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  1. Darrell asked me why I called him a word that the people in africa use to describe the elite. I told him.. Look dummy, I have nothing to say to you, but I will help you suffer a little more if want me to. First of all dummy, they used the word Negus, not in all of Africa, just in Ethiopia.. And Negus was a Title, used for the King of Ethiopia. NOT for all of the Elite in Ethiopia. The Etymology of the word n!gger, is that it originates from the word "N)egro", which is a Spanish word meaning the color Black. Here's some examples.. It could be pitch N)egro outside at midnight... or go buy me a can of N)egro Beans, or the Tires on a car are usually N)egro in color. Over time the word N)egro has been Stylized in American society to become a racial slur, the stylized word N!gger is now, and has been for hundreds of years, a global word, in every westernized country in the world and maybe beyond, used as a racial slur. And the reason why I called you that word is because that's what you are, and nothing else but. And if you want to fight about it, lets go in the grass outside. He walked back into his bedroom, and slammed the door. lol
  2. I wonder if i'd spend any time in federal prison if I had my own space vehicle and it took me to the moon.. But then something went wrong and I could not leave the moon.. And so I had to call NASA and Roscosmos and the European and British Space Agencies and I sent this message. "Andrew Evans, American Citizen, Civilian, Emergency Distress, On the Moon Unauthorized, Vehicle will not take off to re-enter earth, Need Rescue, Emergency Distress, Emergency Distress.. Andrew Evans, American Citizen, Civilian, Emergency Distress, On the Moon Unauthorized, Vehicle will not take off to re-enter earth, Need Rescue, Emergency Distress, Emergency Distress" :P
  3. My sister's boyfriend, the internal medicine doctor... He was staying with me and my sister for a month. I just got done making the best beef ribs ever. I said to him... You been here for a month. I've made Macaroni and cheese casserole. I've made london broil, new york strip, T bone and sirloin steaks. I've made great spaghetti and hot italian sausage. I made beef, and pork ribs. I've made lamb. I've made homemade french fries. I've made the best loaded steak burgers around. I made lobster, and crab, and salmon, and flounder. I made pretty gourmet tuna fish club sandwiches. I've made baked, and twice baked potatoes. I've made chicken flavored rice. I've made chicken cutlets and chicken fries and chicken tenders, and fried chicken. So how does my F)UCKING Asperger's taste ?!!!! lol He got in my face and yelled me at like like he's sergeant Hartman.. And he said.. YOU WANT A F)UCKIN' JOB ?!!!! I'll give your f)ucking a)ss a JOB, one damn time. YOU start Monday, at the reception desk. And you will also serve as a janitor too. Don't F)uck up ! :P Why did he do that and say it like that to me ?
  4. This is what I told the people on Yahoo Answers. 1. If you don't like that uber has the absolute RIGHT to operate, f)uck you. 2. If you don't like the fact that I'm NOT fired because I have Asperger Syndrome, f)uck you. 3.If you don't like the fact that I paid my dues, and I no longer owe the piper for something I may or may not have done when I was a 10 year old child surrounded by bad things... f)uck you. 4.If you don't like the fact that I DO NOT have to say no meat or cereal to my kids who are growing up, because I, I, I Have Asperger syndrome, f)uck you. 5. If you don't like the fact that my kids don't have to ride in a police car to school, just because I, I, I have Asperger syndrome.. f)uck you. 6. If you don't like the fact that I am not stuck sending my kids to Medicaid doctors only.... Just because I, I, I have Asperger Syndrome.. f)uck you. 7. If you don't like the fact that I can work extra hours, say 12 or 14 hours, to really make some super good money... Which is something that I have come to not mind at all.. f)uck you. How's that for ya ?
