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  1. she would be better than the trash you welfare losers ran against trump. Face it food stamp boy, the dems lost because they ran a piece of shit against trump. I am ashamed that the best this country could put forth was a piece of shit and an idiot. You cheered it on but then again welfare does by votes and if you are programmed to fear losing it then I suppose you have to play the game.
  2. welfare works good for you uneducated losers doesn't it
  3. maybe the board idiot and life long moocher boy benny or one of his many aliases can explain. http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/armed-robbers-dont-waste-time-strike-3-times-in-matter-of-minutes/amp/
  4. thing is food stamp boy they expose your stupidity and you being STUPID it goes over your head.
  5. welfare fag, why was clinton impeached and why did you support him if you are soiling your panties over lies.
  6. welfare fag, tell us about hilda dodging bullets and Sarah Palin saying she could see russia from her porch. You food stamp losers fall for everything!
  7. doesn't bother me welfare benny. Are you and the other section 8 dwellers at the sewer pond watching the eclipse? You forgot how you use to brag about being on welfare and being queer. Oh were you keeping that a secret? Now food stamp fag, tell us where the money goes and don't run like every other time.
  8. so welfare food stamp fag, why do you section 8 dwellers get upset every time republicans want to cut y'alls handout? Face it welfare queer benny without welfare, racism, stupidity the democrap party would be a footnote in the history of time and you would live in a sewer pipe crying because your stupidity caught up with you.
  9. welfare benny, I have asked you many times to tell where the money goes and you ran every time. You being an uneducated section 8 queer doesn't understand that there are more things in federal money payout than the democrap vote buying programs, things like military bases, federal hwy's, federal agencies, emergency relief ect. It is not my job to educate you food stamp losers on the facts so please try to educate yourself so you don't look anymore ignorant than you have proven yourself to be. Now welfare fag, there is a truck stop on 285 that needs a janitor and it is the perfect opportunity for you to get off welfare. Happy toilet washing section 8 queer.
  10. your welfarekkkrat stupidity exposed yet again. Don't worry, the dems love uneducated welfare losers like you benny. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/house-republicans-plan-overhaul-nations-food-stamps-program/
  11. food stamp fag, how come when republicans want to cut democrap vote buying programs y'all get so upset? Uh oh, exposed your welfare stupidity again. Don't worry, stupidity is a welfarekkkrat trait.
  12. trump won because the welfarekkkrats ran a piece of trash
  13. welfare queer, the republican party has never been associated with the kkk. Your ignorance is showing as usual.
  14. benny suffers from extreme stupidity simply because he is stupid and fears for his welfare check! I will never call him a retard because people who have this cannot help it. Benny is willfully ignorant thus he is a democrat, simple as that.
  15. welfare fag, who was the party of racism and who was formed to stop the spread of slavery. Don't run food stamp queer.