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  1. Well, well lookie here..the rat has posted 6 OPs tonite. Looks like those that rat DO live in glass houses. Hid the last one. Kinda made my nips hard
  2. I see them no matter what. But the ones I found I hid so the rest of you could be spared... I don't follow the racist POS so if you come across anymore would you please dump them in here? We can't do jack unless it is put in teachers face.
  3. Women Seem To Be The Majority We are, so show much respect to the lil lady in your lives. We now have the power to do something about it if you don't
  4. Good for you...not. That is a site killer for sure. Causes massive lag. Glad you had fun tho.
  5. lowrent was gone when David did a 2nd purge but it did not include 2017 at that time. They were still good to go up until recently. BTW the host told him that and it is true to a point..cheaper not to load all the old crap. lol Follow da $$ or the lack there of.
  6. He is at it again......almost a full page this time. Could you talk to him please....I don't speak Con all that well.
  7. Why Do Brits NOT Like Spanky Trump? They are following the trend throughout the entire world. Hell even the Saudis and Russian leaders laugh at his fat arse for prime time TV. I get the feeling even Trump does not like Trump..he reminds me of a cutter. Inflict pain to feel something..anything.
  8. Your thread may be in danger... seems 2017 OPs are being archived. Random? Wonder how that one is being done?
  9. LOL Trump would not last 1 block.
  10. No actually, lil one. I respect the woman because she has game. Please please keep under estimating her..PLEASE!!
  11. I am sure that is everything Fox has told you about her. Good!! Less you people know the more success she will have because you tools won't see her coming.
  12. Think most..even on his side, got that same vibe.
  13. Maybe we can stand them next to a non lying POTUS. Talk about trickle down..the Cons have that one hands (tiny) down. Yes that is possible but still traceable. You said you were a past member..look around..the base of this site is pretty much the same. At least the numbers are. It has not grown or shrunk, just peeps diving in and out over the decades with new accounts. If it was a problem here, like you like to think it is, I personally would be all over it like stink on poopoo. Tis what I do. It is a non issue. Besides the Russians would not even bother with our lil site. They start their own, Facebook, twitter and the rest. While the actual Russian worker bees maybe tools the concept is way beyond this joint and the number of folk they could try and influence. What we do get is the occasional Asian. Usually poses as female. IPs aside, one can simple pick up on this from their lack of command of slang which prompts me to dig deeper. Speaking of influence..think about that one. Our Con tools here don't need swaying as they are totally there already. If you have spent any time in NHB you would totally get that.