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  1. I would expect nothing to happen. If the teacher is successful in teaching facts to the child, the kid will grow up thinking dad is stupid which is fair.
  2. Actually, you fabricated this and can find nothing to support it in my posts. That is typical of the UNeducated.
  3. Mass graves have been uncovered in many places and there are horrendous videos of them shooting them so they fell into the huge ditch graves.
  4. You are the one that claimed the date was not established therefore your "fact" claim is false.
  5. He would raise an ignorant child - perpetuating the ignorance for another generation
  6. No, you claimed the parent and teacher had two different claims that were both "informed". Therefore, you totally ignored the FACT requirement.
  7. No. You tried to claim something that is NOT established FACT is established FACT. I'm not sure you grasp the topic.
  8. The educated know that human evolution always is giving a RANGE, for starters, not a specific date.
  9. No, I said the teacher was correct and the parent was wrong. You made up an example that does not fit the thread. Try again. I already gave you the Holocaust example which appears to have you cowering.
  10. Yes, because we demonstrate how little knowledge YOUR people have in comparison to the great minds of the educated.
  11. Only because you are UNEDUCATED. As long as you are, you will not be a reliable opinion in ANY AREA of study.
  12. No, people like me are considered EDUCATED and you are considered UNeducated. I am confident your learning problems started in your childhood with your own faulty parenting. I can't imagine the background that believes it proper to teach there was no holocaust.
  13. There is tons of evidence of the Holocaust including numerous EYEWITNESSES so you don't have a leg to stand on. Everything you stated about it was false. Your kids should certainly be removed from your home and be put in a home of love and reality.
  14. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2011 Apr; 71(4): 497–503. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2125.2010.03854.x PMCID: PMC3080636 PMID: 21395642 Drug discovery: lessons from evolution John Warren Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer Go to: Abstract A common view within the pharmaceutical industry is that there is a problem with drug discovery and we should do something about it. There is much sympathy for this from academics, regulators and
  15. But evangelicals/fundamentalists believe the literal interpretation of the Bible.
  16. Which has nothing to do with the subject. I think teachers should talk to your children about your problems with reality and see if they can get removed from your terrible home.
  17. No, I stated the situation we are dealing with and you are incapable of dealing with a very simple situation.
  18. You saw it. Should a teacher correct a child who comes to school voicing Holocaust denier beliefs? We said from the first statement that the teacher was correct and the child WRONG. Do you read?
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