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  1. knees spread...ankles up, and the "salad dressing" smeared all over that bat. bon appétit
  2. and before you started watching, you stopped by your local grocery store and picked up the same items I once saw on the belt of the checkout lane at an Alameda grocery store late one Friday night a long time ago.... the buyer was a blonde floozy carrying twenty extra pounds and wearing way too much make up for that late at night... and this was all she had: a Playgirl magazine, a box of Whitman's sampler chocolates, a box of Marlboros, a bottle of Andre's Cold Duck sparkling wine... and a cucumber. All I said was, "hot date, eh, honey??"
  3. I accept your white flag. clearly, you've never owned a sword. (mine is on the wall of my den)
  4. you keep dodging. Is it illegal for a legal, green card carrying non-citizen to own an assault rifle in America? yes or no
  5. do we allow non-citizens to own firearms? I have no problem with that. Step up yourself. You think it's fine to allow a non-citizen to own an assault rifle, but NOT to have a voice in how his property tax dollars are spent educating his children? make up your fucking mind.
  6. the constitution does not forbid municipalities from allowing all tax payers in their jurisdiction the right to vote concerning how their tax dollars are spent. YOU read the constitution. It is quite clear you have never done so. The Cliff notes version doesn't count... neither does the Classics Illustrated comic book version.
  7. I am not talking about ILLEGAL aliens. Green card holding, LEGAL aliens, non-citizens who live and work in the US, and who own property in the US, and have children living in the US attending school in the US, OUGHT to have a say as to how their property tax dollars are spent..especially when it comes to educating THEIR children.
  8. I have forgotten more from my classes on civics and government than you have ever known, you stupid cow
  9. paying taxes to the crown and not getting any say in how the taxes were spent. They decided that the government THEY would establish would NOT allow taxation without representation
  10. and if the citizens of a municipality decide to give a voice to all property- tax payers as to how that tax money is spent, they are free to do so.
  11. so you are all for taxation without representation as well? you'd have been a royalist in 1776, no doubt!
  12. there is absolutely nothing unAmerican about allowing tax payers to have a voice in how their tax dollars are spent. We fought a war to establish that very right.
  13. there is nothing unconstitutional about a city giving non-citizens the right to vote in local elections. Sorry.
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