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  1. IF he listens he has crossed the line. At that point, Trump will have ACCEPTED A GIFT FROM A FOREIGN GOV'T and committed a FELONY. He WILL be prosecuted AND impeached by both houses if he does. I wish he would do it with all my heart just like his campaign staff did this time so he can go to prison.
  2. Authoritarianism is not left wing.
  3. As conservatives do, the Nazis went after homosexuals Just like the conservatives, the Nazis are racists. Just like the conservatives, the Nazis hate labor and unions. Lest we forget, all the subversive art the Nazis decided should be destroyed - just like conservatives. The list is long. You are clearly ignorant on this subject too.
  4. This is too silly to merit comment. I'm embarrassed for you. Based on this profoundly stupid analysis by Elton: 1) The old German Democratic Republic (a communist nation) was ACTUALLY a democracy 2) According to Elton, the Republic of China has the same gov't at the USA (also a Republic) 3) Lastly, according to Elton, North Korea or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is both a Democracy and a Republic
  5. 90% of abortions are first trimester. Idiot. Christians are hypocrites and their religion is fake. Sucker born every minute. Women's rights are not a state issue. Nothin you said stands up to scrutiny.
  6. The Catholic Church has nothing to do with Christianity. It sounds to me like you definitely are NOT a Christian who would never find humor in child molestation. YOu attitude shows what a joke your religious claims are.
  7. Ignorant hogwash with no basis in fact. AT LEAST Half the Christians in the world favor prochoice rights.
  8. 77% of Americans oppose the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Your statement is beyond ignorance.
  9. WHich is why nobody says post-birth babies should be killed. DUH. DUH. DUH. Abortion is legal and your religious beliefs are wrong. Taipan wants to make all abortion illegal. He want the gov't to seize control of a woman's body when she is pregnant What kind of dumbsh*t thinks that sounds like "freedom"?
  10. Obviously there is no freedom to choose under libertarianism ---- same ol' authoritarianism of Republicans.
  11. fetuses don't have rights. women have rights. duh. a fetus doesn't even have a developed brain but Chuck says its rights are greater than women's