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  1. That’s all YOU could afford...haha I’ll bet you’ve never even flown on an airplane, you inbred rube.
  2. fuck you. but brave healers like you ARE people of high integrity? fucking coward who refused to serve his nation. I spit on you.
  3. son of one...father of one. And the one who is my child gives me free legal advice. you?
  4. that is, in fact, actual evidence. sorry. stick to healing and leave the law to those who know a little bit about it.
  5. There was nothing illegal about mail in balloting in 2020. You've got nothing. NOTHING. EVERY court in the land has laughed you out of town.
  6. it is not the lack of evidence that will prevent the clown from being convicted, it is the lack of backbone on the part of your craven senators. It doesn't matter.... in 2024, those 80M that came out to vote against the clown in 2020, will come out and vote against him again.
  7. who cares? He is being impeached for inciting an insurrection.. we have the testimony of NUMEROUS insurrectionists that state they were there at the clown's behest... and we have him INVITING THEM there on twitter, and whipping them into a frenzy along with his team of oldest son/goofiest lawyer who literally urged them to go have "trial by combat"... and then, when the mob had been unleashed, and the clown was getting calls from the capitol begging him to intervene and call in the national guard, he ignore them.
  8. and what his campaign staffers did, and what he tweeted, and what the rally attendees told the police?
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