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  1. Again... What don't you get regarding a plan that was set into place by a previous president decades ago to deal with this type of scenario ...? Hmmm? Not a revolution....an intervention. And why does that scare you so much? To have our military order a redo that would be observed by military observers ?
  2. You are a fucking idiot of epic proportions ... Do you even have a fucking clue what is actually transpiring in front of your long partisan nose ? This isn't going to play out like you think it is....
  3. My 11 year-old grandson caught this right off the bat.... So it speaks volumes regarding the great lengths Dem partisans will go to keep denying the obvious .
  4. There is a decades old executive order which is the last line of Defence in this scenario. So, it wouldn't be a coup ...you idiot. They can annul and order a new election via this executive order... You see idiot one of our previous president's very early in the cold war made the order because our continuation would not be tethered to the American electorate or politicians if an election is compromised internally. It's a bona-fide stopgap....
  5. At this very moment a struggle of epic proportions is being waged behind the scenes among our military and national and international security agencies .... The military has an executive order decades old to follow for just this instance ... We shall see if they do the right thing and follow it ...
  6. No, it just means that this type of corruption has been going on for years undetected.... But is now finally being detected .... And it took a President with a backbone to uncover it ....
  7. Fraud can be easily committed because the envelopes are not just separated but are destroyed and because of that no real accounting can occur when challenged because there is no envelope to match signatures with ... You fucking idiot.... And what's hilarious is that my 11 year old grandson pointed this out over dinner last week.... And if a child can see it .....why the fuck can't you?
  8. Shut the fuck up .... You are a Dem partisan denying that your party committed fraud and rigged an election. How much integrity do you think your opinion has?
  9. Voter fraud and the corruption of our nation by the Dem party is anything but hilarious....
  10. What we are witnessing isn't just fraud but the corruption of our nation by the Dem party and their partisans.... From Judge's to politicians to media etc...
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