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  1. I am agnostic mostly but dislike when people make special rules for themselves that are not connected to Biblical teaching.
  2. It does not infer that at all. It infers nor implies no values for the split. Oh, and I never gave a "version" of the split. Try honesty next time.
  3. And Gore and Bush didn't falsely claim to be the winner during that period. Trump DESERVED more ridicule than he got on THAT occasion too.
  4. The whole North Korea debacle......Trump definitely asked for humiliation in that deal. My favorite part is where Trump said he was going to win the Nobel Prize! Like he didn't deserve MORE humiliation than he got for THAT failure?
  5. Trump ran the casino so incompetently and corruptly, he bankrupted over and over and over and over......he didn't deserve ridicule over THAT? \
  6. Trump lied and told the media his wife is an architect who speaks 5 languages. He asked for far worse ridicule than he got for that.
  7. Trump definitely sent out invitations when he did the Pennsylvania committee hearing stunt. The media was KIND to him for that idiocy - but he asked for it.
  8. I also loved when Trump declared himself the winner of the election (more than once) knowing there was little if any chance he had won.
  9. Supposedly, the justice system will push the prosecution of Trump's STATE crimes which cannot be pardoned by himself. In the meantime, the USSC can address the 'self pardon' issue.....
  10. This POTUS has asked for ridicule by the public and media. He sent out invitations to be discussed and dismissed and found incompetent and it happened. Praise the Lord!
  11. Were it not for the media and liberals, the country would already have been destroyed by Trump and his voters. If it weren't for liberals, we would be living as they did in the 18th century.
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