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  1. Don't worry the dems are going to Turn this Sinking ship around!! Have you asked your neighbors how they are doing in the Trump economy? Biden said he doesn't look at those numbers that are lies and can't find anyone who is doing better.
  2. These are democrats we are talking about not Republicans. No one is above the Law* *except democrats.
  3. Don't worry, that minor damage will Buff out!
  4. Voter ID With a photo AND purple die on a Finger. I bet the dems would NEVER go for something 3rd world countries do. And the blacks know how to get an ID contrary to what you racist dems think.
  5. Able bodied Adults without dependents shouldn't be able to use the waiver loophole. Once again the loons are trying to make it look like Trump is taking food from Children. Work 20 hours a week or attend job training classes for free food, man that's hard on people. Saving a Billion dollars a year that can then be used to provide food for more people that qualify for free food is Fine with me.
  6. Not till after he pwns you n00bs then yells "Bruh Bruh why so salty Bruh?"
  7. If Hillary runs again I heard some of the Stern interview, she was Still hacking and coughing.
  8. They don't have a choice, if they somehow back out the loony lefties will Burn their home's down and kill their pets.
  9. Oh, the alternate reality news where lies and half truths are repeated ad nauseam? And where the talking heads are just shy of being Retarded? No thanks.
  10. I guess there wasn't a School he could take him behind close by. Poor Joe!
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