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  1. Idiot? dead giveaway for zero college. why do you have to have a foul mouth and insult? No, just quoting facts. so you know the original knees news goal was not to report news, just to reenforce the viewers beliefs? most rubes haven't read the report, or repub senators
  2. Rats, so dumb. no one should post if they haven't watched the fox documentary and read the mueller report. well, I guess that wipes the cult out?
  3. And you have no idea what aN external examiner is do you Dickie
  4. Just when we thought pundit was as low as you can get I found oneworldnews. specific for Zero college rubes who don't even know the original meaning of snowflake. just regurgitate
  5. Seen the knees news doc? the objective never was to report. just blab more of what the viewers already believed. thats why the more you watch the stupider you get
  6. Hope not. someone has to protect us rather than rubes. 400000000 guns is a bit much don't you think? i don't really care, never see them in our community. i just feel much safer in Oz and euro
  7. Isn't this lefty college board? maybe you should post at a gateway pundit rube board where they don't believe we landed on the moon. to each his own!!!
  8. I keep telling you I never voted for a dem in my life. want to talk organic free radicals? whew bib boy and TBHWT, DONT KNOW IF I CAN STAND THE INTELLECT
  9. Congrats on your mental health work. there should be plenty of takers including me on our old farts board
  10. Well I got a few million and vacation homes somehow. external examiner was a Nobel prize winner. maybe I fooled him?
  11. Darn these uppity nixxers don't you think?? wow Dickie, TBH, BIB GUY. TERRIFIC advanced educatIon.
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