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  1. No, I see evil people like you and your evil party ......who rigged an election and now lies about everything too the American people.
  2. Yep, and the only fools who won't admit it was used politically against Trump .....are the brainwashed like you tommy.
  3. The witch hunt continues .... Funny how your politicians don't seem too realize what their job really is anymore .... And it isn't filing lawsuits against civilians in an attempt to meddle in future elections because they are fucking petrified of them..... But bring it on .... The faster Pelosi, Schumer etc.... testifies under oath in front of the world the better. We will discover a lot of things about the 6th. First and foremost will be why Pelosi refused more security even though two pipe bombs were found the day before and not breifng the house and Senate rega
  4. Yep, the judicial system that your party corrupted just like everything your criminal party touches.
  5. Texas will end this little science experiment..... And return too fossil fuel for their energy needs because of this ..... Watch and see...
  6. What false hope ? If the SCOTUS throws out the cases .....without allowing discovery then 75+ million Americans will then know for sure that the SCOTUS has been compromised which Will make your party even more illigitimate then it already is.... So, you better hope that the SCOTUS allows discovery ....your party's legitimacy depends on it .....
  7. Using Q as a some kind of put down won't work with me because I know what Q stands for and Anon for that matter ...... While you remain ignorant of both .... Feb. 19th the SCOTUS .....hears the cases.
  8. It is impressive regardless of your attempt at sarcasm . Considering you spend ...what 12-14 hours a day on this site .... Maybe you should actually get a feel of what the real political climate of our nation is first hand instead of being continually lied too by your manufactured media......
  9. No, it's when 75+million Americans who you and your cheating party tried too cancel gets their day in court ..... You fucking idiot.
  10. No blather ... And I'm all over the net ...motherfucker ...which is How I know that support for your illigitimate administration is mostly manufactured .....and is not shared by a majority of Americans or the rest of the world for that matter while You sit Here with your phony "yes" men pretending that you know what reality is....... You are an ideological lunatic ....
  11. Feb.19th .... Keep that day marked on your calender .... And your eyes on the SCOTUS.
  12. Lies of a party that rigged an election^^^^^^^
  13. As an illigitimate president of an illigitimate administration ....
  14. No, The Dems rigged an election .... And yet he still got 75+ million votes . And is still as popular as ever as the Maga movement keeps growing ....
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