitler was.