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  1. Dont forget charges of Accepting Foreign interference that could help him get re-elected.
  2. In the eyes of the loon left Soleimani is a "Revered Military Leader". 52% of Our country are Morons. mcgowen should go on a peace bike ride across the middle east and show the world that people are kind everywhere, they always end well.
  3. benson always melts down every time Still President Trump gets a Victory. benson is stuck in a perpetual state of melt down.
  4. Liberals are not even Liberals, the socialist nazi Commies hijacked the name.
  5. Yes they do. Only the house can Impeach but it's not complete until it is sent to the Senate for trial. It's like prosecutors saying they are going to charge you but never file the paperwork.
  6. Not impeached yet. "Trump is a Threat to our security" " Trump need to be removed for the nations safety" "Lets go on Vacation!" Remember this classic? so many ass hurt losers that had a dream.
  7. Biden said that it was irresponsible for the Texas Governor to allow weapons in churches. It only took Six seconds for someone with a Gun to shove that right up Joe's ass. Remember folks, When Seconds matter help is only Minutes away.
  8. Don't you know? the dims have made opinion = Fact, opinion is now indisputable evidence that can not be refuted
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