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  1. I guess you feel I'm lucky. never seen a weapon let alone picked one up. and I'm still alive!!!!!
  2. Ah the truth hurts. you do make $1000000 more in life if you have a degree. might try it sometime if you survive the cigs
  3. Thought you might have a few balls , you seem awful brave, packing away. Anyhow, no one is trying to disarm America. stop reading rube knees news swill
  4. Se United states and dumb pic I s enough darlin college degrees again?
  5. Last time I looked I wasn't the Pres. and ladies grabbed me? sorry you didn't have the same experience
  6. No answers I see? love the vagina grabber? i do, I can rape my wife now he says its legal
  7. No, just Having a laugh. fake news omg, I love knees news, don't you?
  8. To trumpies like you, not to educated people snowflake next? im still waiting for your WV college??
  9. Wonder where you are coming from??!! not enough balls to call him an uppity nixxer? Just shows, the dumber more zero college you are the more likely to vote for the orange one
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