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  1. That's it, That's all ya got? must be a slow day in your head.
  2. Hankk

    Cortez takes time off for ‘self help’

    Maybe she will run into hillary wondering the woods of upstate NY, and wasn't she complaining about how she couldn't afford an apartment last month? Looks like she's saying screw the little people already.
  3. Are these the same Russians the left would have us believe spent the $4500 bucks that beat the 2 Billion dollar clinton Machine?
  4. CNN doesn't follow Trump, nor does Maddow. yet 2 years of collusion talk.
  5. Collusion??? Oh, that's that thing that's Not a Crime.. thx got it
  6. LIES,...they are in a train car buried under a mountain in Poland. Did you see all the stolen stuff bill and hill had to return?
  7. You just can't face the Fact that the demorats caused this Bad wordshow at the border.
  8. That's obamas dead kid, "Hey, if you show up with kids we will just let you in". demorats hung carrots out for these people. they should not be coming to the border they should be doing it legally.
  9. Nah, But I do piss in my Yard, why not? stand outside looking up to the stars while pissing, relaxing. Besides, it saves water because I care about the environment.
  10. Damn. I hope she has healthcare. Oh sorry, I said she, could be he zee zer gee ger who the fug knows anymore. funny though.
  11. I know in your mind there are no demorats living in red states that benefit from the money the state gets from the government.
  12. How was he wrong? flooding the low skill labor force depresses wages so people do get poorer and immigrants that come from poor dirty home towns see nothing wrong with discarding trash anywhere they want, even deficating and urinating on the sidewalks and in doorways.
  13. You laughed out loud when you wrote that, didn't you? I bet you did, no, I know you did.
  14. Yep the Left hung out the nice carrot under Obama, Bring your kids you will be let in and given free stuff, That's why this girl died.