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  1. Did they claim to be Federal Officers??
  2. Funny how Indigenous people ignore the Fact that Indigenous people Murdered, raped and enslaved other Indigenous people. They even Stole the lands of other Indigenous people.
  3. When the Left comes for their Guns will they hand them over??
  4. Seems the Left is guilty of that, Two years of being told Trump Absolutely colluded and it turns out he didn't. BAAAHAHAAHAHAHAAA
  5. they want kids but the Kids will have zero say about being raised by a gay couple.
  6. Hankk

    Something the Left omits.

    And those trying to not free them were all Democrats!! LOL
  7. Well, we Obviously didn't get any FACTS from CNN, msnbc, and others for the past Two years
  8. One must be very careful when fighting someone on the Left, the vast majority have Retard Strenght.
  9. DON'T PANIC!! The dems plan on Fixing that Problem
  10. Rock-N-Play Sleeper Killed THIRTY Babies!!!! This could happen to your Family!!
  11. So the dems are gonna Run Old Yeller?
  12. It's Obvious the Panic and realization that the dems have no one who can beat Trump is setting in so now the name calling and ridicule will be ramped up. LOL Piss off Bitches!!! #walkaway is booming!!!
  13. The result of Capitalism is the socialist Bernie Sanders is a Millionaire with Three Houses.