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  1. Your RIGHT ! It is sad that after 35 yrs. that the accusations haven't been raised UNTIL we have a political appointee by this POTUS that was setting on the second highest court in the nation for yrs.. ! An individual that bares this type of situation , true or false , waits until this appointee is recommended to a politically charged position and then decides to come forward with unprovable accusations against said appointee the week of the vote IS THE PERSON AND PARTY that made it political !!!
  2. X ,being "Simple minded" to fit your bias isn't worthy of your basic intelligence or anyone else's for that matter !
  3. GM harry ! I think your smarter than that , it just doesn't fit your bias !!! You know I'm not joking and I told the truth ! We don't elect and haven't elected a POTUS by the popular vote in HOW MANY YEARS ???
  4. Being a registered Independent , I've voted both ways many times but I hate to bust your bubble ! AS OF NOW , the democratic party is flat azz fcked up and unless they change course and come up with a viable candidate that's a true moderate democrat with policy ideas and positions on existing policy that makes sense , you have 61/2 more yrs. to go ! NOT ONE , I repeat NOT ONE of the so-called democratic stars floating around now will make it ! NOT EVEN CLOSE ! The dems took the Clinton loss and instead of learning from it , getting smarter , went full bat shlt crazy left !!!!
  5. I understand your point BUT LOOK , Calif and the N eastern states has more electoral votes together than a 1/3 of America by themselves ! You cannot allow the extreme populated costal areas to makes decisions for the other 2/3 of the country ! There's nothing about that opinion fair to the rest of the citizens of the country . That's why it was created many , many years ago !
  6. No , it did EXACTLY what it was intended to do since created , to STOP heavily populated areas of the country from making decisions for the entire nation !
  7. I love it down there ! Nice place for a vacation but wouldn't want to live there ! I always look forward to eating at Flounders !
  8. That says it all !!!!! SWOOSH , right over your head !!!!! Lol ! BTW , I'd be a little careful about who I pulled a stinking ball bat on or you could possibly really understand what butt-hurt means when someone inserts it up yours !!!! YOU never know !!!!
  9. As usual , you missed the whole point , !!!! Being your an obvious Democrat , admittingly go to Pet Smart a lot , It could of been YOUR vehicle this POS coward damaged because he didn't like were you parked scaring off his fuking seagulls !!!! RIGHT ?????
  10. Whats so pathetic is that guy who owned the truck and parked at the "Pet Smart" was probably a Democrat TOO !!!!!!!
  11. I'm sure this BS deserves some form of the greatest idiot award but I can't find one that low on the IQ scale ! The only thing I got out of it other than your an idiot is that you are a POS coward for damaging someone's vehicle after they walk away and leave AND THEN get on this vine bragging about it ! Your so intelligent and so much a REAL MAN , aren't you ????
  12. ????? YOUR Jesus ????? He's yours too Harry whether you accept him or not and he accepts me , a sinner the same as he accepts you , a non-believer and a sinner !!!! Harry , I don't recall that I've ever attempted to justify Trumps "moral standards" before or after his election ! I don't think ( NO , I know ) Trump wasn't elected for his moral standards , past or present ! You and your lke are just sucking down the wrong road attempting to use that as justification of your political bias ! The sad part is for some reason ya'll just can't seem to get that through your thick heads !
  13. Harry , if I remember correctly , we're ALL sinners ( by my belief ) ! YES , it is funny stuff if your trying to imply Democrats or yourself aren't ! I KNOW I am ! I'm just not hypocritical about It ! Surely your not trying to imply there's nobody that's a Democrat believes in God ( YOUR side as you call it ) and there's no Atheist that are Republican ?????
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