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  1. Why did you post an article about Whitmer when you claim DeSantis as your topic?
  2. See? I told you rightwingers do not grasp the Electoral College and its unequal, unfair weighting.
  3. The BIG LIE. YOu have never corroborated anything in the time I have been here so I am confident you never did before either.
  4. As if they have ever learned any other way to interpret.
  5. Elton can't produce one iota of evidence to corroborate ANY claim he has made of fraud. He is utterly incompetent - 100% incompetent.
  6. I understand it perfectly. I bet I understand virtually every math subject discussed in here better than you or any of your Trump cultist friends. Your people are the ones who don't seem to grasp the greater weight that are given certain states. One man, one vote is the only fair way to distribute the significance of a vote. Everything would be equal from one voter to the next.
  7. My vote is not used to divvy Electoral votes If it were, then one candidate might receive 51% of the electoral votes and another 49%. But we give 100% to a person for whom millions did not vote - often the MAJORITY of US citizens who vote. Obviously, a system that does NOT pick the people's choice is VERY FLAWED. Now you tell me how it is not flawed?
  8. Your whole post is false. I am from a red state and my blue vote is utterly wasted --- is not counted toward the Presidential contest. One man, one vote would equalize all the states. What could be MORE fair than that? Seriously, how is 'one man, one vote' not the fairest method of determination?
  9. According to a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security, white supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the US today. This is how Nazi Germany started. It didn’t happen all at once, it took time, to let their people know that their fears and hatred of those not like themselves was supported and encouraged by the leadership of their country. -- Daily Kos ======================================= The Insurrection of Jan 6 is greatly reminiscent of Hitler's Putsch....his brown shirts committing atrocious violent acts --- and as great a failure.
  10. False. A number of the Founders supported one man, one vote. You are wrong again. You should be kicked out for too many errors. You keep getting extra pitches like a kindergarten batter.
  11. I started RARELY EVER addressing you when you started posting your masturbation videos on here. A lot of people witnessed your actions so lying in denial will fail.
  12. False. You are lying. It is the only way a rightwinger can survive ---- lying.
  13. But the PEOPLE wanted someone else to be President. In both cases, the people knew better than the EC.......thus proving I am right.
  14. Rippy is so stupid he thinks the people only live in urban areas and that they control the country.
  15. I can't even imagine being as stupid as Sidney Powell and all the Trump voters.
  16. Nah, everybody heard about their not being a heartbeat at the time the Texans erroneously claimed there was one and they were freshly humiliated. Texas......can't even learn when a heartbeat starts. That is gross incompetence. Please secede from the union.... PLEASE.
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