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  1. I mostly agree... if we believe in equal rights for men and women, then we have some regulating to do of men. If we believe in women’s rights, then we must respect her right to choose. And if anyone cares to take a stroll on this thread, you would see just how little many people really care about life when they’re gung ho for eliminating “liberal” life. We just need more consistency concerning the topic.
  2. He’s discarding all of Obama’s accomplishments bcus its easier to tear down than build up. And when trump does this, his base see’s him “getting things done”. Meanwhile, trump does no critical thinking. He’s almost literally EP’ing his way through his presidency.
  3. Hahaha... you got it all figured out. Or external ancestry or something.
  4. Meanwhile, in one single scroll of the thumb, I see right win nut jobs creating posts about serena williams. Another post citing dems as “race baiters”. And then there’s this thread... That makes 3 posts created by right wingers in one scroll of the thumb. But “dems” are obsessed w/ race...
  5. You still don’t get it... Minimum wage jobs are not necessarily a conduit to advancement. Often times, it is what it is. And there are far too many minimum wage positions held by Americans to just whimsically believe that “kids” could fill this void. Especially if we encourage kids to go to school, learn a trade, etc... Minimum wage jobs are significant to the economy.
  6. But the jobs exist. Intent doesn’t matter. The world needs burger flippers. The world needs trash men. The world needs janitors. The world needs waiters/waitresses. The world needs drivers. The world need retail salesmen. The world needs all these people we take for granted. Every able body can’t compete for the same 300 corporate positions.
  7. That figure doesn’t include the large swath of the working pop that makes below MW & rely on tips. Also, if you just go up a dollar or two, you’re technically above the MW threshold, but are still very much in financial distress.
  8. Minimum wage jobs are everything from retail, delivery drivers, waiters/waitresses, kitchen workers, custodians, caregivers, etc.. 58% of the entire workforce makes the approximate (state by state) minimum wage.
  9. Jobs that can’t meet the living wage demands don’t deserve to be in business. The living wage issue isn’t about CAN companies afford to make the change, its WILL they make the change. A living wage that contrasts w/ inflation only benefits the economy & more businesses. Worrying about the handful of cheap, no standards businesses that would rather go overseas, than that’s no different than what we do now. We could pass bills that tax the hell out of companies leaving America only to inflate costs to Americans later. Sure... go ahead and have Honduras children make your product for nothing. But we’ll make it up by (export) taxing the hell out of the product. You have to incentivize businesses to stay in America.
  10. I dunno anyone complaining about added jobs in the markets. This is a phenomenally interesting event that started around 2009; an almost 10 year excursion. The nuances that need to be noted are more people working second and third jobs than ever before. A portion of the growth being hoisted up by a tax cut to the uber elite, which will be paid back by the lower-middle class in the next 10 years; which will inevitably stymie growth when that time comes. There’s no need to imply more jobs are bad... we just need to be truthful about what it means and entails.
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