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  1. Manafort will be the next project.
  2. So all the media are wrong and you are the only one in the western world who's right?
  3. You have no apparent sources to back your arguments.
  4. You really are a Russian agent aren;t you?
  5. The oligarchs under Putin’s rule Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, decided to change the role of oligarchs in Russia. Putin’s main priority was to make the presidential administration the dominant political institution. His presidential campaign in 2000 was very anti-oligarchical. He basically announced the end of the oligarchs. However, in reality he did not really want to get rid of the big business. What he intended to do was to take control over them and deprive the oligarchs of their political power. Putin’s main strategy was to create an equidistance in relations between the state and the business, which however, later became more reminiscent of subordination. He arranged a meeting with all the prominent Russian oligarchs and introduced the so called “new rules of the game”. These rules could be briefly described by one sentence: as long as the oligarchs paid taxes and did not use their political power (at least not against Putin), Putin would leave them be. Those, who accepted these rules were later very successful. Some of the oligarchs who have cooperated with Putin have even increased their wealth. The glaring example of these people were for instance Roman Abramovich and Oleg Deripaska, who created an empire that made 70 per cent of Russia’s aluminium industry ending up under their control and completely avoided scrutiny. Nevertheless, whilst these oligarchs were not even touched, others like Gussinsky, Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky experienced imprisonment and exile. https://themarketmogul.com/the-changing-role-of-oligarchs-in-russia/
  6. I wrote no such things. I did say he has control of the remaining oligarchs.
  7. I think he is in the process of turning Gates and then Manafort which may hasten an end.
  8. That bill is law. He is failing to follow the law.https://www.cnn.com/2017/12/14/politics/trump-russia-sanctions-explainer/index.html
  9. I don't have an answer except to say- irrelevant .