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  1. biden has destroyed more in a few days and backed off the promises of 2000 bucks and covid elimination! Typical sheep bought into ignorant liberal rhetoric!
  2. the welfarekkkrats don't know what unity is! They promote their hate and division to their uneducated losers knowing the losers aren't educated enough to question what they are told.
  3. hey ricky, did you and the rest of the section 8 dwellers gather around that 9 inch black and white tv and jack off watching and praying for more welfare? Did y'all bbq spam on the dam at the sewer pond by the projects?
  4. The mostly peaceful Democrats or the mostly peaceful Republicans?
  5. I hope it ain't mcdonalds for bringing back that spam covered in bbq sauce which they call the mcrib!
  6. damn straightgays husband showed up with a picture of his mom
  7. what we want to know stamp boy is will you finally get a job and off welfare and stop blaming republicans because you are a drunk section 8 dweller?
  8. is your husband still a street corner social worker? Is he still dragging your mom with him to do the moaning?
  9. rumored that 1/3 of republicans will leave the party if republicans vote for impeachment. The fuse was lit years ago and the explosion is still occuring!
  10. I actually made this claim in 2016 that trump was a democrat in an elephant mask. No matter his presidency has ripped things apart worse than we have ever seen and no matter what it will take a lot to get back where we were. The plan unfolded as planned with a few exceptions!
  11. trump really didn't have to do much other than be rich, white and have a bossy attitude! Played right into democrat policy of promoting hate, racism and envy!
  12. I believe that trump is a democrat planted by democrats to pose as a republican to destroy the party and split the country like we have never seen in our time in order to pass the radical liberal agendas. In short, this was a democrat plot! They have succeeded in splitting the republican party in places. There were even reports that some republicans refused to vote in georgia election because they were mad! Keep your eyes open!
  13. the question is will you now get out and get a job and provide for yourself instead of the tax payers. You have allowed so many to destroy you with your limited education and booze problem. In reality it's been you all along!
  14. Like really? You are making a claim that you can't prove. You said he has been doing it for months so you should be able to post 5 easily.
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