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  1. I just got a email that says you are doing some bad things to children but I'll hold it out for the future...disgusting
  2. there's no room in that room trump and all the reboobcons filled it up Hey duckie how many ducks have you killed in your basement huh... you are really a ugly fuk you should get rid of that picture of you it makes people puke.. I just got a meal saying you're fukin the ducks before you blow them away you're pathetic and disgusting..
  3. 11. orange head broke another law by repeatedly fukin his teen daughter...incest......
  4. They cut this video short so not to show melinaa out in the hall giving BJ's to the russians and n koreans while wilt the stilt stuck his 10 inches up her az, she liked what wilt did the best and asked him back to her bedroom....she does this all the time because donnie has such a tiny little limp dick...and donnie spends much of his night time at his daughters bedroom cuz she's the only one that can give him a little tiny stiffness to his limp dick...he usually let gay black guys do that but there's no replacing his daughter for sticking her young up his az..whata ugly picture..
  5. you and the rest of the fuk brains don't want to hear the truth...you just want to talk total BULL SHIIT YOU ARE ALL CIRCLE JERKERS. when president Obama was elected all you could hear from liar repugcons is impeach him for 8 years
  6. NA... AFG. has a abundance of a very scarce element....that's found in very few places around the world...
  7. SO WHAT...he's a con man and all of New York knows it....soon the rest of the country will... OH where's my BJ huh
  8. you mean the people will vote for trumputin the russian asset to run our country....for coarse the dumbest red necks will vote for him.. they are to stupid to do anything else but guess what that's not enough HE WILL LOSE HAHAHA
  9. we just listened to one after another trump appointees repubcons trash the fuk brain with actual facts...that will get him impeached...the shiit head will be impeached hahahahaha impeached...in history for ever!!!!!!!!!!! for everyone to read...IMPEACHED
  10. lets see you offered a out of this world best BJ that anyone could give so lets see...whats the date huh
  11. hum...ok I'll buy some of your photos.... come on over and give me a BJ you promised...lets make a date... huh
  12. you have the real ones...except for the ones you gave BJ's to sell... I just sold pretend ones that sucked in you and the other stupids here... you actually bought non existent photos..is your middle initials "dfa for dumbest fukbrain alive" huh
  13. I'm old enough to call these disgusting photos when I see them.... You know I saw a black guys arm that was taking your pictures and you look quite happy to pose for them...you want me to send you some of the pictures...he must be selling them on the side.. huh You didn't let me know if you wanted to buy your mothers filthy negatives...let me know
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