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  1. You don't have to be "an elite sniper". Everyday Americans are highly successful in self defense every year. Of course, I am very highly trained and capable of extreme accuracy; even under the stress of a violent encounter.
  2. There are a lot of politically motivated studies out there. But, when you look at the number of firearms out there, 1% of guns equates to 3.4 MILLION guns. Less than one percent perfectly aligns with the findings of lawful self-defense with firearms happening as often as 1.5 to 2 million times a year.... which means more people use guns to fend off criminals every year than are victimized by them. Many researchers, including those of the CDC, have produced similar findings. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paulhsieh/2018/04/30/that-time-the-cdc-asked-about-defensive-gun-uses/#37290a92299a
  3. I don't even care what his race is. Regardless, he was a convicted felon forbidden by law from possessing the firearm he used. But the dipshyte gun controllers continue to call for more laws to add to all the others scumbag criminals ignore. Utter insanity.
  4. Krav is excellent; I've also done work in Kali. Sounds like we're on the same page. I still train in fighting arts, but I've slowed down with that now that I've hit 50. I do more with calisthenics and cardio, though hitting the gym and strength training remains one of my great stress relievers; along with range time.
  5. Feel free to perform anatomical impossibilities on yourself. You're such an abhorrent, despicable scumbag there is no redemption for you.
  6. A person I greatly respect asked a legitimate question today. Why do I so adamantly defend the right to bear arms? It's a fair question. People sometimes do evil with guns. It's rare (far more rare than the media would have us believe), but it does happen. The answer is simple. I make my decisions based on logic and statistics. The math shows that we are far better off with an armed society than without. From the perspective of personal defense, I have yet to see a study that shows as many murders as self defense with firearms. In fact, it's not even close. If you exclude gang related shootings, there are only about 2,200 murders with a firearm in the US each year. This is out of a population of well over 300 million. In contrast, estimates for self defense use of a firearm vary from 50,000 to over one million, depending on who's doing the study. There's no question that the 2,200 people lost is tragic. However, there are from 25 to as many as 500 self defense uses of a firearm for every one tragedy. Then there's the 900 pound gorilla in the room. Somewhere between 100 million and 260 million people have been killed by their governments in the last century, depending on whose definition you use. This is the real purpose of our 2nd Amendment. If you read the Federalist Papers, the clear intention of our Founding Fathers was to have the states stronger than the federal government, and the people stronger still. They didn't hate government, just as I don't. They saw it as a necessary evil, as I do. They also saw the armed citizens as a source of recruits in the time of conflict. We are supposed to be a valuable resource. This brings us to the question of what firearms are covered by the 2nd Amendment. In the time of need, citizens were expected to show up with a firearm equivalent or identical to the current military issued one. They were expected to be proficient with it, and have sufficient ammunition for it. Bringing a handgun was better still. Every army today uses semi-automatic rifles and/or machine guns. The M4 (automatic version of the AR15) and AK47 are the current standards, so these would fit the definition perfectly. The handgun is harder to define, but a 1911, Beretta, Glock, Sig, or any of the other military issued pistols would qualify. So where does that leave us? We are at a point where these firearms and the magazines and ammunition for them are just barely legal. In some areas, they are already illegal. This is why I've personally drawn a line in the sand. We have "compromised" to the point where the original intent is nearly lost. In a true compromise, both parties give and get something. What do gun owners get when we compromise? Nothing. Criminals are unaffected, and law abiding gun owners lose more freedoms. If you're still reading this and you're for more gun restrictions, please bear with me for a few more sentences. If you had 22,000 local and national laws about where and how you can vote, would you be upset? If you had to present a photo identification, pay a fee, wait two weeks, and forfeit your medical and psychological privacy to vote, would you be upset? If the state wanted to put you in a database that showed every time you voted, and everything you voted for and against, would you be upset? This is what gun buyers deal with when they buy a gun here and try to travel with it. This is why we cringe at your suggestion of "common sense gun laws". We're pretty infringed upon already. Please think back to this when you see a call for more gun laws. Please consider the real purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Please understand how expensive and inconvenient it already is to buy a firearm, and understand that adding another law to the 22,000 already in place will not do any good. Those of us who choose to own firearms are not the enemy. Quite the opposite. We give up our time, money, and privacy so that we can be prepared for all the things we hope will never happen. We are the good guys.
  7. Because the vast majority of them are narcissistic sociopaths. This politician in particular is completely unhinged; she thinks anyone who badmouths her online should be prosecuted for it; i.e. she doesn't understand the First Amendment any more than she understands the Second.
  8. Having trained with Suarez, I can tell you that he does not eschew the type of stuff you mention completely. He began by studying real hardcore fighting arts; all the "real fighting class" stuff you mention. He doesn't say not to train in fighting skills - exactly the opposite - but he and many others feel that too many people eschew heavy weight training when it can be an important facet of the fighting spectrum.
