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  1. Remember the forum rules. "Rules for the liberals only room. 1) Liberals Only: No posting by Conservatives, Libertarians, Communists, Fascists, Anarchists, or other non-Liberals."
  2. No, but why do you ask? Are you one?
  3. No, right-wingers didn't win. Far from it. Participation just needs to elevate that's all. Progressives are still very much around but they just need to be motivated enough to begin posting again. Any suggestions?
  4. Sorry but PM was not really designed to be used for such discussions. It's also difficult to believe how you could be a D-teamer when you've already identified yourself as a right-winger. I post in this forum expecting most all others to agree with my points of view as I can with theirs being that we're of the same political party. I am not here that often due to time constraints on other business. And while I would not mind having a civil discussion, if time would allow, unfortunately it does not at present other than with other self-identified fellow Liberals. As for JFK, yes, he was certainly a Great President! This country could certainly benefit from others emulating his stance and position on things.
  5. Did you not read the forum rules for posting in this forum? It is for LIBERALS only. No Right-Wingers/Republicans/Conservatives allowed. You should honor that. You said: "The awkward part is, I'm a right winger. " So you are posting in the wrong forum thread.
  6. Like I said, until Republicans learn that they are elected into office to actually help their constituents our only hope in receiving that help is from the Democrats that truly work hard on behalf of all Americans. Therefore, they should have no use for Republicans/Conservatives that only come in to erase citizen's rights.
  7. Republicans have been proposing and passing laws in this country that are deleterious to the principles for which America stands. In Texas alone 666 new and some harmful laws have been passed. It is interesting to note that 666 is the number of Satan. Some of the laws that Republicans have passed include: EVICTIONS CAN ENSUE, something that shows absolutely no compassion for those affected by the pandemic as well as the loss of their job, many times through no fault of their own. But Republicans care little to nothing about those Americans many who have children and who will soon be evicted and face homelessness. The Conservative majority at the U. S. Supreme Court gave no thought to that in their ruling that evictions may continue. Republicans brutally voted and ruled for evictions. ABORTION cannot now be legally performed in Texas if a heartbeat is detected in the baby. Anyone from any state can now sue for $10,000 those aiding in a woman receiving an abortion, to include a rapist, according to news reports. Rape or incest is now no excuse to abort. VOTER SUPPRESSION has also passed in Texas that will be quite harmful to Minorities, the Elderly and Others. Republicans want to maintain control over voters in order to retain their majority in that state. It is not what the majority of Texans want or need. But Republicans claim it is intended to preserve election integrity though the number of election fraud is miniscule and could not affect or change the outcome of an election. Therefore, if it ain't broke don't fix it. But they realize that most Blacks and Hispanics vote for Democrats thus the push to pass laws making it quite difficult for them to continue to vote. BANNING CRITICAL RACE THEORY Republicans do not want critical race theory taught in schools. Why not? Because it exposes White Supremacy that they don't want to be taught, discussed or revealed to anyone since it exemplifies systemic racism. Why should they worry about that? Well go figure! Those are but a few of the most egregious laws passed by Republicans in Texas and elsewhere. So, why should voters continue to vote for them? It makes no sense at all. Such voters are only shooting themselves in the foot and decimating their chances for improvement and help in this country. Republicans don't have you or your needs in mind because they simply don't care. Therefore, think before you vote! Your Only Hope: The DEMOCRATS Who Truly Care About Americans To Actually Help You.
  8. Why Be a Liberal? Because being the opposite, a Con is a helluva lot worse where one can actually live to regret it.
  9. What makes a Liberal? Democratic President John F. Kennedy defined it best when he said: “If by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal", then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal.” -- John F. Kennedy
  10. Because it takes a political party with good morals and a sense of true caring and patriotism for their country unlike what the CONservatives are showing us that they're all about.
  11. The putrid and rancid policies of the Radical Reich deplorables is what will eventually bring our country down. Remember it is Republicans and their ilk that caused the INSURRECTION at our Nation's Capitol. It is Republicans that are Against supporting and augmenting SOCIAL SECURITY for ALL Americans even though they have paid their taxes and expect that in return. It is Republicans that are Against supporting and augmenting MEDICARE for the Elderly, the Disabled and the Poor. It is Republicans that are Against supporting and augmenting MEDICAID for the Elderly, the Disabled and the Poor. It is Republicans that are Against supporting and augmenting the SNAP Program that provides Food Stamps to Poor Americans. It is Republicans that are Against supporting Minorities. It is Republicans that are Against LGBT Rights. It is Republicans that are Against the ENVIRONMENT. It is Republicans that are Against CLEAN AIR. It is Republicans that are Against CLEAN WATER. It is Republicans that are Against most laws unless it benefits them and the RICH. It is Republicans that are Against the Poor, the Disabled, the Elderly and Retired Americans. It is Republicans that refuse to believe in GLOBAL WARMING despite overwhelming evidence of its existence. It is Republicans that refuse to believe in supporting EDUCATION. It is Republicans that Refused to Vote For and Support giving you a STIMULUS CHECK. It is Republicans that believe in VOTER SUPPRESSION Laws to keep minorities, the elderly, the disabled and others from voting for Democrats. It is Republicans that continue to believe the BIG LIE that Trump won the 2020 election when clearly he overwhelmingly Lost It by MILLIONS of votes. And they have the gall to want your vote? Remember all of these things when you go to vote! Then VOTE DEMOCRATIC!
  12. They are slated to vote in high numbers this year! But we must not ever remain complacent and take things for granted. We have 2016 to remember. Therefore, we must ALWAYS remain one step AHEAD of Republicans throughout the year in everything that will translate into victory for us! With a good concerted effort WE CAN DO IT!!
  13. If he did start a war there would be no one else to blame for that and for the massive loss of lives but him. The family of American soldiers killed in that war would certainly not forget and would undoubtedly become very angry and vocal at that point which would be anathema to Trump.
  14. These are SPECTACULAR News! As more and more Americans come to realize that Republicans have absolutely NOTHING to offer them except headaches and heartaches they are fast turning to Democrats as the miraculous panacea to their ills. And with good reason! Democrats will fight for the things Republicans want to destroy and take away like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid plus a host of other vital things that Americans want and need in order to keep afloat. You need to get out and VOTE this year and take as many friends with you to vote Democratic too! Remember, with your help: We Can Do This!! *****#####*****#####*****#####*****#####*****#####*****#####*****##### FiveThirtyEight forecasts Democrats as favorites to win the House of Representatives By FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
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