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  1. What I want to offer for both believers and non-believers are some facts. These facts and the data behind them come from research and analysis of information gathered directly from federal, state and county websites. These facts compare past elections to November 2020, and all that is required to understand them is simple common sense. I will offer some analysis and thoughts at the end, but as we continue to move forward in our country, we the people need to be fact-driven and knowledgeable about what occurred. While there is great debate being pursued in the courts, a place not designed to determine the outcome of elections, I believe people need to understand that our nation experienced an unprecedented attack on the very fabric and sacrosanct component of our liberties; our “one person, one vote” privilege was severely violated. What follows are the true facts surrounding the Nov. 3, 2020, United States presidential election. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/gen-flynn-exclusive-10-indisputable-facts-2020-election-argue-audits/
  2. Court-ordered audit concludes Dominion voting machines were intentionally designed to ‘create systemic fraud’ in Michigan 15 Dec, 2020 08:21 The court-ordered forensic audit, carried out by Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), found that Dominion systems in Antrim County, Michigan recorded a shocking 68 percent error rate while tabulating votes. The report noted that the faulty software far exceeds the “allowable election error rate” of 0.0008 percent set by the Federal Election Commission. Shockingly, the auditors claimed that the widespread errors were a feature, not a bug, stating that the voting system “intentionally” generates a high number of ballot errors which can then be used to manipulate the vote tally. The preliminary report also found that there were attempts to “tamper with evidence.” Analysis revealed that on November 21, an “unauthorized user unsuccessfully attempted to zero out election results,” the auditors said. The report also found that all security logs from Election Day, and the days prior to and after November 3, had vanished. The probe was conducted at the behest of Michigan’s 13th Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, as part of a case alleging that a widely reported incident in which thousands of votes that ‘flipped’ to Democrat Joe Biden in Antrim county was the result of more than just human error.
  3. Arizona's AG stated yesterday that the router's will be handed over or else. Your little conspiracy theory holds no water..... You will lose control of the House and Senate in 2022
  4. Irrelevant to The findings. Which will be heavily peer reviewed.
  5. It's not a recount you fucking idiot. It's a forensic audit. And any forensic Audit would look at the integrity of the routers.
  6. Vaccine Expert Gives "Final Warning" STOP All Mass COVID Vaccinations Immediately or face unleashing incurable, deadly, unstoppable wave of disease A last word of caution to all those pretending the Covid-19 pandemic is toning down Updated: 16 hours ago Synopsis The current expansion in prevalence of infectious Sars-CoV-2 variants is highly problematic because it erodes natural Ab-based, variant-nonspecific immunity in the non-vaccinated part of the population. The high infectivity rate that results from this expansion not only further enhances the expansion of these variants but may also drive natural selection of viral variants that are featured by an even higher level of infectiousness. Erosion, therefore, of natural Ab-based, variant-nonspecific immunity promotes breeding and transmission of more infectious viral variants in the non-vaccinated part of the population. On the other hand, mass vaccination promotes natural selection of increasingly vaccine immunity (VI)-escaping variants in the vaccinated part of the population. Taken together, mass vaccination conducted on a background of high infectivity rates enables more infectious, increasingly VI-escaping variants to expand in prevalence. This evolution inevitably results in inclining morbidity rates in both, the non-vaccinated and vaccinated population and precipitates the emergence of circulating viral variants that will eventually fully resist vaccine-mediated immunity (VMI). This is why mass vaccination campaigns should not be conducted during a pandemic of a highly mutable virus, let alone during a pandemic of more infectious variants (unless transmission-blocking vaccines are used!). It is critical to understand that a rapid decline in viral infectivity rates that is not achieved by natural infection but merely results from expedited mass vaccination campaigns will only delay abrupt propagation of emerging, fully vaccine-resistant viral variants and hence, only delay the occurrence of a high wave of morbidity and mortality. In contrast, mass vaccination campaigns that are progressing more slowly, especially when conducted on a background of relatively low infectious pressure, will result in a steadily growing propagation of increasingly VI-escaping variants and hence, cause a wave of morbidity and mortality that continues to grow bigger and larger as more and more people become vaccinated. It’s only when fully vaccine-resistant viral variants will become dominant that this wave will start to peak. To prevent more detrimental consequences of the ongoing evolution of Sars-CoV-2, we have no choice but to mitigate erosion of natural, Coronavirus (CoV)-nonspecific immunity in non-vaccinated individuals and exertion of strong immune selection pressure on immunodominant vaccinal epitopes in vaccinated individuals. This is to say that we must stop mass vaccination and lower viral infectivity rates immediately. Continued mass vaccination will only lead to a further increase in morbidity and hospitalization rates, which will subsequently culminate in a huge case fatality wave when expansion of more infectious, vaccine-resistant variants will explode. Continued at..... https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/vaccine-expert-gives-final-warning-stop-all-mass-covid-vaccinations-immediately-or-face-unleashing-incurable-deadly-unstoppable-wave-of-disease
  7. Calguy doesn't care about this country .... All he is interested in... is political power and influence and keeping it....no matter what. And will condone any and all corruption by his party to maintain it. He isn't human anymore....just a mindless political shill.
  8. Vaccination does not protect against infection. And vaccinated people can still get infected and spread it. Which makes Calguy and this/his thread of mockery nothing more than a swipe at Republicans. Now when Calguy answer this basic and logical question? If you are already vaccinated why the fuck do you care if others choose not too be vaccinated?
  9. Why is alternative media outpacing the MSM by leaps and bounds? You know ...those sources you keep rejecting in favor of your MSM.
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