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  1. Of course they did ....but in a different era ... That shit won't fly in this era..... Because of the gift of instantaneous communication globally.
  2. Hey, you can't have a dictatorship without the masses...stupid. And even Kim can be overthrown by the very same masses ..... You are making assumptions based upon your own biases ...and not anything resembling reality....
  3. Why do you bother posting these lies? They have already been debunked and are proven lies....
  4. I agree . But it will open up a whole new can of worms as the battle between left and right ideology becomes a global battle.
  5. You have a fair point that the world is over as we knew it..... It's the last dying breath of neoliberalism..... When the smoke clears most of the nation's of the world will no longer be Interested in partaking in globalism and will become highly nationalistic in nature.
  6. What you call a socialist bailout is actually a stopgap against societal breakdown.....
  7. The previous years they had power has corrupted them absolutely. ..
  8. The virus is nothing compared to what will happen if we have a global depression .....
  9. Nice try ... But what you obviously don't get is that the media has a reponsibility to NOT sow panic and hysyeria that could lead to a societal breakdown of epic proportions ... It's the president's job to try and ensure that the nation does not fall into a state of anarchy and at this point the Media is doing it's best to create mass hysteria which is dangerous to all of us ....and to the continuation of our nation .
  10. LMAO.... Do you consider yourself a qualified expert in Russian history Mr. Wolf..lol.
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