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  1. that's not the way it works. Mueller was never going to recommend anything to the legislative branch. His only job was to investigate and to report to the attorney general.
  2. Odd.... Even that fucking crook, Tricky Dick, couldn't keep John Dean from testifying before congress.
  3. “AOC’s favorability is a plus 19 in a district where two-thirds of votes are Democrats,” said Siena College Research Institute Director Don Levy. “Among Democrats her favorability soars to 65 percent and moves even higher to 79 percent among self-described liberals. Although it is very early, with nearly half of all voters and 61 percent of Democrats saying that they would vote to re-elect Ocasio-Cortez in 2020, she may be in position to represent this district for at least another term.”
  4. drunk? I'm still having coffee.... I won't switch to tequila until after the Sox beat the Jays. And nobody beat me up last night or any night. Again... as I said.... I always root for my country, not my race... every. single. time. You clearly root for your race over your country. That makes you a racist white supremacist. No surprise.
  5. oh....really????? GFY... seriously.. GO. FUCK. YOURSELF.
  6. so white men root for black men playing white men? I thought you said that whites root for the white team and blacks root for the black team? make up your mind. I root for my country, not may race. That's where we're different, you and I.
  7. GFY chuck. I have no desire to kill babies. I don't even WANT abortions. I do, however, want a woman to be able to make decisions about what's happening to HER body without YOU sticking your fingers into the decision process.
  8. I can imagine if all men were boorish clods like you, that would be a much more viable option for most women.
  9. YOU put it on the woman to be responsible for birth control... I even gave you the 99.9% effective rate when it really is closer to 91%... and you STILL can't say that the twelve women who get pregnant when they had acted responsibly and took the steps necessary to avoid a pregnancy should be able to have legal abortions?
  10. I am assuming that all of those women are using birth control pills and twelve of them get pregnant. They acted responsibly... they still got pregnant. Stigma free abortions are FINE for them? Correct???
  11. so.... when the USA plays Sweden in basketball, you root for the swedes?
  12. I run from nothing. Never have...never will. How come YOU ran from a yes or no question, but demand that I answer them???
  13. ::yawn::: got anything but baseless ad hominem? I guess not.
  14. My pride as an American derives from my quarter-century of service in the Navy protecting my fellow Americans of all races, colors and creeds from the scourge of global communism. My pride as an American has ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING to do with my skin color.
  15. So simplistic yes or no answers don't allow for the accurate answering of some questions? Odd that you figure that out only when asked such a question, not when asking them.