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  1. Don't care. The whole crux of your argument is that mail-in balloting is safe and tamper proof....but yet in every single example I provided... a different method was used to perpetuate the fraud........ which totally destroys your entire argument .....it illustrates that there are a variety of ways that are used to perpetuate mail-in balloting fraud which in turn proves that it is prevalent....
  2. I own a ranch... I use them all the time.... And I carried one or two for over 25 years in the service of this great nation..... You on the other hand have done nothing in the service of this nation except to try and divide it .......
  3. There are no less than 600 cases of voter fraud on the books in the last 5 years ......all verifiable. It's you that needs to figure it out .... Because right now .... You are like a doe caught in a spotlight.... Absolutely clueless to what your side is trying to set up....which is nothing less than trying to steal an election using the ignorance of their base( you).....
  4. LMAO. I use my guns all the time ... So you are as usual ...wrong. And as for your stupid claim that Trump voter's are poor.... Well, let's just say your blanket statement is nothing more than political bigotry which has no basis in reality. But it does give us a caricature of your mental state. You Dems just love to push your hatred, bigotry and race based politics and you have all proven that you will lie, cheat, censor and cancel your fellow Americans.
  5. How is it not a big problem? Considering you are on record stating that it NEVER occurs.... You are now committing an act of hypocrisy ....when pushed to acknowledge the truth.
  6. You don't ... But your lunatic politicians ....DO! And that's the rub....
  7. The Philadelphia U.S. Attorney's Office on Thursday announced it had secured a guilty plea in the case of Domenick DeMuro, a Democratic ward chairman and election judge in that city who has admitted to stuffing ballot boxes over several elections to help Democratic candidates win office. DeMuro was allegedly paid as much as $5,000 per cycle to commit the election fraud. Candidates whom he helped get elected included judges as well as local, state and federal officials. He "fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, a
  8. You are a fucking moron.....if you believe that. It was/is the holy fucking grail of the Democrat party and has only intensified now that the party has gone full blown leftist/marxist. Let's see here.... You and the rest of your brainwashed brethren are responsible for helping your party implement censorship on a global scale based on political ideology which erodes the notion of freedom of speech. You engage in race based politics in order to try and divide . You, your liberal brethren and the Dem party have been engaged in lying with the help of their MSM monopoly i
  9. Quit being a dishonest and lunatic liberal..... Everyone of those examples of voter fraud I posted has a link to their original source . Everyone of those examples can be corroborated merely by searching the individual state's many government litigation websites or the DOJ federal government web Site. Your blatant attempt to try and claim that none of those fraud cases occured is fucking rediculous and shows the board how deranged and in deep denial you truly are. Sorry but attacking the source isn't going to save you this time ....these are real world cases that have
  10. Double voting in Arizona Last month, Randy Allen Jumper pleaded guilty in Arizona to attempting to vote in two states during the 2016 general election: Arizona and Nevada. He was also charged with falsely signing a statement vowing not to vote in the general election anywhere but Arizona. Arizona officials said at the time of his plea they have brough about 20 cases of voter fraud in the last decade against people who tried to vote in two states in the same election.
  11. Indiana cop convicted of voter fraud to help father win race In 2016, Indiana police officer Lowell Colen was convicted of absentee ballot fraud in an attempt to help his father win a city council election. Colen eventually pled guilty to four felony counts of voter fraud, with prosecutors claiming he filled out false registrations and forged numerous signatures.
  12. Wife of mayoral candidate nabbed in New Mexico In 2018, New Mexico authorities indicted Laura Seeds on 13 counts of voter fraud related to her husband's 2016 mayoral race. Seeds was eventually convicted in part for illegally possessing two absentee voter ballots; her husband Robert won the race by two votes.
  13. Absentee Ballot Theft in Florida In 2018, authorities arrested Florida man Bret Warren after they determined he had stolen five absentee ballots and fraudulently voted with them. Warren eventually pled no contest to two charges of false swearing in connection with voting.
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