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  1. https://www.vox.com/2016/7/25/12270880/donald-trump-racist-racism-history
  2. I have a basic moral/ethical problem looking at someone who treats everyone else with inferior regard and labeling that behavior as a "strength". And I think if you look at the ethnic and generational diversity of the crowds of protesters across America, I think it shows that the country is uniting IN SPITE of the clown, and as a wrenching, almost cathartic reaction TO the clown and the racism and divisiveness he has encouraged to emerge from the shadows.
  3. then don't CALL me bro, asshole. And I am sure you are incapable of seeing it that way. Willful blindness is pretty easy for you to pull off when your nose and tongue are deep up the clown's ass crack.
  4. A simple insult of another academy grad was probably not enough to sway lifelong republicans... and many of my classmates are that. The clown was an unknown entity and most were inclined to give him some leeway. As it has progressed, fewer and fewer of them are so inclined.
  5. Even though my class had graduated before General Allen got to Annapolis, it's pretty remarkable to see just how many of them on our Facebook page are standing up for the General and expressing their disgust with the clown. I am pleased that so many of my classmates are obviously critical thinkers. Three years ago, I would estimate that the sentiment in my class ran about 75-25 for the clown. But ever since, as revelation after revelation regarding his total disrespect for professional warriors has come to light, as he has dithered and swerved all over the map with his foreign policy, and as he has finally turned the US Military against the very citizens they swore an oath to protect, I would venture to say that those numbers have just about reversed themselves.
  6. those are numbers of dead unarmed civilians killed by police last year?
  7. Your slavish devotion to your clown prince is duly noted. If you were to be objective, you would know that Jim Mattis was the Warrior Monk and one of the most learned men ever to wear the uniform. That you would throw him and McRaven and Allen and all the other great flag officers who have served our country so long and so well in favor of this charlatan is absolutely despicable.
  8. I continue to post. I could care less about your DD214 or even if you have one. And your second statement certainly applies to those personnel on active duty. I have plenty of former shipmates who were my superiors AND subordinates who I still greatly respect today and I have former shipmates - and commanding officers - who I have no respect for. I have been retired from active duty commissioned service longer than I was ON active commissioned service. At my age, I don't have to respect ANYBODY if I don't want to
  9. Obama never ordered Americans to be gassed, or flash-banged. odd, eh? And I think that foreign aid is wise diplomacy. Helping the rest of the world achieve a better life will make them less likely to want to attack OUR way of life.
  10. that is a testament to how multi-ethnic and multi-generational the protests over George Floyd's death are. There are a lot of white people in the streets demanding justice for a black man.
  11. One can love one's country and still want good happy healthy outcomes for the rest of the world as well. All we have is this one blue marble. If we can't all find a way to live peacefully on it, the alternative is bleak.
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