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  1. Exactly what is a stank Hole? that thing between your momma's legs.
  2. it's hilarious to see you being ignorant about the definition of a lie. but what's even MORE hilarious will be to watch you not even understand that you were ignorant about that in the first place. your poor pathetic forlorn little puppy.
  3. I was unaware of when the poll had been released. Ergo.... no lie. but you gotta admit, the Quinnipiac poll and the WaPo poll BOTH serve to blow big holes in your "almost nothing" line, eh?
  4. Schumer Blinks

    Why? Why would I be appalled when an adult male offered another adult male the services of a Mexican 2nd grader? Most folks would not have to ask that question.
  5. I didn't LIE about anything. Is English your second language, little puppy?
  6. Schumer Blinks

    and the fact that you offered appalled me.
  7. Schumer Blinks

    ^^transference. wow.
  8. why would you think that minutia would matter to anybody???? you need a life, little doggie. lol
  9. yawn. you better find somebody a lot smarter than you are to do it then. hahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. I didn't lie. I never lie. I noticed you seemed to have omitted the two polls, and commented upon it. You must admit that the two polls in question just happen to also be the two polls that most destroy your "almost nothing" meme. Coincidence? So you say. bad doggie.
  11. Schumer Blinks

  12. Schumer Blinks

    I never THOUGH[sic] anything of the sort. nor did I think it. I was, and still am disgusted that you seem to have Mexican 2nd graders being held against their will that you offer up for who knows what.
  13. Schumer Blinks

    You'd think a guy who's expressed such interest in Mexican 2nd graders would show more understanding and empathy for dreamers.
  14. I had no idea when the poll had been released, you idiot. And there is no doubt you would have omitted the WaPo poll just like you omitted the Quinnipiac poll. Why? Because it didn't fit your "almost nothing" idiotic meme. bad doggie.
  15. I lied about nothing. You wanted to ignore Quinnipiac, and you want to ignore WaPo.... because they don't support your "almost nothing" line of bull feces. I understand. If I made up wacky stuff like that, I'd want to turn my back on anything that exposed its wackiness?