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  1. Lest we forget, children in rural areas, whether black or white, all attend the same schools. I think solutions should look to rural schools for their answers.
  2. I think it is wonderful. My stock portfolio in particular thinks it is wonderful.
  3. Stores started rehiring the end of April/first of May when the lockdowns ended. Earth to Neo.....come in, NEO!
  4. It is awesome that people are getting back to work. It will not help Trump. He will still lose the election.
  5. I have to laugh at you guys. You lack the critical thinking skills to realize that employment will increase when lockdowns end. You are one dumb motherfucker.
  6. Damn! The way I heard it was that 'Mein Kampf' was being held by Hitler and Trump both.
  7. AL can get away with a lot before America falls out of love with him. Admit it....even Republicans dig AL. AL is what he is and knows it. I salute AL. 😎
  8. There are plenty of stats that inform us of the bias - CONFIRM it without a doubt.
  9. No, I made a choice between believing IGNORANT uneducated people or intelligent knowledgeable people. I chose the latter because idiots like you make up the former.
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