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  1. Yes. Rich Canadians come to prestigious U.S. hospitals for grand care but what about the other 99% of Canadians? Healthcare should not be regulated for the wealthy to receive GRAND treatment and insurance companies to enjoy a 20% scam off the top. When the truth gets out the rush to single payer will be overwhelming.
  2. Your insight into the situation seems spot on. If LGBT issues are the most significant issues of the Democratic Party then a living minimum wage, GOP Gerrymandering, Social Security, Single Payer healthcare and truly fair taxation be damned. The working class families of the country are facing further decline with neither party offering them anything more than lip service. Of course the Tea Party's lip service was much more suited to those voters. Those working class families of middle America are more afraid of the Progressive Anti-Christ manufactured by Faux Noooz than they are of their decline to 3d world poverty. The Democrats have failed miserably in offering something meaningful to Main St, Podunk, U.S.A. And failed miserably in slamming home the fact that the GOP's highest priorities are making the wealthy wealthier and everyone else poorer by way of taxes.
  3. Those southern Blacks are smart enough to vote against whichever party is waving the Stars-n-Bars. They may not read Shakesspeare but they do understand that a turd is a turd regardless whether there is a (D) or an (R) next to their name and the smell and flag will clue you in.
  4. You're just the man that the Alt Reight was looking for.
  5. The automatic/semi-automatic label has become a joke due to the pro gun fanatics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1911_pistol#/media/File:Colt_1911_Cal._455.JPG Browning designated the military magazine fed .45 pistol as an AUTOMATIC 106 years ago. But today the GI Joe crowd wants to rename it to suit their efforts to paint their assault rifles as toys for hobbyists.
  6. The military is unable to retain personnel. They Navy now makes pilots out of enlisted men. Maybe The Donald will bring back the draft.
  7. rodknox017

    There will be FIRE and FURY!

    The Donald is obsessed with efforts to compensate for his small.................... hands.
  8. Democrats are looking back at the Limbaugh/Faux Nooz playbook for ideas.
  9. Funny thing is Trumps most envies Kim and Putin.
  10. Trump is a Flim-Flam man extraordinaire who played 47% of the country's voters for suckers. Beneath all the chutzpah he's a total failure.
  11. Bill O'Reilly will interview their leader on his sirius program. He's stepping UP in the universe.
  12. Someones Xanax has run out. I hope he takes his toys and goes home mad.
  13. Trump is all hat and no cattle. He has been all his life. His bankruptcies allowed him to wade through the gaggle of hard working people that he cheated and move on to his next scam. When the dust settles Donald Trump will be as big a flop as Ebbers and Madoff but he thought running for president would result in a politically connected pardon. Hell, he didn't want to win the White House. He just wants a way to walk on water on an escape route to some safe haven with a couple of $billion that can be left tax free to his kids.
  14. FICA makes for a great shell game for Washington Republicans to play with WORKING tax payers money. When the GOP wants to pretend that the wealthy pay the greatest tax burden they leave FICA taxes out of the game. When the GOP wants to hide the fact that the Pentagon is spending more than 50% of the budget they include include FICA taxes and the Faux Phools fall for it time after time.
  15. And if the investigations result in the resignation or impeachment of the Donald will his Alt-Reight supporters accept the results or insist that he was the innocent victim of an evil liberal conspiracy? And BTW, the Donald won on a technicality. Somewhat like a murderer who goes free because the police misspelled his name on the search warrant that resulted in finding the body, weapon and witness.