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  1. Small Tex never mentions white boys who carve up their parents. hes been squatting on lousy Tex education far too long. a proud racist, let him amuse us with his cherry picked examples. no kid slaughter? no congregation slaughter? I heard they lynched low IQ Texas white rubes
  2. Gavin1966

    Traitor Trump: Selling despotism!

    How many illegals have threatened your home? they have better things to do, like working way harder than you. and How many chinese have you faught off in a hail of bullets brave boy.? i presume you have a gun. make you feel more like a man.? ever been in trench ware fare? you do know every immigrant population, Germans, Irish, Asians all cost the first generation? then it's all gravy, supporting old white rubes like us. be grateful
  3. Gavin1966

    Something the Left omits.

    Indoctrination? by a guy who has G as a hero? slavery and slave raping was a very few generations ago. Slavery genes , you have a few. so would you rather be black or white in these United States? do tell. and ps, there is a faction that says the war wasn't about slavery at all. didnt you read that?
  4. Gavin1966

    Traitor Trump: Selling despotism!

    So I guess you would walk 2000 miles to avoid being killed fat boy? most Americans I know couldn't walk 3 miles
  5. God bless you. Where? Battling in trenches? 25 years? better than working as they say. How to get in a legion? money and living in an air raid shelter for weeks seeing my neighbor family all dead from a direct hit you? it is funny, only the WWII ancient guys in the legion say they came close to danger. Some Vietnam, rest whooping it up but if you did go house to house fighting God bless you
  6. I thought harms way was hand to hand, going house to house not shelling the crap out of civilians AL? i live in them. cheap beer. we have a laugh together. great military worship, my AZ buds still waiting for the Chinese to invade from Mexico nice benefits though. Seems you conned the system. must be a 5 deferment wife raping trump admirer? enjoy my $ boy. Glad you got commie health and education out of it glad you can do it with a clear conscience
  7. Is that what WV rubes do? search the Internet for pics that fit their small mind?
  8. But don the con is at 9000? has knees news told you the website devoted to his lies? latest, never heard of wiki leaks? dare to look it up? i guess you are jealous of his vagina grabbing and wife raping and wanting to screw his daughter? i love my president
  9. Faggot ass? Is this really how you think? hope you didn't have kids with such a foul attitude confirms zero Ed white rube. Presume in harms way means crawling in tunnels under commie lines to set explosives? battling 10 commies hand to hand? Fighting house to house in Vietnam? see the 5 deferment Pres there? or were serving food in a mess leading from the back? interesting you should be proud sucking off other people. guess the indoctrination worked
  10. I figured yOu had a commie benefit zero life sucking off me and what does harms way mean? cowering with your buddies in Germany? And how many hand to hand battles were you in? and how many weeks in a row did you have the crap bombed out of you? sounds like I'm paying for your foul mouth education. you do know your benefits are commie? I guess you are not principled enough to refuse them? typical zero college old white fart sucking off the rest of us
  11. Ah I see now. miltary, close 2 nd to religion in indoctrination. as the old euro joke goes "if you are not smart enough to get a real job, join the military" Great commie benefits. i assume you are sucking off yours, costing us all to support you?
  12. Do I need to quote fuxxing idiot? i missed your college marine man. trump U? i just never knew a college person who had such a foul mouth. terrific education
  13. Gavin1966

    Traitor Trump: Selling despotism!

    Boy, the truth hurts. "such a small man, in every sense of the word" as my prof said about a rival.
  14. Gavin1966

    Traitor Trump: Selling despotism!

    Cartoons, the limit of our blues intelligence hilarious cant find any don the cons? white boy trump U?
  15. Gavin1966

    Traitor Trump: Selling despotism!

    I see you are still posing our ben frank slave rapist? and too dumb to know the def of liberal is small gov? incredible ignorance. Hey I love my faithful pres and his WWII Nazi group name hat. I chant lock her up with my white buds every chance I get and now I can drag my wife by the hair before raping her? love my pres