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  1. Hankk


    benson and all the other loons learned a new term "Executive Time" and boy do they just use it and use it. there is no way benson is going to make it through the next 6 years of President Trump.
  2. Trump IS standing up. Border security must be important to the dems, they are giving Other countries Billions for their border security.
  3. So we need to eliminate All the "crappy" jobs? what would you consider a "crappy" job? If I guessed what the left would consider a "crappy" job it would be a job where you actually had to do labor and sweat even get dirty.
  4. More caravans ARE coming, the democrats invited them. aoc said she want combustion engines gone, airplanes gone and cow farts gone.
  5. We could greatly reduce the co2 output in America if we Ban Hollywood from making Crappy Movies.
  6. California should have chosen illegal Chinese instead of illegal Mexicans, that railroad would have been done years ago.
  7. Thank God we have President Trump and not hrc
  8. Hankk

    For The MAGAts

    Yep a lot of closed-door deals I bet, Hillary was to be the next President, everything illegal that she did had to be made into a joke and then washed away. I still laugh when I think back when Comey said in not so many words that HRC and her sidekick are so stupid that they didn't realize having classified documents on a private server was a crime, so charging them would be like yelling at a severely retarded kid for spilling a soda.
  9. democrats have come up with the solution but Trump his hindering them. The greatest idea ever, Latinos and Q-Tips, they will pollinate the crops then harvest the bounty!!!! The WORLD WILL BE FED!
  10. Hankk

    Trump: Dog Hater

    Since when did a question become an assumption?
  11. Hankk

    Trump: Dog Hater

    Where is obamas dog? did it run away or is someone else taking care of it?