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  1. So I just have to wait for Jan 21, 2023 to win, that's good
  2. For this to happen you need a majority of Dems not in the hand of corporations. As of today, i think only a small minority could be counted on this lot and 4 years don't seem enough, to me, to invert the numbers. Moreover, the fact that literally anyone is better than Trump, could convince the corporate majority of dems that a different, but still manageable candidate (i.e. George Clooney) could be enough to beat him on next elections. It's up to the people to destroy every single corporate candidate on next primaries, but i am afraid this is not going to happen, especially after 4 years of Trump, when everything, even a monkey, will look better.
  3. As easy as sad: 20 Jan 2025. The only way this date could change is a stroke or similar, but this is not going to happen: 1st Murphy's law.
  4. Hello, I am new here, and I think this topic may be a good one for my first post. I am not american, I am italian actually, but I would really like to participate to this forum for a number of reasons, especially in these times... My only concern is that I am not sure how to label myself. The following is a list of my 'beliefs': Every argument should be approached by logic, reason and SCIENCE. Religion should have no place in the world, and should be limited to private houses (I see Richard Dawkings as a too moderate atheist). "Religion poisons everything" (Hitchens) is one of the best quotes ever and explains roughly 50% of the world problems (depending on the areas could get up to 90%). I believe in free market and free trade, but not among countries with huge disparities of labour rights and wages (i.e. I think Europe and USA should have a totally free market among them, but not with China, unless they stop treating their workers like slaves). I believe that manufacturing industry should be roughly equally shared among coutries (as much as possible, at least). Here is what I mean with a brief example: do you, Ford, want to sell your cars in my area? No problem, no custom taxes, but build those cars in my area (as long as the area is big enough for it to be worth it). I would prohibit the very existence of pure financial banks. Banks should only operate to provide loans and mortgage to individuals, families and companies, with very strict regulations from governments. I am not sure if these points mark me as a liberal, I would say more like a social democrat (as explained a few posts above), but I still hope I could partecipate in this Room, as for what I have read till now, I agree with most of what is written here. I tried to read the No Holds Barred, but I really couldn't stand it for more that 5 minutes, I had no idea conservatives in the States could be so bad... P.S. I'm sorry for my english, I know it's far from perfect.
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