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  1. Whitemajikman

    What "is" a choke hold?

    Yep, just like the worthless kunt leftwinger .....
  2. Get off the thread if you can't take the heat ...you worthless kunt.
  3. Shut up you worthless kunt... Go cower somewhere else....
  4. Again you prove you are just a worthless kunt pretending to have an intellect.... Well done.
  5. Whitemajikman

    What "is" a choke hold?

    Resisting arrest has it''s risks... And always has...
  6. Actually I work for myself ... The fantasy you created ...is all on you and a good example of how you easily self manipulate yourself ....
  7. I'm as American as apple pie ...idiot. And you are just another impotent mouthpiece who can't debate .... By the way in another lifetime I would have had you digging latrines in the middle of live fire exercises.... And you would have been saluting me and calling me ...Sir.
  8. Trump is not a traitor ....your opinion does not amount to reality .... You are highly partisan and deeply biased and unwilling to discuss the facts... I advocate for truth ...something you demonstrate you know nothing about..... And besides.... What does your above words have to do with discussion or debate... Are you suggesting that you are mentally incompetent and can't debate all those that oppose you?
  9. Why can't you discuss the issues ? With anyone regardless of who you may think they are ...or represent?
  10. Whitemajikman


    I'm on your side of this issue ....
  11. Just as you don't care about the seditious coup perpetrated by Obama's administration....and his hold overs..... Tell me .... Which one is more of a threat to our nation? The enemy abroad? Or the enemy from with-in (The Democrat Party).....?
  12. Whitemajikman


    How did the tax cuts effect you personally ....
  13. Follow the financing .... They don't need to be Americans to do America's bidding... We have been using proxies for decades to try and save face and to control the narrative .....
  14. As was our policy for all of South America at that time.... Chile and Pinochet come to mind also.
  15. Just because we can ...huh? This is the problem with our foreign policy since the end of the coldwar in 1990.... It's a true representation of.... Absolute power corrupts absolutely..... I wonder how the world would look today if we would have been honest brokers of peace instead of dishonest brokers of world domination ....