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  1. Saying something like Maybe China should look into it is a suggestion not a demand. Since China declined as you say don't you wonder why they would give a Billion dollars to some company a Crack head worked for?
  2. Trump never called for or demanded China look into Biden, it was a hey maybe you guys should look into why a Billion dollars went to a firm hunter biden was working for, Just sayin! thats all.Is there something to hide? why would the Left freak out so much for a Just sayin?
  3. He should have replied with " Nice to see you trying to advance your career in the Vertical position for a change"
  4. What does one do once the novelty wears off? 40% attempt killing themselves. http://sexchangeregret.com/
  5. If the dems impeach I picture their report looking like one of those ransom notes with words cut from 20 different magazines put together to make up a paragraph.
  6. When Trump spoke those words he wasn't President nor a politician. Just some Rich guy talking about his run ins with women who were just out for some sugar daddy action and would let things be done to them just to get some Free stuff or maybe just a photo op.
  7. Why do you guys always leave out the first part. "They LET you"? ? kinda takes out the Sting the drama...
  8. Not so, once the dems impeach, if they impeach and it goes to the senate it's a whole new ball game.
  9. I wonder what Hunter, Joe, Hillary and anyone else Trumps personal Lawyers want to subpoena will have to say.
  10. Sure do, the MSM and the Loony Lefties Oh and college professors. Gotta watch those college professors they will smash you with a bike lock. But 100% the MSM and Loony Lefties.
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