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  1. I'm good with sitting out the 21 months until Trump is gone. Then SDNY can file their charges against Trump and strip him of all his assets via RICO laws and he will die a broken lonely old man. Patience is a virtue.
  2. You keep bringing in statements from people who were not in the room when Broaddrick and Clinton had sex - that tells us who is and is NOT honest. Now, add the fact that you voted for Trump and you have twice earned the "less integrity" crown. The two people in the room both claim there was no rape and nobody else's version has any bearing in ANY courtroom. It is interesting that you think it is wrong for me to defend Clinton though I can't stand him. It just illustrates how you have no grasp of what integrity is. Too bad about your Germany stats not holding water.
  3. If you would watch something beside FOX you would know about the Trump Tower meeting and Manafort's providing poll results to Russian operatives. It has been all over THE FREE PRESS!
  4. Maxine was wonderful! Mnuchin turned redder as the humiliation got worse. I couldn't tell if I was seeing a racist, a sexist, or hybrid getting bitch-slapped but it was glorious!
  5. Maybe they should open fire on the cops the way Koresh did in Waco. Duh.
  6. Yes, we do have an enormous problem with permissive gun laws. It speaks poorly of a lot of gun owners. 40,000 gun deaths in this country last year. When a gun is introduced into a home, it is 7 times more likely to be used to harm someone in the home than it is likely to ever help them.
  7. It is 'something' that 'some people did'. Reminds me of holocaust and climate change deniers.
  8. Typical Repub money wasting activity. The courts can't line up fast enuf to be the one that declares yet another Pro-Life stupidity law as unconstitutional.
  9. They have about twice the abortion rate in Israel as we have here in the USA.
  10. Scout

    It’s coming, snowflakes …

    None of this makes sense. Do you have any idea how idiotic you look for having posted it?
  11. There definitely is collusion with the Russians and substantial evidence available on reputable legitimate news sites.
  12. The only other idiot that uses 'spy' rather than surveil is Trump. Barr is repeating what he was told by his Messiah.
  13. Germany's per capita income is over $3000 per capita HIGHER than the US's. German is currently the leader of the free world. The US will be the leader of the free world once Trump nor Pence is President.