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  1. Why would I need to run away from a statement I never made? You lied when you said I made such a statement and you are not man enough to admit you lied. When you get the courage and the character needed to admit your falsehood…be sure and let me know.
  2. So… no quote from me ever calling black people stupid? stupid stubborn retarded brain damaged liar.
  3. Like I have said.. I have NEVER said blacks were "stupid" because of their difficulties in getting ID's. YOU are a liar for claiming that I have. But you are so stupid and stubborn that you cannot admit it. When you HAVE a quote from me saying blacks are stupid, please post it...until then, shut the fuck up.
  4. not once. I have never used the word "stupid" to refer to blacks. You are a liar... and a brain damaged moron. poor fella.
  5. I've never referred to any black person as stupid. YOU are a liar and don't have the character to admit it.
  6. I have no problem with audits. Any luck on finding the quote where I called blacks stupid for not getting ID's? Any chance you'll apologize for that slander?
  7. And yet. you have no quotes from me where I call blacks STUPID for not getting IDs stupid moron .
  8. not one quote where i ever called any black person stupid for not being able to get an ID. stupid brain damaged moron.
  9. If you had a quote from me where I said that blacks were too stupid to have ID, you'd have it in your signature. You don't because I have NEVER said that. YOU are a liar.
  10. I never said that or even implied that, which is why this conversation is done. Goodnight.
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