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  1. He wasn't called. He saw a black kid and decided he was up to no good since he was black.
  2. What kind of fucker thinks randomly selecting BLACKS to follow with a taser is good procedure.
  3. Pasta: That cop should be fired. I expect more of state police, but apparently should not expect anything of Florida idiots. There is nothing about that situation that required a cop to be there trying to harm people. The cop is a sick incompetent bastard.
  4. The cop was wrong The girlfriend should be drawn and quartered. What the fuck was that little bitch doing that she couldn't walk outside and help him?
  5. Another incompetent cop is the norm --- nothing to see here people --- just the typical piece of shit cops located all over America.
  6. Taipan apparently is ignorant of the original occasion of Juneteenth: the last slaves in the country were informed they were now free after the war had ended. It was an enclave of slaves on Galveston Island. Yes, Texas was the state that tried to deprive slaves of their human and civil rights the longest.
  7. That is awesome news if it isn't a lie......after all, the report is from Skans so it is probably false.
  8. Well, this is a very good break from traditional potato salad which can show up a little too frequently at summer BBQs and fish fries. I like it better. The lemon serves as a vinegar substitute. Good when still warm....
  9. I got this recipe out of Epicurious. I think it is a wonderful change from traditional potato salad and half the work. -------------------------------------------------- Potato Salad with Garlic Mayonnaise and Chives YIELD Serves 4 generously INGREDIENTS 2 pounds small boiling potatoes (about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter) 3 garlic cloves, minced and mashed to a paste with 1 teaspoon salt 3 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice plus additional to taste if desired 1/3 cup mayon
  10. I favor 2-3 sauces (Baby Ray and Blues Hog - not sure how national vs. locally marketed they are), leaning toward slightly sweet and despising anything with that fake smoke flavor AAACK!). But the true test of BBQ is when that meat stands on its own (I will probably add a little coarse salt).
  11. Oh. I am jealous. Ribs are some of the best, aren't they? You used rub (Hardins?) but no sauce, right? Ribs are another item to add to our food list for next year's Juneteenth. I think green beans and new potatoes would be a good addition too. I am hitting Farmer's Mkt. this weekend in hopes they have beans. I make my meals for several days off a pot of green beans, onions, new potatoes and either ham (preferred) or some bacon. I don't live as close to farmers/gardeners as I used to in my hometown, which is a small farming community so good summer ga
  12. Elton can't even show Clinton suborned perjury which is vital to proving he didn't lie.
  13. I think a holiday to celebrate black perseverance over slavery is a wonderful event for a nation to celebrate. @rippy38: I have no idea what I am seeing in that picture.
  14. Now do you all believe me when I tell you the extent of Elton's sexual experience is reading Penthouse Forum?
  15. No, he didn't. And that you have to embellish his sins tells the whole story that you are lying.
  16. Skans claims you have the license to lie all you want if you don't like a politician. Please notice, Skans doesn't post documentation to show he is right, he just tries to justify why it is okay for him to LIE about being wrong.
  17. Fancy that......@Z09 is in here and she, just this morning,, claimed THIS STUFF NEVER HAPPENS. I told her anybody that uninformed was unworthy of participating in discussions. And I am right again....it never gets old. (But Z09 wouldn't know about that, eh?)
  18. Yet Skans can find nothing on the entire world wide web to support these claims. I can. Everything I claimed was double-checked before I posted it. Skans: I can't stand liars. YOu are now in the Ig Bin with your fellow liars and nutters like sole result.
  19. No, they didn't. Which others ones are you claiming are doing it right now too? It is well known states purge voter rolls. It became famous in 2000 when Florida's Jeb Bush purged the rolls to help his brother become President.
  20. I have all the history books to back me up and video of Lewinsky saying what I claim. YOU have nothing to back up your altered version of history......but now I know you are a big liar too. I had hoped for more of you. By the way, I can't stand Bill Clinton, so have only the motivation of hating liars like you.
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