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  1. No, you won't. What you want, and what's going to happen, are two entirely different things. Nope. Again, you are a proven liar. Your inability to swallow anything but partisan bias and cooked statistics because they let you hear what you want to hear, combined with your spit-spewing defense of your own delusions, make you perhaps the most pathetic creature I've ever encountered. C’est la vie, c’est la guerre, c’est la pomme de terre And with that... I'm out.
  2. No, that is NOT what "civilization is all about." There is risk in everything. There are dangers and threats that are always present in life. It is acknowledging that reality, recognizing that none of us is getting out of this alive, and in taking appropriate steps as individuals to minimize our exposure to that risk, that improve our quality of the life we have to live. This nation was founded in the idea of celebrating personal freedom and liberty, and creating a government that was subservient to the people, and responsible for nothing but providing for the common defense and protecting the rights of the people to live their lives in Freedom. Not in Freedom from danger or risk, but in Freedom to pursue Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. THAT is the basis of our civilization; unique in the history of the world.
  3. Nope. Sorry. There is no such thing as "freedom from fear". Everyone faces fear; from rational fears to irrational phobias. That's right up there with people claiming they have a "right" to "feel safe". Utter nonsense.
  4. ...And yet too focused to realize that my post was full of condemnation for Democrats. So... there's that.
  5. Again, thanks! I take that as a fine compliment, my friend.
  6. Too bad. If you'd been able to look past your partisan biases you would have found plenty in the post to agree with, I suspect. But, just like the Democratic sycophants on this site, you aren't capable of such mental flexibility.
  7. That's a bald-faced lie, Scout; but then that's noting but your usual fare. No, YOU have blood on YOUR hands for the innocent people who have swallowed your lies and then die helplessly in the face of criminal assault.
  8. Thank you, sir. And I return the compliment to you. Like you said: we don't agree on much but at least we can discuss those disagreements respectfully and honestly, and that, in turn, elevates my respect for you.
  9. No, I don't dismiss them at all. When I supported Bill Clinton, it was before the truth came out regarding his behavior towards women. I had to laugh when Democratic friends ranted and raved about Trump's "grab them by the p***y" commentary while pretending Clinton's actions weren't even more egregious. I was in the Border Patrol, and the death of Brian Terry because of the Fast and Furious operation - as well as Eric Holder's obvious culpability and Obama's attempts to protect him - cost Obama a lot of support from me and others. I already have. It's your turn.
  10. I never said he wasn't. Nothing I said above was in any way complimentary of him, nor did it dismiss his actions in any way. No, shame on YOU; for your blind partisan adherence and your inability to see past it. You are very much part of the problem. You're so myopically focused on Trump's misdeeds you fail to see your own.
  11. Not Freedom from. Freedom TO. I.E. Freedom to live your life as you so choose so long as the choices you make don't infringe on the ability of others to freely live their lives. That's an important distinction too few today understand. Whoever they choose to be for themselves. That's a question you're going to have to answer for yourself.
  12. Throughout my life, I have been passionate about the promise that is "America". To me, "America" was not about lines on a map. It was an IDEAL; an ideal of Freedom, Liberty, and Equality heretofore unknown in the annals of the history of Humankind. Sadly, that ideal is one that we, as a nation, have never truly realized; but I have always believed it an ideal worthy of fighting for. I dedicated my life to it. In elections I have always voted for those who expressed willingness to pursue that ideal for all Americans regardless of race, creed, color, gender, etc. In the beginning I proudly registered to vote as a Democrat, and I supported candidates like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Barack Obama for President. I didn't agree with those men on every issue, but I felt them the best of the available choices. As time has gone on, I have felt the Democratic Party of my youth moving away from me. Moving away from the ideals of America, freedom, and Liberty; in favor of an agenda that I didn't recognize. Oh, they paid lip service to the ideal, but pushed for agendas that undermined it. In 2016, the candidate of the Democratic Party was Hillary Clinton; and I faced my first substantive crisis. She was the antithesis of what I felt a Democrat should be. BUT... her opponent when the dust of the primaries had settled was Donald Trump; a vile and corrupt caricature of a man who I could not believe could have risen to the top of the heap amongst available Republicans. I struggled; how could I pick the "lesser of the two evils" when both choices were - in my eyes at least - equally evil? Was our system so thoroughly broken that these two were the best our political system had to offer? I briefly considered voting Third Party, but rejected the idea on the basis that I'd truly be wasting my vote. The tie-breaker was childishly simplistic: Well, I don't like either one but at least Hillary represents the right party. So, when the time came I threw the lever for her... and watched in horror as pivotal states went for Trump. Once it was clear he would be the winner I waited for uplifting and hopeful words from Hillary to challenge the party to face the future and recommit to pursuit of the ideal that is America. But Hillary didn't speak hopeful words. Instead she hid from the cameras and sulked and did everything she could to present herself as a petulant, spoiled child so utterly disconnected from reality that I was ashamed I'd voted for her! In the aftermath, Democrats and Progressives shocked me with their descent into petty grandstanding, childish tantrums, and hysterical shrieking on social