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  1. Got up early to head to the Portland airport....now in Newark ready to board flight to Houston and then on to Merida for a week of fun with our old friends. It’s pretty tough to directly attack your son, dad, without mentioning your son or you.... but you knew that...it doesn’t stop you from shamelessly dragging him out again - and again and again and again - as troll bait. You should be ashamed of yourself... but we both know that you are incapable of feeling that emotion....just like most sick psychopaths.
  2. like I have said, repeatedly, nursie nurse.... I didn't mention your son OR you, ergo, no transgression in the first place. Ham and eggs. You, on the other hand, shamelessly drag him up and use the poor boy as troll bait CONSTANTLY... I bet you have mentioned him more than a dozen times in this very thread in the past day! Please. Let him rest in peace!
  3. Is that as big as you can go, Dad? Maybe some GIFs with little marching puppies playing “yankee doodle dandy”? Couldn’t the font color be even more garish and tasteless? It still won’t make that post of mine say anything about you or your dead son... but don’t stop shamelessly using him as troll bait on MY account. In for a penny, in for a pound, they say. Why stop now, eh?
  4. No lies... I never mentioned you or your son... you, unfortunately have been dragging the poor dead child around as troll bait all day long. I know I would NEVER dishonor MY son’s memory like you have done. Shame on you.
  5. Do you think if you made the font just a little bit bigger, the reference to you or your son would magically appear? If so, I’d suggest that you maybe need to go a bit bigger, cuz it hasn’t appeared quite yet.
  6. My wife and I are headed back to Merida, Mexico tomorrow, the second safest city in all of North America. We lived there from 2011- 2017 and are going to spend a week there partying with all of our old friends. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend a visit. It is a beautiful old colonial city... the oldest cathedral in the New World... the largest wooden indoor crucifix in all of Christendom... over a million people... burgeoning restaurant scene. Great nightlife. I'll report back on this thread upon our return, if not before!
  7. that post was not an attack on your son. It does not mention your son OR you... but good grief, man... when will you let the poor boy rest... why do you persist in dragging him out and flogging him for your own personal gain on a political chat site? Have you NO shame at ALL?????
  8. if we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs... if we had some eggs. Pretty tough to make the claim that a post that mentions neither you nor your son is somehow all about both of you.
  9. All I need to explain is that it clearly and unambiguously was NOT about your son or you, his father. Let him rest in peace. Really, Dad... it is what you would expect any OTHER father to do for his son... why won't you do the same for YOUR OWN son?
  10. let your son rest in peace. He deserves that. He doesn't deserve to have his Dad drag him into political chat sites. He really doesn't deserve that. RIP. Really. Let him RIP. You should be ashamed.
  11. again... no mention of your dead son and no mention of you, dad. Don't you think it's time to let the poor boy rest in peace and not keep dragging him into a political chat site as troll bait?
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