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  1. What is the world coming to???? The book REASONS TO BE FEMINIST has just been censored by a fifth-column of anti-feminists inside of Amazon.com. A formal grievance process is underway. Share your displeasure with Jeff Bezos: amazon-ir@amazon.com REASONS TO BE FEMINIST is a scorching indictment of racism and sexism in American society. It is rallying cry for the modern feminist that is two parts prophecy and three parts genius, destined to be on the minds and lips of every genuine feminist in America. Published just thirteen days ago, REASONS TO BE FEMINIST has already received several five star reviews. https://www.amazon.ca/Reasons-Be-Feminist-Comprehensive-Guide/dp/1544651856/
  2. Hi Fellow Liberals and Feminists. Let's make the world a better place! xoxo Anita