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  1. Nope images and videos are spread throughout the site. One huge thread is causing a jam. But Hey!! I don't know what I'm talking about..I'm a girl. I do indeed.
  2. Hard to do much of anything when yer brain dead...I am sure living with you would cause that.
  3. We have more than 1/2 of all the money and ALL of the pussy...so yeah you guys screwed up.
  4. I am sure that is why you keep your chained up in the basement..FEAR.
  5. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonCloudFront/latest/DeveloperGuide/http-504-gateway-timeout.html The site is lagging big time..just a matter of time. Ever notice how long it takes to respond to t post in the Horse thread? I am only discussing what you have spouted off about in your legacy thread...to rally your crowd or whateva it is you get from that. I am NOT going to dig thru 2 1/2 years of hidden post. One thing you will have to admit is that I have NEVER lied to you. Why start now.
  6. That's right up there with you did not perv stalk me in PM. And the most views.
  7. According to the owner your not needed either. See, this is where we differ. Even when at odds I do not kiss and tell. You on the other hand do but you pick and choose what you want to revel and leave out the best parts. Tell them about PMs, because I won't. Maybe the mystery permissions? Nope not from me. You betray trust you do not instill it. You and your side kick are just sneaky about it.
  8. I don't have to pimp out my OPs..some around here do. Hence, always a back reference to a particular thread. lol If it is not bumped it gets archived.
  9. 46 users online 13 viewing this thread....if it bleeds it leads
  10. As staff...I will troll the life out of you fools now
  11. Justify your bullshit any way you like but this "I am neutral" crap is a ruse. If I was horribly obsessed I could dig out ALL of the hidden post by CONs for over posting you never even saw because you were out..lets call it "sick" for weeks at a time. For 2 1/2 half years. You are playing the Con V Lib over posters. In reality they are about even. Had you gotten your ass out of your legacy thread you would actually know what is what. And don't tell me you are here on the sly..tell that one to those that don't know how it works and how to check. The straw was you wanting to inflict pain upon someone that was kicking your ass all over the place in a debate. He had you on the ropes. Plain and simple. Transparent, honest? my ass. Pfft We Mods have seen you in action.
  12. teacher wanted females to stay. He made myself and a Con chick mod..simply because we were female. His words. The Con chick didn't last.
  13. Pretty much but I don't really consider it a gang bang, happens all of the time here. I stepped off because of the lies we have been told. This is one place I can actually do something about it.
  14. Yeah all of those creepy PMs that never stopped?? Those?? All pervs call it "friendship"
  15. The only thing that truly pisses me off is stupidity. That can come in many forms. Some of it is down right cute. Most of it here is down right mean. The rest is just white noise. It is/was not mine to judge but to patrol for cussing in the titles..uber spam and over posting OPs. I was a token female Mod.
  16. Yeah that's the ticket!! and I have triple Ds. Hope you get promoted and you will see just how stupid you sound. The ONLY one that can tinker with post is teacher..and whomeva he lets in on the sly. Mods can't do Bad word..TBH and they don't want to.
  17. That is what your wife catches you at. Beyond that I don't want to know. Even better, I don't care
  18. You can ride this since JTZ isn't online yet..OH!! BAC is tho, your main squeeze. I will give you 2 some privacy.
  19. I'm stepping down dick lick, not leaving. I can do way more damage as a member and actually have fun while I am at it.

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