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  1. ...and just like a cockroach scurries away from the light, so does golfboy scurry away from the facts.
  2. didn't the clown go to Afghanistan in the opening week of the shutdown to visit the troops?
  3. facts don't stop being facts. In June of '17, when asked to prove your assertion that the Mueller investigation was "already wrapping up", you posted a link from Fox that quoted Mr. Coulson, a former Deputy Director of the FBI who had been Mueller's deputy in that post. Coulson said that Mueller would definitely be done within three months. When you posted that link, you claimed that I was ignorant of the information in that post which proved your point. You were touting an article that was predicting the investigation would be done by September. If true, that certainly WOULD have supported your "already wrapping up" story. Clearly that is why you did post the article. When, as the summer of '17 plodded along, it became clear that Mueller would NOT be done by September of that fall... you started running away from that article... and you haven't stopped running ever since. If you had, in September of '17, simply said, "I really believed this guy Coulson, but it is clear now that he really didn't know what he was talking about... my bad" You would have gained my respect, and the respect of many people. Stupid and stubborn.... and vainglorious. Pathetic.
  4. ^^^ sez the coward who can't explain why he posted the article he did in June of '17.
  5. keep grinding yippy. you're earning his admiration... I KNOW how much that means to you.
  6. no... yippy fits you better... like a yippy little toy terrier.... but a damned loyal one, that's for sure!
  7. right back atcha. I have repeatedly stated that I agreed with the article I posted. I have repeatedly disagreed with your bizarre assertion that the NYT somehow has a grammatical error regarding verb tense. You, on the other hand, have NOT explained your article posted about the Mueller investigation. Stupid AND stubborn.
  8. ah yippy.... he must be so proud of you!
  9. and how does one "from-from"? Is that some crazy Idaho dance step?
  10. my words make it quite clear that I quoted the article and I never disavowed any of its contents. Why would I post an article that I did not agree with? Is that what YOU did back in June of '17 when you posted an article that said that Mueller would be done in three months???? I doubt it. I think you believed that article. I believed the NYT article as well.
  11. I didn't BLAME them for anything. There was no blame to be distributed. there was nothing wrong with the article. I read it. I agreed with it. I copied it into a post. I did NOT write it, however, or claim to... that would have been plagiarism. Now... about that June '17 article?
  12. no...but you ARE a coward.
  13. liar. I have always admitted you had a small but loyal butt posse of "close" friends.... we both know who they are. Hey... are you EVER gonna own up to the silly article that predicted Mueller would be done in three months that you used to support your claim that he was "already wrapping up" his investigation in June of 2017???
  14. I have been thinking exactly the same thing about you. The words of mine that you "quote" do not show me "running away" from anything. Now... about that June '17 article... are you EVER gonna stop running from THAT????
  15. maineman

    Time to impeach President Trump.

    Have you read any posts from me about how establishment GOPers have slammed the clown and how he has no allies in DC? I know the clown owns this shut down.... and I know that the turtle is complicit. seems like lots of folks have figured that out: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/mitch_mcconnell_favorableunfavorable-6672.html