  5. A d-con TV commercial, selling d-con brand Heroin... And all the drug addicts depicted as rats lined up at the gates of heaven... And they're telling god how they died and what they said to people who tried to fix them.. I died from d-Con. I told everybody to go f)uck themselves, I'm eating my d-Con. I died from d-Con. I told everybody to go f)uck themselves, because I want to eat my d-Con. I died from d-Con I told everybody to go f)uck themselves, and I went to jail for 3 years, and when I got out, I went back to the dealer, and ate the d-Con. What would your response be to a TV commercial like that ? lmfao !
  6. My sister said to me that she's concerned for me, and she's worried and don't me to die.. I told her that I'm not going to die like your son did. I'm not addicted to drugs, I don't use drugs, I don't get along with the drug crowd, just as a general fact... I don't know any dealers and don't want to.. And I don't give a f)uck about the users, or the dealers of this current opioid epidemic... and that includes your son. I don't care how many white trash are out there screaming about how 2+2=3... The fact of the matter is, it equals 4, always had and always will. And I don't go along with people just because they're white when the fact of the matter is, they're still trash. I think for myself, and I'm not dying because I'm not using drugs. Period. The fact the matter is, is that by about 2040, only about 60% of the original population of Generation Y will still be alive.. approximately. As a generation, we been f)ucked, we are f)ucked, and we're stupid and can't figure life out... I'm not part of the problems associated with Generation Y and never have been.. and I won't start now.. If they want to die, they can go do so.. I won't be with them. And that's how it is.
  7. I dont give a Bad word what you want to hear
  8. My sister asked me why all of a sudden I'm doing everything on my own, and getting things done like there is no tomorrow. Why I'm driving for Uber and Lyft. Why I am operating an online clothing business. Why I'm attending the Episcopal Church. Why I signed up for Adult Baseball Camp next year. Why I bought a Brittany Spaniel and a Basset Hound. And why I adopted a set of Twins. And I told her that its because negative stories are just simply had... everybody out there has a stack of them.. Everybody's parents die. Everybody who grew up in an American big city, has a stack of stories to share about how they showed all those a)ssholes.. Everybody got sick and has a story about how they cut the sick time in half and got into some other trouble to replace it with.. Everybody who went to public school has a teacher's union, affirmative blacktion story to tell. But positive stories are made. And I want to make mine so that I finally have something to tell that's worth telling.
  9. I said to my kid... What are you, a f)uckin' steel tycoon now? Which car company are you f)ucking building cars for now ? White, or Evans ? lmao ! That's when she knew that I wasn't believing damn thing she had to say about how she's going to the city to go find jobs... And knew that I knew she would be going there for what does exist there... the drugs. And she gave up the idea.
  10. I did a 180 degree remake of my kid, when my kid's behavior started going south. I went into her bedroom... and cleaned it out. When I got done.. she had only a bed, box spring, mattress, night stands and her dresser. I bought her all new clothing... Dresses. Skirts. Dress pants. Blouses. Panties and Pantyhose. Dress shoes. Makeup and Perfume. And I told her... this is your dress code, and this is what you're going to wear. You're a lady, and goddamn it, you're going to f)ucking be one. You're not dead, and I'm not going to f)ucking allow you walk around with f)ucking chicken bones hanging out of your f)ucking nose, with black sh!t all over your face. That sh!t is over. You're going to f)ucking look alive. I took the computer, and the cell phone and the video games and I smashed them. And then I took a chicken breast out, and breaded it.. and I made yellow rice, cornbread and green beans. And I told her... You are going f)ucking eat this... and you're not getting up until you do... and if by bedtime its not eaten... I will tie to the bed, and make you eat it. She ate it. That was the last time she played the cotard stuff.
