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  1. The report unveils a 2016 meeting between Trump’s campaign chairman and a former Russian intelligence officer, Konstantin Kilimnik. Manafort started sharing polling data with Kilimnik that August and continued for some time after. “They also discussed the status of the Trump Campaign and Manafort’s strategy for winning Democratic votes in Midwestern states,” according to the report. The report suggests Trump had advanced knowledge about the planned dumps of Democratic emails hacked by Russia and given to WikiLeaks. The only reason (the former) this isn’t illegal is bcus the polls were released as a public forum. Thus, by law, stripping the statutory liability.
  2. The campaign finance is all that was needed. You don’t need a ‘guilty’ judgement, you just need the door opened.
  3. Whaaaa??? I’m not interested in the porn star, campaign finance garbage. I’m only interested in his taxes, off-shore, and foreign exchanges/holdings/debts. *side: SDNY just subpoenaed 8 yrs of his financials. (I would have gone deeper)
  4. I know.... If you’re seeking transparent discussion, you need to read all the posts related to the topic.
  5. I think I said that in my post, no? However, he did find evidence of trump cohorts coordinating w/ Russians. Mueller, w/ evidence, was never going to charge a sitting potus anyways. He was always going to toss whatever he found to congress. Read the report. Correct. Then he tried to toss it to congress. You basically agreed w/ both of my points then proceeded to call me a liar. How does that make sense? No. Congress is free to regard abuse of power worthy of impeachment and many number of valid exercises of authority. Those that (potentially) obstruct justice strike me as no different. Hence why Mueller tried to punt to congress bcus he was never going to make that determination. He was always going to abide by the OLC. A potus can both commit a crime & commit impeachable offenses, but the latter doesn’t require criminal activity. It is true that trump wants the public to think criminality is required, but by that logic congress could never impeach, since a potus - according to trump - cannot commit a crime. That makes any president a tyrant and a mockery of the constitution.
  6. Not sure what this post has to do w/ my post...
  7. Don’t you remember us having this conversation more than a year ago when I said trump would not be removed? Short of visual or audible proof of conspiracy, trump would remain in office. Once Mueller made the decision not to follow the money, it appeared clear trump would skate.
  8. You don’t need to commit a crime to be impeached. Mueller’s final determination wasn’t that trump did or did not commit a crime. On the charge of conspiracy, mueller couldn’t nail trump bcus he has no evidence of trump giving any sort of order — think mob analogy — However, he has innumerable cohorts coordinating w/ russians & oligarchs. Cut to congress.
  9. Hopes she makes ot down to South Carolina. Curious to see the kind of turn out.
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