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  1. Fairly decent explanation until you got to your 4th point. In my opinion, it is the liberal woke left that is cancelling anyone and everyone that doesn't conform to their views. If you do ONE tiny thing, 17 years ago that is now considered "unwoke", it's a full damnation to Hell for you. No forgiveness. Complete destruction. Tear them down and shame them into oblivion. Of course, at the true core, they don't eat themselves. If they did, they would cancel the entire democratic party for their constant racist behavior in the past. For example: Not one democrat voted to allow blacks to vote. T
  2. Wow guys.... I thought my ears were burning for a reason. Look.... I love you all, I really do and I think we're in line on about 95% of what we all discuss here, just not this... Do we all have to agree 100% on everything? I would certainly hope not. I respect your decision not to own any firearms. Personally, one saved my life so I am very passionate about being able to have that right. You do what you want. That's what being free is all about.
  3. No! No!! Its awesome!!! Thanks babe. Make it strong and make it a double. :}
  4. LOL, honey, I really don't care what you believe. But I can assure you I'm not an NRA plant. I grew up with guns and started shooting at 4 with a bb gun and then moved up to a .22 when I was 6. I was in ROTC in H.S., qualified marksman on the range and could disassemble an M16 and put it back together again blindfolded. I don't have to prove anything to you. I think where I am PRO anything is I am PRO rights. We all have rights and I don't think anybody has the "right" to take away anybody else's rights. What I don't like, and this is from BOTH sides, is all this FAKE news or manipulation
  5. Did you ever stop to think that maybe it is BECAUSE Of the 2nd amendment that allows us to be able to keep the first? If the govt takes away the 2nd and we're defenseless, what are we going to do if they take away the first? Throw rocks?
  6. I agree. Any con I talk to freaks out when they learn I'm a Lib and own a gun. It's almost like it's a freak of nature. "What?!?! You're Liberal and you... you own a gun? That can't be... what's wrong with you? Are you sure you're not a conservative?" Yeah... I'm positive, now I see you staring at my tits, so either buy me a drink or fuck off.
  7. Okay, I'll be civil. But it's Hanga Louie.... you know... turn left. Get it?
  8. We may think alike on a lot of things, but that's just really insane talking right there. Of all the examples of tyranny and Genocide that happened after citizens were forced to give back their guns. Haven't you leaned anything from history? Seriously?
  9. Just trying to make you not sound like an idiot to any black person that doesn't live in the US. If you called them an African American, they'd look at you funny.
  10. I have yet to venture over there.
  11. Okay, I'll play Devil's advocate and throw a crazy idea out there. For the sake of argument, what IF Trump's ideas DO work and he puts a lot of working class people back to work, creates thousands of jobs, etc... Then what do we tell people? "Uh... no....no... you don't want Trump's policies. They uh.... failed. Come back to us." I find it hard to believe that if millions of peoples lives are actually better in four years that they'll vote him out. We'd better come up with one hell of a message and one VERY strong candidate to get those people to switch back.
  12. LOL. Its Russian. It was manufactured during WWII and the bayonet is on a swivel so it can easily fold out of your way when you're not using it. Very effective design if you ask me.
  13. ??? You make no sense. " The ethnic or racial group is African American" I have a friend from Capetown and she is white as white can be. But technically she is "African American" She's now a US citizen, but she was born in Africa. "African American" is simply a word made up by Blacks that LIVE in the USA so they can supposedly "identify" with their African roots, when in reality, they have no idea where they came from. Chances are, at one time, it was Africa, but that could have been 5, 10, or even 50 generations past. A black person in England is NOT an African American. A black person i
  14. But BLM was there protesting, rioting and calling for the death of cops. "Fry em up like bacon" and inspired him to do that.
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