  11. I told my sister that America has had just about 100 years of regulated, organized casino gambling... And with it, a hundred years of taking people's rent, utility and food money.. Why in 2018 would I do such a thing with my money, and get caught up in the same sort of problems that plagued my Grandfather, and my dad ? The coined up term "Working Class" is socially analgesic for the truth. The truth is, its dirt poor, it's factually ignorant, its uneducated, it's almost mentally retarded, its blind to the rotten realities behind the scenes of their social habits... And it is regressive.. Why in 2018 would I want to be part of those problems of the early 20th century ? We been using gasoline, with varying degrees of pollution, starting with the highest level and working our way down, since the early 20th century.. Why in 2018, would I want to be using the basic system that Henry Ford first made available to the masses, before 1910 ? My family looked out the window and saw 15th Street, since 1872... Why in 2018, would I want to continue looking at 15th street ? My Great Great Grandfather used a typewriter.. my Great grandfather used a typewriter, my grandfather used a typewriter, my dad used a typewriter... Why in 2018, should I use a typewriter ? My Great Great grandfather was miserable, my Great grandfather was miserable, my grandfather was miserable and so was My dad.. Why in 2018 should I be too, with all this technology and this big marketplace all around, making things easier for me ?
  12. My sister said this sarcastic junk to me... She said.. Yeah, ok Andrew... We're going to close up all of the strip clubs and night clubs, because there are NO problem people anywhere in America and with a troubled past and no current qualifications and few social skills, Who need a cheap way to make enough money to live on.. That doesn't exist anymore, so we'll just shut them down. We're going to shut down all the casinos in America too... Because nobody needs a round of craps anymore... we're all f)ucking surgical geniuses today.. didn't you know that ? Oh.. and we're going to shut down all the bars in America too... Because there are NO troubled people who do things that are less healthy than what is recommended.. At that point, I slapped her.. for her smart mouth... And I told her that its not my job to cater to America's two legged failures... its my job to do what's right in my life. And yes it is America's job to make progress... And those who can't keep up, will go to the wayside.
  13. One time my kid that I adopted when she was 8 months old, acted up in school just recently at 8 years old. This is what I did about it. I took her to the Library, and I brought her into a private study room, and I had a conversation with her. I told her the realities about how we are living. I told her that we are living in Arkansas. This is a very poor state that has absolutely nothing in it. Not a single thing. This is how we are living, because it is the ONLY WAY possible, that you can possibly have an American standard of living, in Arkansas. There IS no other way. We live in the best Lindsay Apartment. There is no competition anywhere between here and the moon. Lindsey is IT, or we live in the Trash can. We use the Mercy Health System. There is no competition anywhere between here and the Moon. We get our healthcare from Mercy, or we get it from Daffy Duck. We buy our food from whole foods... There is no competition anywhere between here and the moon. We get our food from Whole Foods... or we it from the Trash. We have Ashley Furniture. There is no competition anywhere between here and the moon. We have Ashley Furniture... or we have Cardboard boxes from the thrift store. We get our electronics from Best Buy. There is no competition anywhere between here and the moon. We get our electronics from Best Buy, or we get them from the Trash. We get medications from our Doctor, through the CVS Pharmacy. There is no competition here between here and the Moon. Sure there is walmart... that's the trash. I work for Open Avenues, and I drive for Uber and Lyft and I sell clothing online, I do own a online business. I have Asperger Syndrome, that is Autism. For me, there is no other way for me to give you a good life, between here and the moon. Do you understand ? She said yes. I said.. So you have to have to behave yourself around here. Because there is nobody else for us to turn to but what we already have. We have the best around, for a long, long distance. There is no second best. There is no competition. This is it. Do you want to live in a old busted up house with water coming out of the ceiling when it rains ? She said no. So I said.. Good, we understand each other then.
  14. I got an idea for donald trump, and I agree to pay for it myself.. Lets build a floor, 4 walls and a roof.. with no door and no windows. Each wall is 3 feet long and 6 ft 4 high.. And build it around Donald Trump.
  15. My kid asked me how much money can be made in Philly. I told her that the earning potential in Philadelphia, is actually Millions. Philadelphia actually has a very good establishment. I don't discredit Philadelphia's positive potential for somebody. But just like it never in its history had a lack of an establishment... It also never in its history had a majority of local people that used it to better themselves with.