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  1. why blacks dominate sports.. science talk

    Skans your a moron the video has a guy whom wrote a book about this subject u idiot U just dont like what the subject mattter is and can't handle the truth ..we know
  2. I Love Big Black Men

  3. How the Democrats Win the Ignorant Vote

    always remember half of democrat party has iq avearage of about 70 to 85 White Repubicans.. 101.. thats a pretty big diff overall
  4. What Happens When Society Collapses?

    I truly belive after much study that diversity will lead to this situation in time.
  5. why blacks dominate sports.. science talk

    I like your comment here .. cuz its realistic after watching that vid i posted earlier they were saying that whites dominate swimming especially and basically blacks do well at sports that time short energy bursts but have smaller lungs than whites so whites do better on sports that take more long term endurance
  6. why blacks dominate sports.. science talk

    thats cuz your scared to learn both sides of an issue
  7. no the truth is they are scared i'll make u look stupid also i thought u guys LOVED TO FIGHT RACISM lol
  8. why blacks dominate sports.. science talk

    Blacks do good at sports that take short term bursts of energy.. the vid/ science clearly shows this If your scared to watch the vid your a moron
  9. why blacks dominate sports.. science talk

    yes if u watched the vid blacks are not on average great at soccer for physical reasons...
  10. Another good day under Trump.

    wait to america see the next Dem nominee Sen Warren wont have a chance vs donald trump anybody the dems bring up in 2020 will prob be some crazy left loon
  11. I Love Big Black Men

    disadvantaged communities.. U mean non whites ones where they always have high crime, don't go to college often, dont get good grades and have av iq of around 85 or less? Right?
  12. I Love Big Black Men

    love how u guys deny that the world's at least LARGEST MEASURED DICK IS A WHITE MAN u just can't handle that a white man has the world's biggest cock.. thats been measured anybody whom had a bigger penis would prob be famous u morons..
  13. Vegan Bodybuilding

    As you clearly see the problem with eating vegan is that u can't get enough protein etc I mean LOOK at how skinny and scronny this Vegan Bodybuilder is.. geesh ..
  14. why blacks dominate sports.. science talk

    So your saying when it comes to athletic ability that all races have same average abilities? If beauty is subjective than why do white men and women by far get most messages on all dating sites and in real life. why do non whites all want a white woman? U can say all u want but we all know this stuff is very true in the real world.
  15. why blacks dominate sports.. science talk

    and notice he can't acknowlege that whites mimght on average be better looking or that there is a diff in Intelligence.. this is true cuz people value prob value these areas more of life than physical ablitity... esp in current technology age which values high intelligence and beauty are the most valuable assets to have in general.