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  1. Your looking pretty weak actually..I see your in the panel trying to set Wills new account. And NO that is not magic either, anyone can see that. Online Users section. Get a job dude. You have way too much time on your hands these days.
  2. It is interesting how you have turn yourself into a victim. This all started because you wanted me to back you up over info you misread as a threat from a member. In other words, you bought into a bluff. The data did NOT sustain what you were looking for. Since that didn't work you have now come up with your plan B. Basically you wanted me to be a part of your..lets say..misdirection. I told you I would support you because we were a team. I only went as far as defending you as a person but I did not conclude or verify your further reaches. You claim I betrayed you..seems to me you are covering your tracks to maintain your lil persona you think you have here. There are only 3 that knows exactly how this all played out and your are planning on stifling them by any means necessary. Sad really, because you have Bad word on the persons that were and still are loyal to the board. A reminder..was it not you that spoke of..well, think back on your call to me a few days back. Your intent for whateva revenge you think you have to deal out is also misguided but I am positive you know that deep down. Do what you like with my account as I could care less.I was loyal until you expected me to back up a lie. I had your back 100% up until that day. Good luck, you are going to need it. You were correct, he is not your friend. My guess was kfools, BAC or JTZ as well. Doesn't take a magical wand to know you would have choose from the Horse thread pool. Silly man. You are once again eyeballing the wrong peeps. Bottom line you should have never asked me to back a lie. Spin away.
  3. I am sure when the donations dry up none of this will matter.
  4. LOL I am sure you wish I was. Looks like you are looking to take over again....stoke it baby!!
  5. All recorded in the Mods area..teacher knew..try again
  6. What is pathetic is the all mighty warden hiding behind the buttons at his disposal..and he sucks at it BTW.
  7. Defo NOT whining..Remember I quit, not the other way around. I am just getting warmed up
  8. Your a fine one to talk about reality....
  9. Good on him He has a few stories to tell too.
  10. Seems to be how he REALLY rolls. Not this all "I'm a just warden crap". Game playing TBH. You guys have no clue.
  11. Really. Is that how you are going to play it?
  12. I am pleased he is running too. He may have lost to Hillary but his message lived on..big time. All of those running right now have picked up his passions for a better America.
  13. Not so. Please do not lump people together like I do. lol I have half a dozen on ignore. Not for their debates but for the sever lack of the ability to debate. Show me your tits is an example. You've chosen to ignore content by SixShooter. Options You've chosen to ignore content by king of the county. Options Both pervs
  14. Err all of the staff does we have your emails as well. I saved them and sent copies to the rest of the staff over a year ago. Located in the Mod area. I kept my copy updated. This is NOT my 1st rodeo fucker..this joint is puppy piss compared to the places I Modded at before. And still do. This was never a secret.
  15. The claims that were made in regards to 5 were made under pretentious intentions. teacher was playing him knowing he had a issue. Almost like a game. The simplest thing teacher could have done was to restrict 5s ability to even post videos. Easy task with a simple tick of an admin button. This would have solved the issue simply. BUT NO!! he wanted to bend 5 to his own will. I found that to be flat out cruel. The soks came after. Totally expected TBH as I have seen this all before.
  16. Part of the reason..among many I split from the task.
  17. Locked and loaded FINALLY my permissions are gone..I think as I haven't really fully checked. I will assume they have been wiped as I can no longer see IPs. Tho that is no biggie since I have a fine collection of them all stashed away dating back to 2007. Never know when that stuff will come in handy. Looks like the only thing not fixed is the Moderator label. Someone has to go under the hood(ie) again. That needs to go!! Glad I entertained you all.
  18. Classic. Need a glass of water to rinse out your mouth after the blow job you are giving teach? You DO remember ALL actions taken by a Mod is traceable..and very easily. Of course you do..so just WHO are YOU playing. Wonder if teach ever read the "site for sale thread" where you trashed the shit out of him. For the hope of David_R seeing it I am sure. I have nothing to hint about..feeling guilty are you? Or just flat out busted?
  19. One of my points....I have a list but they don't matter either LOL I decided when it was no longer fun I would resign....that time has come. It has been an accumulation... I have smallies my bad self. I can sleep on my stomach. \o/
  20. Two separate subjects. One size does NOT fit all. I stated my opinion on some of it and the rest you can read between the lines. Thing is teach I have nada to prove..it simply isn't that important to me to make you "see" the light.. Prime example.
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