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  1. Might help if you answered the q, and forget the 2nd grade foul mouth? so why did hitler insert national? im trying again. got any more zero college insults? mm you seem to have a lot of knowledge about male sex. personal experience in WV??
  2. So why do you think hitler inserted national into his socialist party.? he hated socialists. Nice foul mouth. trump U?
  3. Makes them feel more like a man. most never been in hand to hand, just pantywaists
  4. White rube genes? they are pathetic, lousy schools take $ from blue states
  5. Don't forget the priNce of whales. his rubes didn't even notice
  6. Omg data? unknown here to our old white fart trump u white boys. all Jews are the same to we white supremes oh, you are not from America? that explains it. education not permitted here
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