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  1. Glacier national park has removed all signs the obama computer predictions predicted all the glaciers in the park would be gone by 2020. Why? they wont be.
  2. Loons criticize christians on many topics then love what a christian says on this topic. Piss off, hypocrites. Looney lefty's say I accept what you say if you say things I agree with.
  3. Hankk

    We've Got COLLUSION!!!!!

    Mueller sure must have been Stooooooooopid!
  4. Hankk

    We've Got COLLUSION!!!!!

    Damn, Mueller should have just had the Looney Lefties on this site do the 2 year long Investigation. He found no collusion yet Loons can find it everywhere.
  5. Giving money to the First Responders and citizens that were impacted would take money away from the Illegals.
  6. LOL more Trump haters that Never examined Trump yet think they can diagnose him from a distance. Seems these "professionals" have huge egos!
  7. Damn four more years of watching you looney lefties meltdown will be welcomed and enjoyed..TRUMP 2020! Do any of you loons create your own cartoons and memes? or do you just take other peoples hard work for yourselves like True socialist scum!
  8. And how do you describe the Black males killing hundreds of people a year? Damn white dudes have killed less than 900 people in Mass shootings since 1983.
  9. TRUMP 2020 That should trigger more benson cartoon tourettes
  10. bensons"I was triggered" go to picture even though the CNN gigapixel shows an absolutely packed crowd after they were able to navigate the masses of crying loons.
  11. LOL so why did beto have to Apologize for being white? biden even plays down his whiteness. you loons trip over your dumb asses all the time.
  12. They always talk about these great places that by coincidence are full of White people yet they despise white people here in the US.
  13. I can see it already, every negative add, comment twitter post and facebook post against a democrat candidate will be looked at as an attack by Russia
  14. Yes, now the dems will demand that people that can not afford healthcare to treat diseases they welcomed into the country be given free health care on the TaxPayers dime..yet again. demoRats, the gift that keeps on giving...to illegals.