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  1. Let me see if I got this right… a vote took place and the democrat won. Therefore - cheaters or sheeple. And when republicans win - Patriots.
  2. How do you tally numbers of fetus’ that weren’t aborted? Short of state averages falling, it seems fallacious to assert averages, when a better barometer would be avg of doctors sued since the laws passed.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 what does it mean to be “born alive to die” ? You’re either aborted or you’re not. if you die outside the womb, you weren’t aborted
  4. You asked if my wife would kill me if I reached some uncertain point in life. Your question was meant to be analogues to abortion. And you know my answer before you asked.
  5. No. Don’t got it, MiraJean. An abortion is the termination of fetus. A fetus is a codependent embryo that relies on the mother for it’s survival during gestation. And bcus the fetus cannot exist independent of a woman during gestation, and the fetus cannot give consent… the carrier, the woman, is sole arbiter of both her body & the fetus that resides in her womb. The argument: If it’s not the case that woman is the arbiter of their body, what other than your subjective moral standard usurps her natural rights to her body? Why is it okay for you to jerk off in a napkin killing millions of spermatozoa? What is a heartbeat but a muscle? Sperm is a form of life. Plants are a form of life. We know enough right wing positions to know pro-life slogan for right wingers is just blatantly false. Right wingers are pro unregulated guns. Pro war. Pro death penalty. Anti-universal healthcare. Anti-gov’t assistance. Pro nationalism. AntiVax. You’re not pro-life. You’re anti (safe-guarded) choice.
  6. BigTex orders 🤣🤣🤣 You simply don’t like the answer you received. Sorry, tex. Too bad a fetus isn’t a human. Which is precisely why the new TX law goes after doctors & not the women. And why women aren’t tried for murder when they receive an abortion.
  7. I left the house & took my daughter to Academy sport to get volleyball pads. Leaving the house. Crazy concept, I know.
  8. Fetus. Ask any doctor. Abortion is commonplace. Even the animal kingdom. Read a book sometime … other than the bible, of course. Which probably led you down this path in the first place.
  9. There is no fetus w/out the woman. The fetus takes & consumes from the woman in order to survive. So logic tells us, if you or I needed a liver to survive, we are not privy to others bodies w/out consent. Accordingly, at the wish of the woman, a fetus doesn’t/shouldn’t need to inhabit the body of the woman w/out her consent. And since a fetus cannot consent … the woman’s natural rights should usurp that of an unintelligible fetus. Yea … oops Only losers flex on message boards. Take a bow.
  10. How could a woman get an abortion at a time when most don’t know they’re pregnant? The law is silly and undermines rationality.
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