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  1. I will not. They were private conversations most of the time. There is no need for any explanation. Stepping down is what I prefer. I know how shit was run in the background over time. I have no need to justify my decision to anyone. I quit, I wasn't fired. teacher KNOWS why.
  2. Past my prime lol You KNOW that even off your meds. Careful or I will post pics of used Tampons.
  3. As a mod. No Joy in it what so ever. I have more freedom as a member.
  4. You are dense....those references should go back over 2 years NOT a few cherry picked ones. Spin, shuck n jive is that all you gotz? Classic
  5. She is cool. I am not into being your bitch any longer. Do what you must. I will have more freedom NOT being a Mod.
  6. Fun lil game you are playing here. BlueDoggL was right. This lil persona you portray and go on about being neutral is all bullshit. I no longer wish to be a part of it.
  7. It is not new as I showed already on this page along with how one goes about gathering points... Where... there is tons of ...stuff..in this thread. There was never any mention about it in the Mod room. I don't miss much (unless I choose to) but this one has flat out eluded me. You said you pointed it out and I have yet to find it. On a side note..those with special posting rights in your above mentions are all Cons. Kinda one sided is it not?
  8. Hmmz then you need to splain' it to me more better. Where do these points show up? OR is this new? How does one gather points? Is this the end to Suckloa threads? Do soks count?
  9. Cool!! One more reason not to bother doing anything Me likies!! It is official then I give my points to any Lib that goes over if I have not hit my limit on any given day. \o/
  10. Well, well lookie here..the rat has posted 6 OPs tonite. Looks like those that rat DO live in glass houses. Hid the last one. Kinda made my nips hard
  11. I see them no matter what. But the ones I found I hid so the rest of you could be spared... I don't follow the racist POS so if you come across anymore would you please dump them in here? We can't do jack unless it is put in teachers face.
  12. Good for you...not. That is a site killer for sure. Causes massive lag. Glad you had fun tho.
  13. lowrent was gone when David did a 2nd purge but it did not include 2017 at that time. They were still good to go up until recently. BTW the host told him that and it is true to a point..cheaper not to load all the old crap. lol Follow da $$ or the lack there of.
  14. He is at it again......almost a full page this time. Could you talk to him please....I don't speak Con all that well.
  15. Your thread may be in danger... seems 2017 OPs are being archived. Random? Wonder how that one is being done?
  16. teehee not bad for a skinny white girl 178 replies 671 views chairmanOFTB 3 minutes ago By Middl3, 7 hours ago Enter chest thumping
  17. Educate yourself... https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/frequently-requested-statistics-immigrants-and-immigration-united-states
  18. "Bad Lettuce killed more Americans this year than undocumented immigrants." Look that up too.
  19. If you were paying attention MOST fly in and over stay Visas..fact!! Look it up. Always been that way. The walkers are being denied port of entry to seek asylum. So one does what one must do.
  20. Most likely we have, it's those pesky slow moving kids we catch and then can't find again...what's that number now..almost 2000. We are some bad azzes we are, we are...

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