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  1. Radical change is code for a socialist/ communist agenda..... But America is waking up to the Dems little ploy..... The leftwing refuses to admit that they are being used like obedient little puppets until their first therapy session when all hell breaks loose .....
  2. Take your blinders off ....... Nobody is buying Schiff's circus act.... Except for those that find reality boring and inconsequential. .... You know like leftwinger et al.
  3. Schiff lied to you and all of America.... Wake the F uck up already....
  4. Who just loves to be continually wrong for some reason that is beyond pathetic....
  5. Creating conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory in order to remain in denial....
  6. I make plenty of sense... You are just cornered as always ...and can't handle healthy doses of reality.... Thus why you try and claim ignorance.....
  7. But to what lengths will she go to remain clueless? That's the big question.
  8. The entire world knows what Schiff is trying to do and how it's an inquisition more than enquiry... Why are you still clinging?
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