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  1. Well, according to the right, the Clintons are pedophiles and Michelle is trans. Your side slings their idea of sexual insults just as often. Pretending otherwise is bullshit. You both do this trash.
  2. Oh, I know I'm probably wrong. But hey, it's fun to hope that we're not alone. And utterly fucked.
  3. Way to take the wind out of my sails. Just really sick of this race war rhetoric bullshit that some people have been spewing lately. It's goddamned retarded.
  4. ... you're not even aware of what I'm talking about, are you? Jesus people, study the history of your own fucking parties, please.
  5. So wait, you're celebrating the death of an innocent man. Not debateably innocent, but 'found not guilty by a jury of his peers' innocent. Straight out of the damned courtroom innocent. Technically innocent is the most American form of innocence. What happened to your belief in the rule of law, justice, or upholding American values? The ones you had when the Bundy's were acquitted after firing thousands of rounds at federal officers? But insisted that their acquittal was both valid and justified in its technical innocence? Probably the same place they go everytime people who match certain profiles you and your ilk dislike. Because your sort only have morals when they're not being tested. You're disgraces to the term 'conservative'.
  6. Keep pretending the Southern Strategy wasn't a thing, and maybe you'll somehow magically change history.
  7. See, my personal experience is far different. Of the black people I know? Probably seventy to eighty percent of them are upper middle class, with only about ten to fifteen living in poverty. That's about the opposite of the ratio of socio-economic success among the white people I know. Anecdotal experience and all, ne? I mean, it's not like the majority of white people *you* know are poor, uneducated white trash living off food stamps too. What would the odds of that be?
  8. They ruled out the comets and dust, because of the intensifying nature of the activity. Similarly, it can't be a traditional shell. The best current theory that matches the evidence favors a dyson swarm, but it's a tossup. I have 500 against a friend in the physics department that it's aliens, because he always bets against aliens (it's the safe bet xD), but if the nearby EPIC star showing the same behavioral anomalies in the same section of nearby space to Tabby's star is an indicator... either we have something that is slowly killing/occluding stars in a manner we're unfamiliar with and our only reasonable guess is aliens (Because the comet swarm data doesn't match any of the new measurements since early 2016) I'm hoping I'll win. Assuming we don't kill ourselves before we know who won. XD And you're entirely right about how neuroscience could go very very poorly. Especially given its inextricable connection to the advancements in AI, and the necessity of tethered-AI in the future evolution of humankind. The only way not to be left behind by AI is to become a digital intelligence yourself, and make AI a part of you. It's why Musk's leadership toward the democratization of AI is a godsend and a half, and I'm pinning a lot of my prayers on OpenAI. Because democratized AI will be the only real safeguard for the mind of the individual in the age that is coming. Well that or an encyclopedic knowledge of neurology/psychology/cybernetics with a healthy background in digital security. The bigger concerns are things like, what happens when you can download a PhD from google play and be able to competently perform open heart surgery five minutes later? Or when indefinite lifespan extension becomes available, do you really think the world will tolerate haves or have nots on that particular subject? Especially when the cost of uploading is looking to be... very small... once we've got it smoothed out. Then again, a lot of edge science really isn't that expensive. I have a lot of friends in DIY tech circles though, so my perception of it is skewed. Rationally I'm aware that not everyone gets hammered on fridays and decides to violate the laws of god and nature, but I forget that people have far different perspectives from me sometimes, and not everyone perceives these as the final days of our species locked in a race against our own destruction and praying for a goddamned miracle. Ehhh, interstellar travel isn't remotely impossible. We can even do it without breaking the rules like EM drives or cheating them hard like with Alcubierre fields or Einstein-rosen bridges. Colonization of nearby starsystems is actually well within the reach of conventional physics. Take a look at Project Starshot (or any of the other Breakthrough Initiatives while you're there too, they're awesome.)
  9. Except you constantly post to villify and deride the opposing side's discussions, thoughts and arguments, without a well cited, reasonable, or often any sort of rebuttal beyond "Libs are stupid, and only people that think like me are capable of thinking for themselves". Do you have any sense of personal shame at your own hypocrisy? You're everything you hate. Loud and brazenly as possible. How can you live with that kind of cognitive dissonance? Your ability to simply ignore it is astounding.
  10. Both 'sides' manage to be simultaneously laughably stupid, extraordinarily unhinged and unfunnily dangerous.
  11. I can't give an expert opinion on anything but the Internet of Thought, but as far as I know, the light hitting us from the Tabby's Star anomaly isn't becoming any less strange. But as far as the advances we're making in cybernetics? The internet of thought really isn't very far off. We've already successfully cracked at least the basics of internal dialect, (ie, reading the words you're thinking, semantic thought, straight from your EEG signals). Breakthroughs in micro-beam Ultrasonic neurostim, as well as summative micro-TMS methods have managed to successfully induce controlled, if very low resolution, sensory experiences. DARPA has also demonstrated the utility of USNS (ultrasonic neurostim) paired with EEG in biofeedback circuits to massively decrease training time, with participants in declassified studies showing average training times of less than 5% of standard teaching methodologies. And most of that is tech from pre-2015. There's a lot of very very shiny things still in the pipe that haven't had *quite* enough papers on them yet to be viable targets for the market cycle. But an Internet of Thought? I'd bet on it within 8-12 years, at least for it's first splashdown. That's my opinion as someone who has been slavishly dedicated to neuroscience since I fell in love with the work of Professor Kevin Warwick, and others like Professor Paul Bach-y-Rita near the early turn of the millennium and decided that would be my career and life obsession. I don't think I'm being overly optimistic. 12 years is a fairly conservative guess. 8 or less? Little iffy. Bet on it is the wrong word really. I'm certain enough I'm investing in it.
  12. See, the problem here is one of cherry picking polls. Just like threads that show him hovering just above/below the 35% precipice. In reality, the general consensus of polls is that he's somewhere a little south of 38ish and slipping at a point every week or two. Trump's behavior isn't acceptable. To libs, independents, and even mainstream conservatives alike. Regardless of the approval he may be getting from the alt-right, the alt-right is not sufficient to carry him. Without Hillary to provide a litmus, and his "the last administration... whaaaaaa...." tears beginning to lose sympathy very quickly in the eyes of his supporters and enemies alike, he's running out of distractions. Ask your fellow Republicans, who have bothered to attend their recent town halls, just how 'fake' and filled with 'paid protestors' they are. Little hint? All the people running around at them holding up their numbers? (ie, 90%+ of the crowd?) They vote in that district. Those are their actual constituents. And none of them, lib, indy, mainstream pub, alike, are happy. The only ones happy right now are the tiny alt-right faction secure behind Trump. And... that's not really a safe place to be as the national narrative turns less and less and less in Trump's favor.
  13. Check my response to you in the other thread. I think you're confused by the fact that I believe in conservatism, and liberalism, both as defined by Noah Webster, as mutually essential to a healthy mindset toward policy, but am neither 'a conservative' or 'a liberal'.
  14. I *am* conservative. I'm not 'a conservative'. There's a difference. Conservative people simply believe that patience, caution and wisdom must be applied when approaching new promise or progress. They call for accountability and responsibility. Conservative people acknowledge that progress makes our world better, and that their role is to simply safeguard against hubris and biting ourselves in the ass. Their role is not to be obstructionist gleeful monsters trying to undo the work of the Enlightenment and drag humanity back into another dark age. That's the job of 'a conservative'. It's a similar reason to why I am liberal, but not 'a liberal'. Because the two are not mutually exclusive philosophies, but can only exist healthily in coordination.
  15. Franklin told you how the lamb votes. All your fault for ignoring him.
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