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  1. When did anybody ask you the probably of encountering a Holocaust denier. YOu people are fucking idiots!
  2. BGR endorses parents lying consistently to their children. He confesses it here so lets all remember how stupid he is.
  3. Right......and tell us about the military raid in Germany to get the Dominion servers! BWAAHAHAHAHA! Or THe DUrham Report! BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
  4. If that were in the L.A. area, it would be built on. The Hollywood Hills are full of homes that want the view....
  5. It is all FALSE and has been reported. YOu end up reporting fake stories like this because you read shitty publications like The American Spectator
  6. The first time I ever heard a yard's size quoted in sq. feet I had a rude awakening. We measure by acres here - even a home's yard is described as 1/2 acre or something. In CA, they would say a yard is 12,000 sq. ft or something....
  7. BUT, not very many are leaving the state if housing prices are any indication.....
  8. It is where the crops grow so I'm not going to complain about water supply. They aren't taking any water from me. I like getting crops from CA all year round.....
  9. It was a shock when I was younger and learned how much more a home costs in California merely because of land shortages and abundance of people wanting the land. A $700,000 home around L.A. looks like a $100,000 home here in the Midwest.
  10. I think it is bizarre that a state with small water resources has the largest population AND the most farmland.
  11. Very true. If you had said that from the start, I would have had no problems grasping your point. People, for whatever reason I don't grasp, want to live in the cities. It is a mystery to me.
  12. So it is much more expensive to live in the cities then the country because there are more people there. Same everywhere. Obviously, you don't need to make as much money in the rural area to have a nice life.
  13. Cities do not necessarily have higher costs of living. Competition makes a lot of prices LOWER in cities than in the country. I don't know what "great economic disparities" means in this context or more environmental consequences.
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