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  1. have we attacked an American citizen - albeit an avowed traitorous one - on US soil? yes or no
  2. war zone? Do you really think that the war on terror has geographical boundaries? REALLY?
  3. Do you think that, if we found out that one of the Al Qaeda operatives in the compound with OBL was a US citizen, we ought to have changed our approach to the operation that ended with his death?
  4. golfcunt.... gosh...I thought you'd been incarcerated for diddling children. LTNS! I approve of our presidents who go after our enemies. I am not surprised that you don't.
  5. the guy had allied himself with our enemies. does that not matter to you?
  6. I understand that you think that people who swear allegiance to our enemies should be coddled. Clearly the thinking of a coward and the parent of cowards.
  7. ^^^ clear dodge on the part of Deepshit.... fucking coward.
  8. did they swear their allegiance to Al Qaeda? Yes or No?
  9. I support killing people who are sworn to kill us. In a war, do you really think that the combatants stop to check the citizenship papers of those folks shooting at them?
  10. an American who pledges allegiance to our enemies is no different than a confederate soldier. YOU are a pussy and a coward.
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