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  1. It’s only mildly ironic that the party championing “voter integrity” is the same party that asserts wide spread voter fraud in 2020. Then questions the very republicans/judges elected to audit & certify the very election they deemed fraudulent. It appears the only way elections are fairly won are when republicans win them.
  2. What position can’t you accept if you simply take it on faith?
  3. Well you also elect officials, who then elect their judges, who then make rulings. Happy Intoxication 😀
  4. It’s definitely far from over, but a great halting in the fight of women’s bodily autonomy.
  5. The point of education is to have a clearer understanding of the world around you, in hopes that we may be able to learn from our mistakes and progress towards a better tomorrow. As such, if the effects of CRT works towards righting the wrongs & fixing blatant racist tropes/controversies … so be it. Again, that’s the point of education. If people fighting for the right causes makes you nauseous, perhaps you have some internal soul searching to do.
  6. Facebook was fine when it only accepted university email. It was when they opened it up to every derelict & their grandparents started using it as a tool to evangelize & spread political propaganda. They really should have left it alone.
  7. Perhaps more compelling is the idea that rights are simply a man made construct, endowed by other men. Who are a group of men (& women) to tell another group what is & is not allowed? Granted, our laws are subset of rights & they (typically) go to insure our safety. But this idea they are endowed by a higher power in an effort to exert hierarchy is quite silly in 2021.
  8. No. Hence this post… Last post: Ideas from Dems 2020: Healthcare for illegals, abolish ICE, defund the police, Biden promises to raise taxes, reparations and any statue you personally are offended by can be destroyed by you..... Today: Crazy Bernie....We need a $ 6 TRILLION spending package......Theusual...Free healthcare for illegals, free stuff for the Jerry Springer crowd etc etc.... The only difference appears to be switching out “dems”w/ “bernie” Are you LD?
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