media. When the campaign had indicated the possibility of a popular vote win by Trump and an Electoral College victory by Hillary, the Democratic and Leftist sycophants arrogantly sneered in derision at anyone who could question the wisdom of the Founders' use of the Electoral College, or refuse to accept the electoral results in the event of such a scenario.... and now that the opposite had happened they wailed and gnashed their teeth and marched in the street to scream "Not My President" and refused to accept the electoral results. They screamed to dismantle the Electoral College and immediately began to pursue any and all options to overturn the outcome. They unfriended people on social media and dismantled their families and rejected anyone who did not agree with their actions. They behaved so egregiously that I changed my voter registration to Independent and resigned from the Democratic Party. NOT because I supported Trump but because I was ashamed and horrified of the hypocrisy inherent to the actions and behaviors of the party I had been part of since I had been 18 years old. Now, I watch in horror and growing rage as Democrats attack our most basic Constitutional Rights, fight to dismantle the Constitution without so much as the barest nod to the Constitution's tenets, and continue to denigrate and slander those who disagree with them. In Virginia, Democrats fought to strip their citizens of their Constitutional rights, and when the citizens protested the Democrats defamed them as racists even as people of all races spoke out against the Democrats' efforts... and the Democrats responded by seeking to pass a law that criminalized speaking out... and Democrats across the nation cheered them for it. To Hell with the Bill of Rights and Free Speech. How grand is that? In the end, I realize that the cultural Cold War that has divided this nation is dangerously close to going hot. If politicians are unimpressed by having citizens from all over the political spectrum protest their actions, even peacefully protesting with Constitutionally protected arms in hand, then it is clear the politicians won't be impressed until the People show up with arms locked and loaded and ready for War. So, I am sure that many members of this forum are going to cheer as I announce I will no longer be posting here; but I find I must carefully parcel out what time I have available and I have decided it will be eminently more constructive for me to stop wasting my time arguing with people who will not be swayed by words, and instead invest my time and energy into training myself back up to full capability to respond to the crisis I fear at this point is inevitable.
  13. And yet the 9 is getting the job done far more effectively than it used to. Again, in my experience the operator behind the gun is more important than the gun or the ammo. If you like .40, that's great. It's a good round, and as you pointed out it has a good track record and you won't be poorly armed with one. S&W will never chamber the EZ in it because it's not designed for that level of power; but to provide a tactically viable defensive tool to people who may have suffered debilitating injury to their hands and they can't handle a conventional pistol. The day of the .40 is, at least at this point, quite likely done; but it will continue to soldier on with those shooters who like it. I can't say anything; after all one of my favorite rounds of all time is the .41 Magnum. So....
  14. https://www.gunpowdermagazine.com/black-gun-rally-attendee-all-races-all-colors-all-creeds-care-about-second-amendment/?fbclid=IwAR2tniquLBOl56JLB7pT8Ru3AphwLxVCIhtCGL_15AnyWgzRmrl35svHMTU THE BATTLEGUN CONTROLGUN LAWS Black Gun Rally Attendee: ‘All Races, All Colors, All Creeds’ Care about Second Amendment Jan 21, 2020 By: Teresa Mull A black man who attended the gun rights rally that drew thousands of people to Virginia’s capitol yesterday made a powerful statement about the ubiquitous nature of the Second Amendment. The Pluralist reports, “In one clip that has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, an unidentified man wearing a ‘Guns Saves Lives’ sticker explained why he joined the protest outside the Capitol, which was organized in opposition to sweeping gun control measures that could be enacted next week by Virginia’s Democratic-controlled government.”
  15. I'm never impressed by fashion or fad. When I was a LEO we were issued .40 calibers. Never had a problem with them at all.... except for the fact that it battered guns. We suffered a LOT of structural failures due to excessive stress on the weapons' frames and slides from sustained use. That's probably the .40's biggest problem; gun companies took pistols designed for the 9mm and shoehorned the .40 into them... and their service lives are relatively short as a result. Frankly, I think we should have gone with the 10mm, but that's just me. In the end, the .40 was the perfect answer to the problem as it stood in the 1990's... but technology evolves. As for the 9mm round itself, I did spend a lot of time making derogatory commentaries about "It's a .45 set on stun" and similar snide dismissals; but with the modern propellants and modern powders its performance is reaching its full potential... and if you look at actual results in the field at this point the .40 offers zero advantages anymore. The modern +P 9mm has statistically identical results for effectiveness as the best .40 loads - and the best .357 Sig, 10mm, .45, etc. - and the fact is that the operator behind the gun is far more important than what service round the gun fires. Sure, the 9mm is less expensive, has less recoil (and faster shot-to-shot recoveries), and holds more rounds, and the less experienced agents will have higher qual scores as a result... but the field results with better shooters behind it will be exactly the same, and pistols will have longer service lives and fewer failures in the field. If you like the .40, cool. It was a good round in the '90's and it's a good round now. BUT... there's nothing wrong with acknowledging the evolving improvements in technology and recognizing that most of the limitations of the 9mm have been addressed and the round has become a far more serious choice than it used to be.
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