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  1. I read through this thread and just shake my head. The level of ignorance and stupidity expressed by the gun controllers remains as self-deluded and self-serving as ever. Ever since the COVID crisis was manufactured, people have gone into crisis mode. They started with hoarding toilet paper, then flowed into hoarding guns and ammo. At my local gun shop, just after the first cases of COVID appeared in Washington state, an elderly couple came into the store. Both were the very definition of Berkeley hippies; right down to their tie-dyed T-shirts and Birkenstocks... and they were there to buy a shotgun for - they stated grimly - the coming societal collapse. Within a month - and continuing to this day - buying a defensive configured shotgun is almost impossible. A few days ago I saw a Mossberg 500A 12 Gauge that ordinarily sold for $350 brand new before the panic sell on an auction site for $1300 dollars. The type of customer coming into the store has changed. There was (and is) a never-ending stream of people who have never owned guns, asking almost frantically for assistance in selecting a "good gun for defense". While the usual panic-buying has stripped the store's walls of tactical carbines (what gun haters like to call "assault" weapons), the majority of sales are of concealed carry defensive pistols and revolvers - yes, revolvers! - and, again, shotguns. Long story short, statistics are showing that more than 23 million - yes, that's MILLION - people are becoming first-time gun owners. The gun haters can't handle that, so they repeat the oft-disproven canard that the percentage of Americans who own guns is dropping. Unfortunately, the rate of new gun owners arming themselves puts the lie to that assertion. People are scared, and talks of defunding police - and the soaring violence in places where this "defunding" is actually happening - has motivated a whole new generation of Americans to discover the merits of an armed society. Gun sales are at their highest point IN HISTORY... and the gun haters frantically try to rationalize away what that means for their long-term agenda. Of course, some trot out the same nonsense that an armed society couldn't resist the government with modern arms... and that is clearly false on its face. I also like the references to the Whiskey Rebellion.... since those involved in it ended up winning when the Whiskey Tax was repealed. They may have chosen to back down from an outright battle... but won the war they ended up not having to fight. Some just like to rationalize cowardice to support their agendas.
  2. And there's four idiots right there. I look at the videos and pictures of the Antifa "militia" or the NFAC (Not F'ing Around Crew) and I just have to shake my head. One of the NFAC guys was interviewed, and he went off about how he was a veteran, etc. etc... as he was holding a tacticooled out AR with a drum magazine. Very impressive visually to the uninitiated, I'm sure... except his weapon was out of battery with a misfeed visible through the open ejection port, and you could see it was nothing but a built-up .22 LR range toy, and in that moment, not operational. I watched them march in a demonstration... and they tried to look like a military unit and failed miserably. They had no discipline, no organization, and looked like goofballs trying to pretend they were in "Platoon" or something. I look at the picture above...and I see incompetence on display. I see a $10 holster on one guy's hip that would prevent him from accessing it with any kind of speed. A budget priced NcStar optic that would barely hold zero under the best of circumstances, and no backup iron sights for when the optic surely failed. This is why the NFAC guys suffered three casualties when one of their own suffered not one, but multiple Negligent Discharges; wounding himself and two of his fellow "Tough guys". I am not impressed by these people in the least. Lenin's "useful idiots" who would be nothing but sacrificial lambs if the growing hostilities become more violent. This, for example. Gas pedal, floorboard, problem solved. The Antifa vermin are pushing violence... and the restraint honest Americans are showing is going to start turning into resolve and lethal action, and the Antifa fools will have a real fight on their hands. A fight they are going to lose badly.
  3. Okay, so you clearly have zero interest in making any kind of fact-based statement to support your positions. Point 1: the Constitution of the United States includes the Bill of Rights. Point 2: The Bill of Rights includes the 2nd Amendment, which declares the RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Point 3: When our nation recognized that right, and firearms ownership was most widespread, public safety in our nation was far better. Point 5: The gun control push of the Clinton administration, pushed in the early/mid 1990's, led to some of the worst violent crime rates ever recorded. Point 6: As the media demonized guns and gun ownership more and more, violent crimes like mass shootings by deranged perpetrators became widespread. Point 7: During the COVID crisis, as firearms sales rise to their highest levels in recorded history, and over 23 million people join the ranks of American gun owners, the rate of mass shootings has plummeted. Point 8: Armed Americans contribute materially to public safety.
