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  1. But you didn't ask for evidence, you just believed the idiots that told you that, eh?
  2. I said Christian ARYAN websites. YOU are a white supremacist too, besides a holocaust denier?
  3. I don't recall claiming you were a Christian. Assuming you are a Trump voter was quite natural.
  4. No, I have had discussion with Holocaust deniers before. Hell, go back and read what Philip just posted. Numerous false claims. I'm not sure what it says about you that you consider his claim well researched. This is shocking......that Bard is that stupid he believes deniers.
  5. Republicans ALWAYS claim they are not responsible for fuck-ups. Look at the WACO debacle. Perfect example.
  6. FALSE. FALSE. This guy is also UNEDUCATED. Holocaust deniers have NOT done any research. They go to Christian Aryan websites that hate Jews, you dumb fucking RETARD.
  7. They verify them as much as they do in person votes. DUH.
  8. Never happened. No evidence of it. There is none. Thus all are thrown out of court.
  9. Not really. Lots of combinations will result in a Biden win.
  10. Do you mean the kid or the father? I think I misunderstood in previous response. If the kid continues to dispute, he will just get the questions wrong on the test.
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