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  1. I am not attacking him at all. I am honoring his service and agreeing with the sentiments contained in the form letter you received expressing the government's condolences for his service. 100%
  2. sure it does. the software of this site will not let a suspended member into the site. that is simply a fact. For the entire period of my suspension, I was blocked from entering. I could not read any posts or respond to any posts or write any original posts.
  3. I have said, over and over again that I mourn with you, your son's service and I share the sentiments of the form letter you received upon his heroic demise. I do
  4. and I dispute that "proof". If you have ever been suspended, you would know that, if you ever click on a link to take you to this site during your suspension, the site says SUSPENDED... and won't let you in.
  5. nothing you have ever posted is proof that I ever had access to the site during my suspension. sorry.
  6. you lied when you say that I was online on this site during my suspension... the software won't LET me online.... it won't simply prevent me from posting... it prevents me from even getting to the forums page... it absolutely blocks me from the entire site... ergo.. I KNOW you are a lying sack of whining, gold star shit.
  7. I have yet to see any proof that my profile indicated I was online...and I know for a fact that, for the entirety of my suspension, I never WAS on the site. Ergo,.. I KNOW you are a liar... goldie.
  8. he IS a liar... why would I apologize for speaking the truth?
  9. I'll bet you trained him to do all sorts of things. pervert.
  10. I'm betting that, when Notorious RBG DOES finally die, her family will get more than a form letter. Whaddaya YOU think, goldie?
  11. as I said... suspended members are not allowed onto the site. You are a liar if you say that I ever WAS on the site....goldie.
  12. my guess is, that if someone clicks on the page, even though the page tells them that they are banned from the site...and they are, in fact, banned from the site... the software may record their attempt to enter as an actual visit.
  13. but I certainly don't expect you to ever acknowledge your error...goldie. GFY
  14. I have no idea where that post came from... you can see by my activity log that I left on the 8th and returned on the 13th... you can ask any mod to verify that anyone suspended who attempts to log on gets a page that says SUSPENDED... you are not allowed access to the site until your suspension is completed. That is what the site told ME on the morning of the 9th, and I was not allowed back onto the site until the morning of the 13th. fact.
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