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  1. I have no intention of complying. Does knowing that begin to give you a sense of your own lack of influence and control?
  2. You regurgitate that same lame response month after month. You were a yard mail van driver, I was a ship driver. Yawn.
  3. If you sprayed a cop with bear spray in the midst of an insurrection, would you expect to get off scott-free?
  4. Two men, Julian Khater of Pennsylvania and George Tanios of West Virginia, were arrested in mid-March and accused of assaulting Sicknick with bear spray. If that is all we get, that is all we get. So be it.
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/19/politics/supreme-court-tosses-gop-2020-election-challenge/index.html hahhaahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahhahaha
  6. Most intelligent Americans don't consider "witch hunts" to be "legitimate investigations"... which explains why you do.
  7. IMHO.... race relations will not improve until we asymptotically approach homogeneity from centuries of interracial marriage.
  8. in my experience, stumblebums like you whose first insult out of the gate is to claim the other person is drunk.... and usually alcoholics themselves. And as I said before, I only drink wine at dinner, and never any of that Jewish shit. I am having coffee right now.
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