  9. https://gabesuarez.com/developing-the-complete-fighter-not-just-a-shooter?fbclid=IwAR1tKFJ3gcS5DBg8Cy4FzDYW3JQ3lGPyjzFl5VGM3rGm9pi-Dm3_0KVzwdk THE MIND DOJO DEVELOPING THE COMPLETE FIGHTER (NOT JUST A SHOOTER) If the goal is to build a renaissance warrior...a man that is both educated and physically deadly, I would follow a progression like I describe below. Some of us have been blessed to begin the journey early...growing up and living a martial lifestyle. Other guys have lived a traditional American lifestyle yet one day wake up and realize they need to fill a void. That void is something I should write about more, but it comes as a realization that there is a great deal that life may demand of them as men, that they are currently unable to do. Some call it a "midlife" thing, but I think it is a realization that there is unfinished man-business that must be attended to. 1). Get fit. That means lift heavy crap. Drop the jogging and slogging...forget the Namaste Yoga stuff and the water aerobics. Go to the gym and lift. A man needs muscles and strength, not a food storage unit around the gut. When he takes off his shirt, the impression should be "sht that dude looks strong", not "oh look...the dad bod guy is here...get him another beer". 2). Get your mind right about who you are and your place in the universe. And I am not talking about religion...I am talking about educating your brain and thought processes to think like a warrior. Read crap. In a generation America will likely be functionally illiterate...don't be like the masses. In fact, everything you do here should be to separate you from the collective. You may walk among them...but you are not like them. 3). Now we get into fighting skills. Be realistic about this. Realistic in terms of who you train with, what you train, and the intensity. Arrive at a balance based on life, age, location, etc. Avoid martial bullcrap. Its not China or Feudal Japan. You don't need to meditate or perfect your character, or anything of the sort and the instructor is not your f*cking "master". You are paying him to teach you to break people. You have no time for silliness, pseudo-religious culture immersion, or stuff like that. Its a business deal. I pay you this much for this long and you teach me to kick asses with skill and style. Watch my video on selecting a school. 4). Not every type of school will fit every person. Search and look around like buying a car. You will "like" certain things and that will help you select. Much will have to do with proximity. A pretty good school ten miles away is better than a great school 200 miles away. Regardless, your MAIN SKILL SET to learn is striking and kicking. It could be boxing, or muay thai, or proper karate, or whatever, but the key to winning street fights is hitting hard and damaging the opponent's body with your fists and feet, nor in grappling with them. That said, knowing HOW TO GRAPPLE is important, not because that is plan A, but because it may begin that way, or it may devolve to that. And while whatever you select may not have everything, it should have most of it. You should supplement. For example, I am nearly 60 and have plenty of injuries. I despise the idea of ground fighting. If you manage to take me down, my plan is to stab you in the taint, bite your jugular out, or screw my Glock into your ear and kill you. I can't afford an easily incurred injury from wrestling on the sidewalk, so my plan is to treat any take down, or attempted take down as a deadly force threat. My ground game is based on that, and the goal is to get back up. Karate has grappling, but it was never well developed when I trained it, so I sought additional training in Jujitsu. I still hate grappling, but I have added that skill because I was lacking. Training is not about loyalty to a school...it is about covering all the points that need to be covered. Also...if the martial training (or conditioning...or strength training) is so severe that you can't lift (or walk) for several days afterwards, its too much. Dial it back or find another school. The goal is to develop as a complete fighter not get your ass kicked twice a week and then be in bed taking meds between training sessions. 5). THEN and only then, will I worry about guns. Usually it goes the other way...middle aged dude goes and buys a gun and takes a CCW class. Problem is that dude is now a shooter and not a FIGHTER and there is a serious tangible difference there. If I have a class full of "fighters", I can say we are going to hit the target over there and the fighter has a total understanding of the concept. We are going to damage the adversary and hopefully kill him so he can't reciprocate and thus we win the fight. The shooter thinks he is going to make a few holes in the cardboard and end up with a great grouping. It is far easier to add the firearm to a warrior's set of skills, than to teach a shooter to be a warrior. It is a fundamental and mental difference that I have seen repeatedly for the last twenty years. And it is something that is built and nurtured and grown through continual physical training and immersion in combat skills training. It doesn't just happen like a change of mind about what you want for lunch...or which shirt you want to wear. Tags:[karate, hand to hand, street fighting, bjj, jujitsu, fighting, martial arts, gabe suarez, suarez, kyokushin]
  10. WE have tried YOUR patience??? You arrogant, evil, ignorant liar, it is YOU who has tried OUR patience... and we have had ENOUGH. We who have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND domestic, hereby put you on notice: YOU are the enemy combatants who no longer deserve rights or freedoms. Your threats are laughable, and you WILL be held to account. Live or die, you son of a bytch.... that is YOUR choice.
  11. Wow. An all-out declaration of war against the Republic by the Democrats. The court has already been proven to be mostly a rubber stamp for governmental overreach against the rights of the people; but now that the court might actually rule in favor of a Constitutional right, the Demos are losing their already unhinged minds. Let 'em follow through on their threats. Civil War is imminent.
  12. Partisan ideology is not an indicator of morality or a level of corruption. Jeffrey Epstein had sycophants from both parties tapping his little well of debauchery after all.
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