  4. Haven't seen any evidence of that. ROFLMAO. Yeah, that kind of posturing ain't gonna get us anywhere either.
  5. Dead serious. And my proposal has far more validity and merit to it than anything Biden or the Democratic Party has proposed. What gun "safety" measures would YOU propose, Bill?
  6. Training in firearms and firearms safety in all public schools. Instill in all Americans a healthy respect for firearms and safe firearms handling. There was a time in this nation when even children could walk into the local hardware store and buy a gun. Firearms ownership was socially acceptable and normal.... and we had a much safer society.
  7. That's the coward's way out. You don't have an argument to make, so you dismiss any engagement to go run and hide. Certainly, I have an opinion; a strongly held one that is based in years of experience, training, and actual application. What is YOUR opinion based on?
  8. There are no facts or logic presented by YOU or anyone else that demonstrates that ANYTHING in the gun control proposals put forward by the Biden campaign is in any way "sensible". Every single proposal is just one more step towards complete disarmament, and nothing you have said equates to facts or logic against that simple truth. You can call me "stupid" if you wish, but your insults just show your position has no merit, and you damned well know it.
  9. My speaking of "facts and logic" was aimed at Maineman regarding his position on the issue of 2nd Amendment issues... but your claims of how wonderful Biden is show how firmly your need to believe in him as the savior of the future has blinded you to the truth about him. I'm sorry, but t's not a "false premise", nor is it a "falsehood" to expose him as a fraud. He will be used as a figurehead that will be promptly replaced and even if he wins the election - hardly a foregone conclusion - it is my genuine belief he won't serve a day in office before he will "step aside" to be replaced by his vice-presidential pick who will be readily manipulated by the powers that be who will install whoever it is to play the role. If Biden wins the election, it will mark the end of the Great Experiment and the end of the American Republic.
  10. Well, sadly we've gotten to the point where if ANYONE expresses a contrary opinion to ours we can tell ourselves they're nothing but a (insert enemy organization here) bot. OR, like you have, if presented with someone who doesn't fit your simplistic rationalization boxes, then you try to shoehorn them into it. I don't like Biden, so in your mind "Likely," I'm "a republican" because it salves your soul to think that instead of considering the horrible possibility that someone has critically evaluated the evidence at hand and arrived at a different conclusion than you. Your sense of self is so thoroughly intertwined with being a Democrat or a leftist that you have lost the ability to think that anyone could honestly think differently than you and still have validity as a human being. That mindset has become so deeply entrenched in people on the political Left it's like a mental disorder, and is part of the reason I left the Democratic party.
  11. <Sigh> I suppose not. The difference here is that my position on the relevant issue is based in facts, logic, lifelong experience, and an understanding of the issue that is clearly far deeper than yours; which is based in nothing but hyperbole, rhetoric, and propaganda.
  12. Sorry, but even when I was still a devout, card-carrying Democrat, Biden was a person who turned me off. His brazen plagiarism in speeches and essays, and his clumsy, tone-deaf defense of them; to say nothing of his horrific gaffes in the past - long before he was even Vice-President - were cringe-inducing. When he ran in '88 I was stunned that such a creature could have made it as far as he did. And if you haven't seen some of his recent public statements - complete with stammering and a deer-in-the-headlights stare - and NOT been deeply concerned by his obviously crumbling mental state - then you aren't paying attention. OR you're engaged in deluding yourself simply because you feel you HAVE to believe in him. I know you feel that way, Bill; but I can't back off what I see as simple truth. Yes, Trump is an unmitigated disaster. Tragically, that's what our nation has been turned as well... and for the very reason that we have willingly limited ourselves to only having "a binary choice." Voting for "the lesser of two evils" STILL propagates evil... and led directly to a monster like Trump rising to power in the first place.
  13. Oh, of course. Facts and logic are pesky little things, aren't they??
  14. Trump is a megalomaniacal narcissistic sociopath... and I've expressed my disdain for him on many occasions; including pointing out that I did NOT vote for him. Biden, on the other hand, is a narcissistic sociopath with growing issues with dementia. He is a figurehead, nothing more. I would bet money that should he win the election (hardly a foregone conclusion) he will promptly step aside as his handlers cite his "brave struggle" with some health issue or other and his vice-president - carefully selected and groomed - will promptly become President. I don't trust what I see happening one bit... and I'm stunned at how far too many people are purposefully blinding themselves to it.
  15. NOTHING in his proposals, nor those of his allies, are "sensible". Nor are they Constitutional; not by any honest reading of the Constitution OR the documented intent of the Framers.

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  • How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

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