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  1. I clearly made an OP quitting...days before I had you take my permissions. but whateva makes you sleep better at night. You were a liar then and seems nothing has changed. Like the pencil dick you are I am quite sure you even hid the OP. Know this lil man.. You fool no one...You are a total pathetic lil fool because that particular OP had hundreds of views. Just like that fore mentioned IP list..it was posted in the MOD area..tool. See just how good you are at your job!!
  2. Impeachment fraud hits a snag, Ukraine aid was withheld for routine reasons. Had nothing to do with Trump ACTUALLY that is negative..you have been swallowed up by the white noise..good luck with that. Go listen for yourself fool.
  3. Looks like the same ole line up of ConTurds to me..No longer is this a play ground for deviants and the mentally unbalanced you say?? Looks like the same ConTurd racist and pencil dicks to me.One can have a better conversation with a rock. A good reflection of staff. BeALooser is a good example.
  4. Actually they DO. Anything to get noticed....Look at Trumeriods twitter account..or not
  5. As I said many times before you ConTurds are slow as shiet. Uhauls are perfect because they DO NOT FLOAT!!
  6. Yeah LOL. They will want to immigrate here. I hear Montana is nice....
  7. Then I will personally get you a Uhaul and even help you pack..bye bye mothaFuker
  8. Another lil history lesson for the lessor of us.. Trump was all excited to get an invite to "May Day" in Russia..err that is the day the Russians celebrate communism.
  9. Me either..BUT some posters here are so asleep at the wheel and mind numbing one has no choice. Add ME to your list pencil dick!! PLEASE!! OH I see old member reborn under a new nick. This OPer has a yellow stripe running down it's back.
  10. And one wonders why the douche bag is getting kicked in the nutz....This IS the idiot the Cons here support. No wonder the white Con male is becoming extinct!! The gene pool has been totally exhausted. Poor lil dickless wonders can't handle the truth that has been in their faces for 3+ years. I think I can now offer up an I told Ya so. DO NOT underestimate Nancy..she wants the orange turd in jail..she may be well on her way achieving this reality :D You GO GIRL!! Donald Trump called for the population of Seoul to be moved during an Oval Office meeting when tensions between the US and North Korea were at their height, according to a new book about the president’s relations with the US military. In Trump and his Generals: The Cost of Chaos, the national security and counter-terrorism expert Peter Bergen also gives new details of Trump’s demands that the families of US service members in South Korea be evacuated, which the North Korean regime would have interpreted as a clear move towards war. In both cases, Trump’s impetuous diktats were ignored by his top officials. Bergen’s book, the latest in a string of accounts of the president’s erratic leadership on national security issues, is being published on Tuesday at a time when friction between Washington and Pyongyang is once more on the rise, after more than 18 months of detente and summitry. The North Korean leadership is threatening a resumption of missile tests, and a war of words between Trump and Kim Jong-un is simmering once more. Get the full story here: (not that Cons can read) https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/dec/09/trump-seoul-evacuation-north-korea-book
  11. Not so. Please do not lump people together like I do. lol I have half a dozen on ignore. Not for their debates but for the sever lack of the ability to debate. Show me your tits is an example. You've chosen to ignore content by SixShooter. Options You've chosen to ignore content by king of the county. Options Both pervs
  12. Err all of the staff does we have your emails as well. I saved them and sent copies to the rest of the staff over a year ago. Located in the Mod area. I kept my copy updated. This is NOT my 1st rodeo fucker..this joint is puppy piss compared to the places I Modded at before. And still do. This was never a secret.
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