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  1. EXCLUSIVE: Nephew of Italian Prime Minster Alleges CIA And Leonardo SpA Involvement In Nov 2020 Election Fraud by CD Media StaffMay 12, 2021422131 https://creativedestructionmedia.com/investigations/2021/05/12/exclusive-nephew-of-italian-prime-minster-alleges-cia-and-leonardo-spa-involvement-in-nov-2020-election-fraud/
  2. You are so ignorant of who is responsible for protecting our vital infrastructure.
  3. Since Bush sr. was president .... And the anomaly was an outsider who beat the system in 2016 because of the establishment misjudging his actual popularity.
  4. Way More than 40 million... When you take into account the vast amount of time and resources that their MSM spent pumping out propaganda daily.
  5. All because of delay's from the Dem's attempting to fight and discredit this Audit. But of course as usual facts don't matter to you.
  6. You are a perfect example of leftist elitism in this country ...... Take a fucking bow lady ...... You have been wallowing for far too long in your leftist/liberal faux information bubble that you no longer are a part of the "Real" world. None of you stupid fuck's are.
  7. They ARE the hostile actors....... The Solarwinds Orion Hack was an inside Job ....
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