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  1. Lots of pollsters nailed the national polls in 2016. They all claim to be the only one that got it right.
  2. And the sizable Democratic advantages among Black, Hispanic and Asian American voters are just as large for Biden as they were in 2016. Biden currently leads Black voters by 81 percentage points, Hispanic voters by 34 points and Asian voters by 53 points.
  3. This is all garbage polling. In North Carolina, Biden is also running ahead with independents (52 percent to 43 percent), suburban voters (60 percent to 38 percent), women (60 percent to 38 percent), Black voters (89 percent to 9 percent), and voters under 45 (59 percent to 36 percent). Trump doesn't have any black votes. One of the many reasons he is losing so badly.
  4. Nah. IT is bannable and the nation will fully support it.
  5. I don't do FB. It let me in but says it is no longer availble. Amy Coney Barrett should not have aligned herself with corrupt dark money if she didn't want people to be critical of her in addition to her pledge to rid the world of Roe v. Wade and IVF. She is better than the black out drunk who proceeded her, however.
  6. The video was full of false information. I'm not interested. I leave the false stuff for rightwingers to consume.
  7. It did not identify "common use". AR 15s are NOT in "common use" being maybe 1% of all guns in the US. Easily bannable.
  8. Rightwingers gave you Heller which says gov't gun control laws are VERY LEGAL. You are wrong again.
  9. In truth, you are one of the most gullible chatters in here when it comes to falling for misinformation. ====================================== It seems that the Wall St. Journal, one of the few respected righwing publications in the US, say Bobulinski story have no merit. THERE NEVER WAS A CHINESE INVESTMENT. Just rightwinger lies.....
  10. They ARE voting for them and TENS OF MILLIONS already have voted for him. Biden already has a 10-15 million vote lead on Trump from early voting.
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