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  1. This is the Holy Grail. The Pubes have no backbone just like the orange one so I agree they will do nothing. Mueller was smart and knew this too. Hence, all of the State investigations. Closing those loopholes one at a time LEGALLY
  2. I think so too. Always have..he was always a loud noise in the background self promoting and when this POTUS thing happened I thought OMG he has set himself up. He has always been dirty and a wanna be mob bitch. Now he can pay for it.
  3. Prime examples of what Con mentality looks like
  4. Sounds like Manafort is going to get a whole lotta time. Stone is not far behind and for a lot more than being a perjurer. Up the ladder we go It's Mueller Time!!
  5. I find that very hard to believe as you have the social skills of a pet rock.
  6. Like I said ..I am glad there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many more of us than you trolls. Besides what kind of Con dwells at a LIBERAL FORUM??..OR is it simply the right to be nasty that is the draw for you? Was for me Cons with nothing to say.
  7. Too bad there are so few of you. NaH i KNOW HOW TO GET A RAISE OUT OF THE cON TRILLS HERE..JUST DEWIN' MY JOB Oppsie caps..screw it lol
  8. I do think that is why he is in such deep doodoo
  9. Figured I would get a better raise out of the Cons for this one...the sheep have been slaughtered. It gets to a point to where even they can no longer justify his crap.
  10. I think Nancy has that covered as well. All of the Dems on the committees do as well, so I think they will only flip over the cards they need. Slowing the mofo down to a crawl is sweet and if they do go for impeachment wait until his term is almost over. Do not leave any windows open for pardons ect. What is the worst than can happen..nothing!! It will be same o same o.
  11. Both manage larger arenas and always have and do not suffer from tunnel vision. Trump on the other hand has never even had a pet. He was totally detached from his kids when they were young and his entire existence was him telling others what to do for him. LOL Now he actually has a real job and I do not see a promotion in his future. This mini-series will eventually end or be canceled.
  12. I am quite pleased we have her and she has shown our noobs how it is done There are still a few that are running on pure emotion and will get in their own way..hope they pay attention because their time will come.
  13. I concur. He is already weakening. His ramblings speak to that. He trashed on McConnell and I am positive that one will not be forgotten because that is a viscous clan. Who burns all of their bridges? A fool or a crazy. When even Ann Coulter says our only National emergency is we have an idiot for a president then you know things are starting to slide into the abyss.
  14. Nancy seems to have it figured out. He has not once ditzed on her. Instead he says the Dems lol
  15. A breakdown may also, ironically, be his defense in the courts. He will be spending the rest of his life fighting in a court of law..somewhere. Whether he tries again in 2020 or not. I don't think he will. He just enjoys the challenge and has found out the job sucks and is hard....
  16. You mean the dude Trump supported? Remember him? tool
  17. I have thought about his burial..the turn out lol Since he slammed most of his supporters for almost 30 days financially and with the tax break that never came, they won't be none to thrilled about forking over the $$ to pay respect...and or piss upon his grave.
  18. Personally I think he will have a breakdown but not without trying do do a whole lotta damage along the way. I have tried to figure who he listens to and where he comes up with the crap he pulls and I can not put my finger on it. Only option left is the voices in his head. Big open spaces cause echoes.
  19. Speaking from experience I am sure. Most grow out of that silliness at around 4.
  20. lol I would much rather see him do time. That would be a full on orgasm.
  21. I'm not sure he is even capable of knowing just how badly he screws himself. Which is a good thing for us.
  22. Visualize it this way....he has an indictment tightly clasped in his tiny hand screaming OH NOES!!
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