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  1. So you want Every human on the Entire planet tested? or would you only test the 300 Million plus in the US then lock down the country to incoming and outgoing travel? Will the anti-bodies certificate protect you from getting reinfected like you say will happen to those you wall off in texas?
  2. they were asked to come back, they did and the entire neighborhood was out cheering them on. Karens house is up for Sale now. Poor Sad Karen.
  3. But he said he's thinking about keeping NY shut till September because lives are precious and he cares. Odd coming from the guy that signed the Late term Abortion law.
  4. Here in New Jersey if you don't wear a mask you get no food, soda, beer and so on. Everyone is wearing them so we All look stupid together. All the stores have also put up plastic barriers between the check outs and customers.
  5. *photos related to the article https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/3-family-members-charged-after-security-guard-shot-to-death-over-face-mask-dispute-in-flint Sure is....Damn gun nutters gotta kill some poor dude just for a face mask.
  6. IMO we just can't compare the deaths and infection rate of the ccp virus and the flu because we put in all the extra variables. We don't shut down schools, work places, travel and social events for the flu so we don't actually know how it compares to the flu. We know it kills and in some cases it kills quickly but how things would be today if things remained QPQ no one can say for sure.
  7. Funny how Trump never said inject bleach yet the left believes he did. Christina Cuomo recommends Bleach baths and no one on the left bats an eye. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/04/24/coronavirus-experts-warn-against-cristina-cuomos-bleach-baths-methods/3017294001/
  8. Hydrogen Peroxide (a disinfectant) therapy has been around for decades, so has UBI a UV blood cleansing.
  9. Hospitals are a Business. They are just like Auto body shops, they fix and repair for profit. If the government told Auto body shops that they would cover the cost of repair, no questions asked if the damage was caused by collision with a Unicorn, there would be many collisions with Unicorns.
  10. Mayor Bill killed people. https://ny.eater.com/2020/3/11/21175497/coronavirus-nyc-restaurants-safe-dine-out People should still be going out to eat at restaurants, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press conference about the new coronavirus on Wednesday — emphasizing that the virus “does not transmit through food and drink.” A week into the first confirmed COVID-19 cases in New York City, restaurateurs across the city say they’re already seeing reservation cancellations, while four huge dim sum restaurants in Sunset Park have closed in response to dropping sales as more people limit public outings. In response to a question about how the city would help curb the economic impact, the mayor mentioned new no-interest loans for small businesses that experience a 25 percent decline or more due to new coronavirus. He also said that they’re “telling people to not avoid restaurants, not avoid normal things that people do.” “If you’re not sick, you should be going about your life,” the mayor said. Vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and people with preexisting health conditions, are being encouraged to avoid large gatherings, while everybody is suggested to avoid overcrowding, such as the subway at rush hour. All are being encouraged to stay home if they are sick and to take precautions such as washing hands and limiting face-touching. The disease is transmitted through the “respiratory droplets” and the eyes, nose, and mouth, and it can stay on surfaces but is easily killed by hand-washing and alcohol-based sanitizers. NYC now has 53 confirmed novel coronavirus cases, up from 19 on Monday, and as the numbers grow, some schools are closing, events are canceling, and corporate offices are asking their staffers to work from home if possible. Economically, it’s most dramatically impacting restaurants in Chinatowns and restaurants that cater conferences and events. But the mayor emphasized that officials are trying to be careful about cancellations of services such as school or asking that businesses close down, saying that people losing their livelihoods also will have a huge impact. “We’re trying to strike a balance,” he said. “If we get to the point where any particular type of activity needs to be suspended, we can do that voluntarily with the organizations or we can mandate it,” de Blasio said. “We are doing this day-by-day, hour-by-hour.” Elsewhere in the country, officials are recommending “social distancing” to protect help prevent the spread of the virus. Though the majority of people who test positive will experience only mild symptoms, the elderly and people with preexisting conditions are particularly at risk, and uncertainty around how long the public health crisis will last is inciting confusion and fear. The city’s biggest Chinatowns have faced huge declines in sales for weeks as a result, and the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce’s head has said that the government needs to start treating it the same they would a natural disaster. Meanwhile, restaurants are taking extra measures such as multiple deep cleanings a day, more disinfectant napkins, and even providing more sick leave for employees, like at Union Square Hospitality Group, especially as concerns rise that workers in the service industry may not be able to afford taking unpaid leave. De Blasio added that they would try to support the businesses that are suffering, and that he’s hoping that the federal government will also provide assistance. “I hope they can hang on,” he said, adding that the new coronavirus would ultimately only be an issue for “a finite amount of time.”
  11. Stopping the virus is almost impossible, you would need very good gear to filter a virus on its own, greatly reducing the virus carrier like spores or droplets is possible. Making a mask with a woven material would be less effective than using a non-woven material. I made masks where i can add and replace layers of fpr10 or fpr12 material, (cutting up a filter you use in ac/heating systems they also have an electrostatic charge) this is what I feel comfortable with wearing to the stores, masks are now mandatory in NJ.

