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  1. You’re premise is entirely contingent on the idea that a registration means the gov’t is going to confinscate your guns. We live in America w/ a constitution and second amendment. No one is taking away your guns bcus we as a society wish to better supervise - don’t let that word scare you - gun owners in an effort to better track would be criminals. The same way you register your car, we would do so w/ guns. No one is looking to take away your car. *Just for future reference... this is not a forum to start explaining that the right to bear arms is a con protected right, a car is not* That’s wonderful. We have an amendment that protect your right to own a gun. By definition a register is not a confiscation, no matter what you convince yourself of. Wha...?
  2. Exactly. Which is precisely why the constitution was made fluid and open-ended. Hello amendments. Women & minorities are also not mentioned in the constitution. But other amendments such as 9A were designed to protect rights that may not be specifically stipulated w/in the con itself.
  3. You already said this. Why even offer a register. Just tell people we’re taking your guns. You might just be letting your irrational fear control your thought process.
  4. Like I said... start w/ the local offenders - then local owners - the state - so on and so on. Are you trolling? I feel like you’re trolling. I’m not writing in Japanese am I?
  5. Except we’re not targeting innocent people. We’d be eliminating innocent people by logical deduction; which would hopefully lead to a narrowing down the field enough to highlight the perpetrator(s).
  6. FFS... you would be eliminated/disqualified as a suspect. For christ sake... drop your storm trooper fantasies.
  7. *sigh* I would imagine we would narrow down on specific people who own/possess this specific weapon. Once a quick inspection is completed, this person would either be disqualified or identified.
  8. I thought I explained this already.... Why do you deconstruct every sentence as if there is some deep underlining meaning? The point of the database is to have a record of people w/ guns. From there, we can deduce and narrow down a field of potential suspects in the event of an offense. Is this really that hard?
  9. So before we even got this far, we could amass other evidence(s) which would help narrow down a search, which would conveniently eleminate many in the register. Yes... that’s why we could expand the search once local has exhausted their resources. *side: I read once ammo distributers have been approached about engineering ammo w/ tracking serial numbers inside shell casings. That could potentially be a thing some day.
  10. Perfection is not the standard. We are working from a place in time where more guns exist than Americans. But we must start somewhere. From here forth, any guns purchased would be registered in a national/state/city/county database.
  11. As I thought I thouroughly explained... the ammo/casing retrieved from a crime scene would be traced to those in the area w/ the specific weaponry.
  12. This has been the standard go-to retort for all gun enthusiasts. Now hear me out... a registry, but no confiscation. 😲😲😲