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  1. nothing rushed about COVID vaccines.... we've just developed a faster process.
  2. the latter. Getting rid of those folks who won't follow orders is a good thing. When I joined, the Navy gave me so many vaccinations, I lost count. I NEVER questioned the brass who made the decision to vaccinate me.
  3. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2021/governor/va/virginia_governor_youngkin_vs_mcauliffe-7373.html
  4. Spent the day at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum in Montgomery. a must see for anyone who actually believes that we don't have a systemic race problem in America.
  5. 1. I didn't get into any tar baby. I purposely used an ethnic slur to insult a member who had used an ethnic slur to insult me. 2. Of course you did 3. If you can't keep up, don't play.
  6. Today at 11AM: tickets for the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that I won't see a single person wearing a MAGA hat!
  7. Opposition to CRT in a nutshell: The very same people who tried to prevent black kids from being able to attend "white" schools in 1957 are opposed to their grandchildren learning about how they tried to prevent black kids from being able to attend "white" schools in 1957. #CriticalRaceTheory
  8. defeat? Never. You have proven to be a racist who believes that blacks should change their names in order to "fit in". And you have proven you'll do anything to avoid calling out one of your posse.
  9. and where do you put "pedophile rapist of mexican children"? You think that Asians are smart for changing their names to hide their ethnicity. Racist.
  10. clearly, I see the n-word as an insulting term. Clearly, I wanted to insult him like he had insulted me. I think "faggot" is an insulting term as well... which is why I use it to describe ducky every since he admitted to sucking a Maine lawyer's cock. As for you... your racism is clear... but great healer is a term I use for you, just because it makes me laugh.
  11. your comment about black sounding names tells a different story. Why does a black person need to change his name to sound like a white person in order to get an interview with your ilk?
  12. What a stupid question. What context???? why, to insult him as much as he insulted me. If my wife were black, I would be insulted if someone called HER the n-word. Wouldn't you?
  13. taken out of context.... you, of course, would give @Golfboy a free pass for accusing me of raping mexican school children. We know whose side you're on.
  14. of course you are. You think that employers are totally justified in giving whites preference because you honestly believe that whites are inherently smarter and more qualified than blacks... I think that employers who would avoid interviewing someone with the two names you listed because of those names are racist employers.... like you.
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