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  1. “I didn’t have anything to do w/ this model ... Not this kinda model” Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick.
  2. Who’s “pro-military” or pro-trump in this instance? Quite the predicament...
  3. Suddenly, the whole nation is depending upon the same people they say shouldn't make $15 an hour.
  4. It can apply to anyone who makes bad decisions. Meaning if you take away manson’s murders... he’s just a whacky guy. Take away, trumps affairs, payoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, unpaid loans, policy blunders, COI’s, etc... well, he’s just our run-of-the-mill orange guy.
  5. Short of canned foods, most things go bad in a matter of months at best. Yes, even frozen foods. You certainly want to be prepared, but you don’t want to be wasteful. If people just shopped in accordance to their needs & not their paranoia, we’d have what we need just like there was never a pandemic in the first place. People buy out of fear & uncertainty. That uncertainty can spread throughout the masses causing irrationality &/or imbalance. Buying up all the TP may sooth your nerves, but your anxiety can quickly cause others to panic buy, triggering irrational resolutions, thus, causing other to panic buy (in bulk) other items you may need. #ViciousCircle
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