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  1. He has the pussy grabber, but pussies are softer than beisbols. "Now"?! Yeah, like the Japs and Ricans have been kicking 'Murican beisbol ass for decades "now"... Is he fondling Pence's balls again?
  2. Tiny hands, no can grip.
  3. I'm sure we can get it lower. Bring the Tramp down!
  4. For the millionth time, Socialists/Communists are NOT Nazis, they are the opposite of Nazis, get that thru your concrete skull! Why TF do your think the USSR COMMUNISTS defeated the GERMAN NAZIS in WWII and then those same defeated Nazis joined with the good ol' UFSA to attack the USSR?
  5. Lets Talk about Socialism.

    This is complete bullshit, utter rubbish post re "socialism". How about learn socialism first before you go running your ignorant pie hole about it.
  6. 515, the majority of which were/are bogus "shell" corporations for the purposes of tax evasion and $ laundering.
  7. NFL owner$ are ju$t like RepubliKlan$, $o loyal to their ba$e... NFL owner$ and RepubliKlan$ ba$e:
  8. This is just another deflection tactic of Whitey who will NEVER look at one he has done to Africans, won't take any responsibility for it, and will go off on endless tangents to take focus off that fact. Whitey is inherently a coward.
  9. The Conjobbers' talking point has been aborted, yes. Why do you use such big font, XO dude?
  10. Most of human history was never recorded and therefore will never known, because most human beings have been slaves of various sorts. They dont record slaves' history.
  11. "Teach it all or teach nothing" Ok, get back to me when you are able to teach all histories everywhere for all time--or dont even begin to teach the shit at all. Or teach how to cook every possible food on the planet or DONT EAT! Haha, cracka man, so w/o a brain. Oh good, another asshole I can ignore. p.s., FUCK the PO-lice!
  12. Whitey and his golden oldies! The Last White Athlete. You never disappoint, Mr. sole, lol!
  13. Haha, as predicted, my poll shut cracka jack man right the F up. What a buncha suckas. Whats that, cracka jacks, no can hear you!
  14. Haha, none of the ball-less crackas voted yet, just as predicted. Oh, bu they have their cracka jack dumbass opinion of everything and they will ram it in your face whether you like it or not. No, SORRY, cracka man, Irish, ot Italian, or British, or Chinese, or Mexican slavery was no where near the same scale as the African slave industry, and the many millions tht were tortured and died in it, so just take your cracka ass mouths and shut it the fuck up!
  15. I'm banned forever from the LO because I am anti-capitalist and they are pro-capitalist. As to the poll: "NO HOLDS BARRED", babay! Coo', . The utter disgusting irony of "jimSOUTH" going to teach a class on what it is like to be a slave is palpable.