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  1. I actually prefer to read some Stephen Vincent Benet short stories, and go to bed knowing that I have already done just about all I can do to boot this fucking orange clown out of office... and then, sleep the sleep of the righteous. G’nite, asshole.
  2. I wouldn’t waste my time....ray ray.
  3. Of course not...you could meet a sniper’s bullet on your way into the piggly wiggly. I’d pay good money to deliver it.
  4. Duck duck goose? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. In January, he KNEW it was deadly... he KNEW it was contagious... he KNEW it was airborne... he did not tell us. And you keep sucking his balls. I'm done with you. You need to step in front of a bus and save someone a bullet. AMF asshole.
  6. SO... it turned out that he DID give Woodward accurate information... and yet he refused to give that same accurate information to US, the citizens of America. And you keep his nuts in your mouth. You disgust me.
  7. If I WERE the president, and if I DID initially think that my telling a reporter that the nation was facing an enormous and deadly pandemic was sufficient to get the word out..... and if, after ONE NEWS CYCLE, the reporter had not relayed that information to the public, I WOULD HAVE FOUND A BETTER WAY OF COMMUNICATING THE URGENCY OF THE SITUATION.
  8. Again... here you are...suggesting that, with a veritable hurricane bearing down on the American people, and the president KNOWING about it..., the extent of his duty to the nation to prepare them for this hurricane was to tell a reporter. Give it up. You can't pass that off with a straight face.
  9. I APOLOGIZE FOR NO ONE... You, on the other hand, will excuse ANYTHING from the guy whose nuts you are sucking.
  10. Why don't the president have a prime time oval office address about it? This was a horrific virus and HE KNEW it was deadly and contagious and airborne and YOU think that the president's duty to the nation was to tell Bob Woodward about it and hope that he passed it on to us? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  11. a liberal op-ed? wow... spit those nuts out of your mouth and stand up.
  12. so...you are reduced to posts without any intellectual content and only insults. I accept your white flag.
  13. the question is: why didn't HE think it was important for America to know that a deadly virus was bearing down on it?
  14. so that is what a leader does? A category 4 hurricane is bearing down on the gulf coast...the president calls a reporter on the phone and lets him know. AND THEN HE CAN GO WATCH FOX AND FRIENDS AND FUCK IT IF ANYONE EVER GETS THE MESSAGE???? Do you realize how stupid you look with that scrotum in your mouth?
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