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  1. The “GET OFF MY LAWN!” gang needs to find another Hollywood representative. It’s okay... they’ll always have james woods, jon voight, & scott baio.
  2. Sweden is considered to be a developed country. In fact, Sweden is considered to be one of the most highly developed post-industrial societies in the world. According to the IMF, Sweden has a gross domestic product (GDP per capita of $46,420 as of 2016. It is ranked number 17 in the world in terms of GDP per capita. Aug 2 2019 Unemployment is low and the economy strong. Public-private partnership is at the core of "the Swedish model", which was developed by the Social Democrats, who governed for most of the 70 years up to 2006. This mixed economy traditionally featured centralised wage negotiations and a heavily tax-subsidised social security network. The Swedes still enjoy an advanced welfare system, and their standard of living and life expectancy are among the highest in the world. What a shyt hole. See above 👆 I like to keep more of what I make. However, *WHERE* our money goes tends to be the snag. I’m quite conservative myself when it comes to saving money on programs: military spending... Ahhhh... but its a “conservative” favorite so its not seen as wasteful to buy dozens of black helicopter we don’t use, thats sit in hangers somewhere collecting dust. Conservatives are often anti-regulations, which is a dangerous being that corporations w/ no oversight are more susceptible to fraud or unhealthy workplace practices. Which often times leads to abused or oppressed labor. Republicans are “pro” tax cuts ... but what does that really mean? More often than not, it means tax cuts for the wealthy. 65% of Americans earn less than $60k a year. trumps latest tax cuts benefited those who earn $75k+ a yr. The more you earned, the more it helped. So it only marginally helped those in the $75k range. Who it Rrrrrrreally helped where the elites. The top 1%. The people who consume most of our nations wealth to begin with.
  3. Precisely why its a bad analogy to compare any nation economic function to another. It’s also why its laughable when pushed into the corner, republicans start yelling VENUZUELA!! VENUZUELA!! They can’t help but to try and associate one countries cons whilst upholding another's pros. That’s bcus, regardless of title, America is a melting pot. But they don’t actually. They merely oppose taxes/gov’t they don’t like. They like to call their taxes “essential” taxes. But healthcare... that’s not a priority. Correct. Bcus we’re not and never have been a “full blown” socialistic country. See “essential” tax 👆 The problem I generally have w/ the term “conservative” is how often self-serving it is. Conservatism, in proper execution, can be a healthy/wealthy exercise. Problem is, too many people have their own world view of what all that entails. Now the term has been convoluted & pounded into dust its almost unrecognizable.
  4. Speaking of immigrants... *Cue up the trolls specifying *LEGAL* immigrants while this admin has curbed on adding more immigration judges. And continues its crusade on blocking migrants from seeking asylum. Attacking sanctuary cities. Referring to latinos & Mexicans as murderers & rapists. The same admin who wants to build a literal wall along the southern boarder, when walls already exists in hotspots. The same admin fighting DACA. The same admin who separated families at the board & caged children - some dying - for political expediency* *ObuMa DId iT fuRSt*
  5. socialism [ˈsōSHəˌlizəm] NOUN a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. [Referencing taxes as socialism] - Taxes are levied by gov’t onto citizens. - There are a dozen form of taxes levied on to citizens. - There are penalties imposed on citizens for their negligence. - Those taxes levied onto citizens are imposed & enforced by the gov’t.
  6. Pleading w/ the poor to pay taxes is like asking someone to run a race in cement shoes. I find it humorous that corporations (who have more wealth than some countries) solicit politicians not to be taxed. Meanwhile, those corporations are only wealthy bcus of those same people they’re wanting to tax. Yet we revere that by calling it capitalism. But asking the rich (who have most of the wealth) to counterbalance that by paying MORE in taxes is socialism. There’s a thin line b/t what constitutes socialism & capitalism. The debate is really over where are people comfortable having socialism, & where people are comfortable w/ unbridled capitalism? *patiently waits for poster to give the definition of socialism by spotlighting gov’t versus public owned production/distribution*
  7. There’s a reason why conservatives *ALWAYS* reference Sweden when trying to squelch points about foreign economies. Fact of the matter is, Sweden isn’t much different than the US now. They have large pockets of socialism, & large pockets of capitalism. Like the US, they’re a mixed economy. You have to first fully accept that if you’re anti-socialism, yet claim to be the patriot of all patriots... that taxes are socialism. Period. Full Stop. You have to come to grips w/ this reality. Any agency that collects money for society is “socialism”. But you won’t hear a complaint about roads, police, FD, libraries, public schools, social services for retirees, etc... Truth is, one of this countries major cornerstones is (democratic) socialism. But its only mildly humorous & ironic to me to hear people bellyache over healthcare when we already have reams of (democratic) socialism throughout our economy. I dunno... I guess some people just like to fight about something bcus they’re either bored or arguing politics provides meaning into some peoples lives.
  8. Nope... you refuse to read & acknowledge the articles that show trump unremittingly ignores the confession & DNA evidence from the actual killer. He doesn’t even acknowledge him. Second, he still to this day doesn’t absolve the CP5 men. Third, my (saved) video file of the radio interview was removed by the publisher. So, unfortunately, I can’t further support it w/ that. So I suppose from your vantage point, you get to insist, “No link? Didn’t happen”. However, the evidence of trump disillusionment towards the CP5 is on record & heavily supported. Fourth, the fact that you refuse to tag me in these posts goes to show just how cowardly you are of having the last word in hopes I don’t see it bcus you so desperately want this to be over bcus your entire defense is, you don’t have the video file, therefore, it didn’t happen. You're so doggedly ignoring the articles & trump virtiol for the CP5, that you’re electing to fixate on the fact that the publisher removed the video file, which hampers my ability to FURTHER support trump malicious & vile racism. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/donald-trump-stands-central-park-213129406.html The problem you have is, your troll tactics are weak. Your confidence in your own claims are so feeble, that you try to slide in comments when you think no one is looking or no longer interested. I’ve known people like you my whole life. They’re opportunists. You have to know how they operate in order to handle them the way I handle you. You’re a cheap trickster. You’re not even good at it. The other trolls at least advertise they’re trolls. You, however, are bad at playing the moderate disenfranchised right-winger. You’re a terrible at this game. I can troll you, the troll, harder than you can.
  9. It appears russia wants bernie to win the primary so it allows trump to go on stage every night screaming “SOCIALIST”, “COMMUNIST”. It’s the 2020 version of “MAGA” & “BUILD THE WALL” which got him elected in 2016.
  10. Probably bcus you’re asking the wrong question... why did republicans run on Obama’s economy? The trend is 11 years running. It’s a rhetorical question... trump didn’t run on the economy. trump doesn’t do policy. He ran on fear-mongering & elementary slogans.
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