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  1. Omg, little Tex squatter demands inaccuracies maybe hitler banned Jews from having guns, dems don't?
  2. Unbelievable stupidity. hitler inserted national to make his party the complete opposite of socialism. history isn't our con cults strength
  3. Can you point out the huge drop in a graph? looks like 10 yr gradual increase to me. i think I see a tiny blip
  4. It's nice to be educated by a PhD. So deep, is the GNP Graph completely different from the the GDP graph? look the same to me always on the rise. https://www.forecast-chart.com/graph-us-gnp.html
  5. I just saw ORDERED in kidergarten Texas CAPS of course From a Texas E'd overweight old white fart.? what a laugh
  6. 2 nd biggest recession Since the 20s? 750000 job losses a month? perfect starting point for Obama? hilarious ,, our blind cult will rationalize anything.
  7. Nice foul zero college mouth as usual. WV essential? No, I don't both are a measure of the health of the country. i guess you don't believe I'm married to a millionaire lady and my external examiner won the Nobel prize ? lnow what an external examiner is?
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