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  1. Why would you say that? I am bored to tears kinds of calm
  2. I have never attributed sole success or sole failure to anyone. GFY
  3. perhaps, it doesn't change the fact that your previous post has no basis in reality.
  4. Under Obama, the H1N1 had a vaccine in five months. Under the clown... we can't even figure out how to develop a TEST for COVID19.... and we're more than a YEAR away from a vaccine.
  5. we created the H1N1 vaccine in the US a mere 5 months after it was first discovered... under Obama's leadership. slide that back up your well traveled ass... and moan.
  6. so all of the research labs in America are no match for South -fucking- Korea? weak.
  7. South Korea's test allowed them to flatten THEIR curve... our bungled attempts at testing allowed the virus to spread ALL OVER without anyone having a clue where it was going. South Korea certainly isn't the epicenter now, are they? We are. And we are because we couldn't figure out how to test and track the virus as well as South Korea did. The greatest country in the history of the planet and we can't develop a test for a novel virus anywhere near as fast as a little country in Asia?????? And I LOVE my country and KNOW it would be SO much better if the clown and all his sycophants were behind bars.
  8. no...we should have developed a test faster than anyone else... because that's how good we are., or should have been. SOUTH KOREA had a test before we did. Why IS that?
  9. how was it that South Korea was able to develop a test faster than the USA?
  10. it was racist. He didn't put travel restrictions on infected areas...he put travel restrictions on CHINESE citizens from those areas, not anyone else who had traveled to the US FROM those areas.
  11. nope.... nothing fancy... I just served as a military observer with the UNTSO in the middle east a long long time ago. In that capacity, I met a lot of folks.
  12. Bottom LINE: We ARE the fucking epicenter of this thing now. now. and that is ONLY because the clown squad dithered... and fumbled and bumbled. period. It hit lots of other countries at the same time it hit ours... a whole lot of them prevailed over this virus. We haven't yet.
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