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  1. There are several people on the board who are openly blatant in their desire for trump to become king. Just look at someone like crimeariver over time... they once tried to pawn themselves off as a concerned patriotic republican citizen who voted trump. Now we can clearly see they are trolls. I’ve gotten bigsky to personally admit he (??) is a troll. Russian or not, he admitted to me he is a troll. 123 and blue devil are most certainly trolls. There are a couple who are questionable, but I give them the benefit of the doubt. There are others if you’re talking trump w/ them and you bring up russia, they’ll quickly pivot and try and move away from the topic. They know its an issue for them, and one that is virtually impossible to justify. Their number tactic is to pivot & point to the economy (which he inherited). The moment russia comes up and they bring up hillary & obama... you know you’ve got’em. What they’re basically saying is, okay, maybe he’s done some things... but look at ‘your’ guy... That in itself is a relative admission of guilt or an acknowledgement of a pattern of unexplained behavior. Behavior they’d rather not account for, so why not pivot the conversation back one of your guys.
  2. “the shyt I googled” At least you’re honest.
  3. The link I provided above will help you.
  4. “According to the Guttmacher Institute, 88 percent of abortions occur within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, with only 1.5 percent occurring after 21 weeks' gestation. In the United States, 67 percent of abortion service providers perform abortions after 13 weeks, in the second trimester. Eight percent of these providers provide abortions at 24 weeks. The possibility of a woman's death associated with abortion increases with the length of gestation. The risk of the mother's death for an abortion at between 16 and 20 weeks' gestation is one in 29,000, while the risk increases to one in 11,000 for abortions after 21 weeks.”
  5. I offered no solution. I simply submitted a fact that red states have the highest infant morality rate. Period. There’s nothing more to infer or deduce.
  6. It has nothing to do w/ abortion at all. solid effort, chuckles.
  7. I love how the pro-life party is also the leader in highest infant mortality... Rank US State Infant Mortality Rate: Deaths per 1,000 live births, 2016 1 Mississippi 8.9 2 Alabama 8.7 3 Louisiana 8.1 4 Arkansas 7.6 5 Oklahoma 7.5 6 West Virginia 7.3 7 Georgia 7.2 8 Indiana 7.2 9 Ohio 7.1 10 North Carolina 7.0 11 District of Columbia 7.0 https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/us-states-with-the-highest-infant-mortality-rates.html
  8. Bout a year ago the IT guy in my company said this site is riddled w/ multiple accounts. Some even w/ 3-4 accounts. But due to his his many confidentiality clauses in his standards and practices, he is unable to disclose or divulge names and/or accounts. In short: yeah... the site is riddled w/ trolls, & likely foreign farmed accounts. ‘Mirrors’ is what my IT associate said how they refer to people impersonating Americans online. He said dead give aways are people purposefully misspelling words for accentual effect. And overtly patriotic sentiments and descriptions. A conversation free of nuance or detailed discussion beyond the opinion of the individual/troll.
  9. jrock2310

    What is Trump's "greatest" accomplishment?

    It was a bi-partisan bill which is what I most like about it. It shows both sides can work together. But to give trump absolute credit, would be silly. He didn’t write or contribute much to it at all. He lended his John Hancock to it and made it official.
  10. jrock2310

    What is Trump's "greatest" accomplishment?

    Prison reform bill. ... but there’s still a lot to be learned about the implementation of this. We could conceivably find out that it ends up reprieving a bunch of (white/male) white collar criminals while still incarcerating minorities at absurd rates over white counterparts. Aside from that - not much.
  11. For every Justin Amash.. there are 20 Lindsey Graham’s, Jim Jordan's, Devin Nunes , Mark Meadows, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, etc... laughing their asses off bcus now they’ll give Amash the ol’ Jeff Flake & Bob Corker treatment — They’ll slander & malign his name, gaslighting the base to primary him out. To break the first rule of republican partisanship is to be worse than a traitor.