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  1. I thought about enlisting. My father, a veteran of Vietnam, discouraged me from doing so. He said fighting for your freedom & protecting allied lives is noble. But fighting needlessly over money, oil, embargo & ego is what the military has become. Also, after years of speaking w/ veterans…. i’ve quit thanking them for their service. Many do not like it. Many did not have a pleasant or fulfilling experience or carry a sense of false pride over their time. For many who enlist, it was a business decision. And not one they necessarily wanted to take. Many expressed regret. Some noted there’s a reason why they offer so many perks: scholarships, grants, etc… Several noted that those who are inordinately prideful & dawn a ton of pro military garb typically have overinflated, harsh opinions when it comes to the mission & job of the military & their service to it.
  2. Blue is just a troll. All he does is ransack threads he doesn’t like w/ irrelevant/racist posts.
  3. “fAKe NeWs!” “thU gUaRDian?! 🤣🤣“ “mSM LiBBeRuruLl SOurCes!!” - every right wing response to this thread
  4. Meanwhile, they still can’t manage to get one of the hundreds of republicans (& trump appointed) judges to concur.
  5. By closing or moving polls in predominantly black communities. Decertifying voter rolls. (Threatening) Robo calls. Using the appellate courts to harass & nullify those who have so much as an outstanding parking ticket. Pulling polling workers from sites, leaving predominantly black neighborhoods vulnerable to long lines & closures before all can be accounted for. They like to spin a yearn that its all about ID’s, yet I don’t know of a site that doesn’t require either an ID &/or vote reg card. And of course, republicans are not keen on letting (reformed) felons vote. They’re not interested in reforming this legislation.
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