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  1. Again... this wasn’t a ‘buster. This was MM lying to the American public. The more you keep pushing this, the more times I get to reiterate MM lied to the American public. If I were you, I’d just sit back, grin & be thankful. I wouldn’t try & justify the actions.
  2. That gamble was to lie to the American people about a process so it wouldn’t look like the shady counter contrast he had back in 2016 now in 2020. Hell... even Lady G is going w/ his own excuse. He’s now saying its the Kavanaugh conundrum for him. Even when there is video of him saying ‘hold me accountable’ if he ever flip flopped. It’s whichever way the wind blows that day.
  3. At worst their position should be: We don’t care. And just leave it at that. I mean what could any of us say to that? We know why they won't say that... they want to believe they are honesty brokers. A vote, rightly or wrongly, reflects back on you. Which is why they Emphatically toil w/ the ‘both sides’ debate. They often create a fallacious contrast, then try & convince others its the same thing, which they feel gives them license to do something abhorrent.
  4. No. THIS👏IS👏NOT👏THE👏POINT👏 He said he wouldn’t engage in the process bcus it was an election yr. 2020 IS AN ELECTION YR. MITCH LIED! See above 👆 Advise & consent is attributed to the senate. MM didn’t even take it to the senate. As speaker, he usurped the senate to avoid even a hearing. HE LIED ... is the point; Not Who elected him. Elections do have co sequences. And those consequences CONSEQUENTLY permit MM to lie to the American public & generate bogus rules when he can just be honest & consi
  5. THE👏SENATE👏DID👏NOT👏HOLD👏A👏SINGLE👏MEETING👏HEARING👏DEABTE👏 Through a spokesperson, McConnell announced that he would not even meet with Garland. Indeed, he never allowed the Republican-controlled Senate to hold a single confirmation hearing. It was a decision that McConnell openly bragged about to a Kentucky publication as “the most consequential decision” he had ever made in his career. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. It didn’t even reach the senate or the floor for hearing. MM usurped the senate & hearings by stone-walling Obama’s nomination. MM is the speaker for the SENATE, not MM. Advise & Consent is attributed to the senate, not MM. MM side-stepped the senate. 🤣🤣🤣 See above 👆 (advise & consent) Yup. MM is guilty of dereliction of duty. If you’re a republican looking to maintain power, by hook or by crook... then of course. But what does any of that mean since 2016?
  7. Explain what this has to do w/ the ongoing discussion over MM/the GOP’s hypocrisy & double standard? *side note: I’ll gladly answer any and all your questions when its not in an effort to distract from the ongoing discussion. Create that thread - tag me - and I will answer. Have a good day.
  8. Yes. MM did not commission the senate. He stone-walled the appointment by saying it couldn’t be filled bcus it was an election yr. I’m not making a “legal” argument. I’m illustrating the hypocrisy & double standard of the GOP on the issue of election yr SCJ seats. Then why tell American public a lie? All he had to do was say i’m going ti deby him the process bcus I can, not bcus of some bogus ‘election yr’ nonsense? You don’t need both excuses. I will reiterate... this is showing the hypocrisy of MM & the GOP b/t 2016 & 2020.
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