No holds barred chat

  • Hey kfools.. does this help? 

  • By Vegas

    Liberals are going to hell.

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  • Where’s at @slideman?

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  • I know this one, this new chat thing. I've seen it called the "shoutbox" among other things in my past. Very hard to hide from the chat box. The question is asked, there's no time to go search what other folks think, this is real time. Only seconds should be between chat box replies. This one is made for me. In the chat box one has to be quick on their feet with stuff at the ready. This chat box is the worst nightmare of anyone trying to deal with ol' teach. 

  • By pmurT

    hey @teacher that sounds like too much work for me LOL I need that useless thing called *time* in order to authenticate facts and truths which get posted by deceitful Dems

  • What does the red number refer to? currently, on my screen it says 2


  • Where does it say 2?

  • So. In the chat....if you tag a member the text afterwards should be a private message. 

  • How do? I'm teacher. If I'm online and the powers that be can figure out how to make it immediately apparent to me that whatever I've said here has been replied to I'm gonna show up right quick and kick some teeth in. It's the chat box, all this is new and scary. I know this gig. This starts now. 

  • Hey kfools, did you lose your securtiy cert? On my browser it is saying your site is not secure?

  • Mine too. I'm looking into it.

  • Mine too. 

  • I thought it was my location.. 

  • Just gave to renew the security cert. No big deal I'll do it tonight

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  • Happy Anniversary, America... on your Civil Union.

  • All lives matter.

  • Double post deleted.

  • By teacher

    Scroll the other way for a while and you'll see me saying that these days the chat box ain't gonna work as one has to be quick on one's feet. The question is posed, there ain't no stinkin time for ya'll to refer to your betters for the answer, ya'll don't understand these things, this political debate, ya'll don't have the answer at hand, ya'll haven't thought this through, ya'll ain't ready for the next question I'll ask,  ya'll can't handle the pace that a bloke such as I can bring it in the chat box, ya'll can't handle this format.


    This one is made for me. 

  • By teacher

    Being offended does not make one correct. 

  • By teacher

    Some few days before the next election Mr. Fools is gonna pin my horse thread. it's gonna be horrible, I shall endevour every day to bring some some fresh. 


    I still own this cat box.

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    "I'm coming to you for ask a quick favor."

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    "Anyone that places a color in front of their name is racist." That one is not mine, got it from another member. 

  • Where’s all the hot bitches? 

  • By teacher

    Kidding me? 

  • How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

  • How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

  • Get me out of Chatbox!

  • By jefftec

    The chatbox stays expanded and is a nuisance blocking screen images. What setting is there to control/collapse chatbox?

  • By kfools

    Just click the no holds barred to collapse it.

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    diddle dee dee

  • By teacher

    Like Jesse Ventura said to all that would not take a chew in the movie "Predator." LF.org is a political debate forum. This chatbox just ups the opportunity to go at it. Ya'll have your political views, seems to me that ya'll should have thought these things out and be ready to battle. 

  • By teacher

    Is real time political debate a thing ya'll hide from? What do you morons do if you happen to run into some one with opposing political views on the street? 

  • By teacher

    I've never ran into anyone, in real life,  that said Obama lied. I run into folks that tell me Trump lies. I'm at work. I didn't bring it up. I don't reply, I'm representing a company. Not my place. 

  • By teacher

    Lookie there, all I have to do is get out and come back. Why is it that liberals, when they have a company man before them decide they that is the time they go off? Why would ya'll put a company man into that position? 

  • By teacher

    Chatbox is mine. 

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