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  1. Yes, but as stupid as Trump is, we actually isolated a couple who were even dumber and NO ONE thought this was possible.
  2. WHY is COVID-19 killing men at a higher rate?* ============================================================ It has been well-publicized that Covid-19 discriminates by age and by underlying health conditions. But it has become increasingly apparent that it also discriminates by sex, with men more likely to test positive and more likely to die from the disease. The trend was first seen in China, where one analysis found a fatality rate of 2.8% in men compared with 1.7% in women. Since then, the pattern has been mirrored in France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Spain. In Italy, men have accounted for 71% of deaths and, in Spain, data released on Thursday suggests twice as many men as women have died. So why are men more vulnerable? Read more including info about smoking rates........ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/26/men-are-much-more-likely-to-die-from-coronavirus-but-why * Eating fish tank killer is NOT a valid reason.
  3. I salute the left for acting in this crisis while the incompetent President poisons our citizens with fake medical advice.
  4. So says every man who has ever been violent toward his wife.
  5. I love it when I read this kind of stuff about a guy who claims the coronavirus is a "media hoax".
  6. Next time there is a gun show, perhaps we should encourage COVID patients to attend, eh?
  7. The Honeymooners - the favorite show of all men who are violent toward their wives.
  8. Why do you say "we"? Isn't this more of a personal thing?
  9. Experts say it is more important to be available (as in 'not at work') when you children are older (middle and high school) than in their infancy or toddler or young child stages.
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