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  1. In an election where Hillary won the popular vote by over three million, the clown eked out his EC victory because 38K voters in WI, MI and PA voted for him instead of Hillary. That is less than three one hundreds of one percent of the total votes cast. It was a total aberration. And then, you foolishly say this: "There is only ONE POLL that counts and you suckers forgot about that one." which proves that you weren't smart enough to read to the bottom of my very short post where you would have seen this: My guess is that the poll that happens the first week in November of 2020 will be a rude awakening for them. You really are as dumb as a sack of hair. Dismissed.
  2. Folks on the right have been brainwashed to believe that EVERY poll that shows deteriorating support for the clown must be fake news. My guess is that the poll that happens the first week in November of 2020 will be a rude awakening for them.
  3. some legal scholars have suggested that the second point is contingent on the first.
  4. Remember when mass shootings were happening at schools and the gun lovers were suggesting that we arm teachers? And then, when the shootings started happening at churches, the gun lovers were suggesting that Christians arm themselves in the sanctuary? Now that mosques are the target, do you think that gun lovers will advocate arming muslims?
  5. the people you want to go after are already out of power. They are all yesterday's news. You had your chance... now... it's our turn.
  6. The fact that sane people do not give a shit about ancient history on a message board discussing politics - and not history - shouldn't really come as a surprise to you... especially you, "Miss Chappaquiddick"!
  7. who are you referring to? I don't KNOW any whores.
  8. when are you gonna produce your facts about my family member, liar?
  9. I do indeed want to bring down the clown and I do want to send him to prison. fact. As I said, I have no such aspirations that the dossier itself will ever be the bullet that brings him down. English, and the use of antecedents in conversation is hard for you, isn't it?
  10. I was just sort of spinning my wheels waiting for you to own up to your fuck up about iReports. Give me a heads up, will ya, chucky, as to when that might be forthcoming.
  11. I have no such aspirations. I actually think that, like Capone, it may be something as simple as tax fraud that brings him down... and I don't want THAT to happen until after the new democratic president is inaugurated in 2021. Then, we can actually imprison the clown and his lawless spawn.
  12. contradiction in analysis is a fact of life. Is that really a surprise to you, too?