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  1. I do not personally know of anyone who has converted to trump...However, I know many who have converted away from him...
  2. I do not fear weapons at all...I fear the morons that think having an AR makes them think their penis is bigger...
  3. Interesting...The Montana boy is already drunk, and Z is, as always, thinking trump is a wonderful person...
  4. I certainly do NOT think that...I cannot think of a president who ever did so...
  5. I just watched trump's 'speech'...He was just reading words written by others...That 'thousand yard stare' of his has me convinced that he has no recollection of what he read...
  6. Nor do I...Anybody using the sources s/he uses are only worthy of a scroll-by...
  7. I found it rather amusing that the Queen's gift to trump is a book...
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