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  1. The anti cancel culture party just cancelled Liz.
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 sounds like you been eating those right-wing fear-mongering sound bites. Last I checked... we’ve had multiple democratic potus’ the last 30 years yet you still have your guns, your right to vote, free speech. What you pine for isn’t democracy, it’s anarchy. That will never stand. Good day.
  3. Democrats or Indy’s exist in the same constitutional republic. You’re point that republicans are somehow better by being republican still misses the mark. Solid effort tho.
  4. So you can confirm this as well. Bcus I had an IT guy in my office who was able to confirm a couple years back.
  5. I literally said ask KFools, the owner & proprietor. Side: who keeps links of discussions from a year ago? Solid troll effort nontheless 👌
  6. Numerous. Just ask Kfools. He’s confirmed it, & doesn’t care. As proprietor, Kfools has said he doesn’t care bcus traffic (legitimate or otherwise) is good for his business/board.
  7. You asked for a definition of right-wing. Nothing in the definition does it speak on the constitution.
  8. right wing [ˈˌrīt ˈˌwiNG] NOUN (the right wing) the conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system. the right side of a team on the field in soccer, rugby, and field hockey. ADJECTIVE
  9. Granted, I only came to the board once trump was elected, but from my experience, this was always a right-wing haven. Mostly stocked w/ fake accounts & trolls.
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