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  1. so what, people take it so they can prevent malaria. if it works on covid-19 that would be a good thing.
  2. blah blah blah.. at this rate COVID-19 better Hulk up if it's gonna hit the Million deaths the dims are hoping for.
  3. That's nice, Biden still has obvious Dementia and Sanders is still a Communist. Good luck.
  4. It doesn't matter How many people, all the loons need is the headline then the loony dim left will exaggerate and create talking points to work their under informed base into a lather. Pathetic
  5. After people were tested were they locked up so they couldn't go out and mingle with the world so they didn't get the virus on Tuesday after testing negative on Monday?
  6. Any video?? There is a video of creepy ass bumbling biden Sniffing a Baby!
  7. There are physical differences between a Male and Female that drugs and scissors will never change.
  8. What Vaccine? is there a Vaccine? we won't see a Vaccine available to the public for a Year or possibly longer. dims are putting a cost on something that doesn't even exist yet.
  9. Good thing Biden is running for the Senate and not for President.
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