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  1. Except she's so ugly when she gives you head it counts as anal
  2. Good thing we're a constitutional republic you fucking commie spick
  3. Nothing fried there...the only reason you libs are against red meat is because It makes men have high testosterone which makes them less likely to be pussy man-bitch bootlicking pussy commies
  4. If he actually works for a living that's a great meal I consume between 3000-4000 calories a day... but i manhandle steel all day and am very fit and healthy
  5. You are one of the few remaining real woman left in our country bless you and your home
  6. Antifa members/supporters aren't Americans let alone humans kill them all and leave their rotten carcasses in the gutter for the goddamm dogs to eat
  7. Pop gun? You do realize what a 5.56mm does to someone's head turns it in to raspberry slushy .. I don't want anyone to get hurt but you fucktard commies are poking a bear with your bullshit keep fucking around and you'll end up finding out
  8. Kinda hard to drive that steamroller with one of them shoved up your ass
  9. Keep thinking like this and you'll end up getting killed buy some kid in wisconsin 😂
  10. Both of those bang bangs would stop a horde of Marxist "protesters" in a jiffy
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