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  1. Zaro: They don't know this kind of information because they don't tell it on FOX.
  2. No, you are mistaken; we have an abundance of evidence. YOU are confused - you are the ones that have no evidence whatsoever about the Bidens.
  3. My statement makes no reference whatsoever to Bolton or his credibility. DUH.
  4. He provides direct evidence. You guys have claimed there is no direct evidence, just hearsay. Now you have what you have denied staring you in the face. One has to laugh that you don't even know its significance.
  5. superturds question isn't deserving of an informed answer like yours.
  6. It would have nothing to do with it but I'm anticipating an effort by Repubs at a tie in. They have lied over and over that Shokin had started a corruption investigation against the Bidens, however, he can't provide any evidence of such a thing. Repubs shift their defense each time the previous one is destroyed by factual information.
  7. Society/mankind is so disappointing at times. (sigh) The weight of Trump's guilt is beyond OBESE. And all the Republican members of Congress have been complicit with this COVER UP.
  8. Well, you give me what I need to categorize you with the nutters. I prefer to chat with those who do not base their lives on false premise.
  9. You believe Hillary Clinton should go to jail though guilty of nothing. I think you need to clean up your own house before looking at mine.
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