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  1. Yes, get rid of health insurance. Make it illegal for a pharmaceutical company to make medicines cost so much more here than anywhere else in the world and take away them from being able to have commercials running 24/7
  2. What makes a Liberal?

    I hate the way we are portrayed as cry babies, and this new term "snowflake" really offends me. We are one nation and we should be treated as such they are causing such a divide in this country with their racist views and the refusal to acknowledge that racism is just as bad if not worse than in the 1950s.
  3. Liberal political news source list

    Thanks for this list it'll be very helpful!! I'm copying this now.
  4. A 2000-Year-Old Warning About Trump

    WOW soooo true!!! I never seen this. I'm going to be posting it on my Facebook page!

  6. "Wage gap" bs?

    Women should be paid the same as men for the same job. They should make it illegal for companies to "hide" compensation, most companies have rules on their books that state if you are caught talking about salary it's grounds for termination. This should be abolished and companies should have to post what salaries employees make. I have heard of companies doing this and they said it actually brought them closer together and they had less issues.
  7. Sanders to Introduce Single Payer Healthcare Plan

    I absolutely think that healthcare should be universal. Insurance should be done away with along with all these prescription commercials and the way the pharmaceutical companies have prices that are insanely high because they can charge the insurance company for it.
  8. Why we have Trump

    I hope she runs again. I'll vote for HRC every time. She had the election stolen from her I wish they would have did a full recount.
  9. Wow this makes me sick. How can they be so cruel to someone that is fleeing oppression??
  10. This photo will haunt me. It makes me want to cry for these poor babies. I hate Trump with a passion but I feel he did the right thing bombing the airstrips.