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  1. it was an uneducated welfare loser liberal who can't read and simply got the job because of their color aka democrat policy. Get a job fag boy!
  2. foodstamp fag, just think were we could be if the trashcrats hadn't destroyed the economy in the name of vote buying via fear. The dems love section 8 losers like you who are slaves to their agenda. Be proud welfare boy, your mom raised trash!
  3. gloryholegary, damn has welfare ricky's wife done got on the board? And yes idiotgary, when did the republicans add to the number?
  4. cum breath welfare loser ricky, tell us how the welfarekkkrats intentionally shut down the country to destroy the economy so the uneducated section 8 losers like yourself would blame trump. Tell us why drunk bitch pelosi told everyone to come to chinatown when the democrat virus was getting started claiming there was no problem? Tell us do you ever intend to get a job and off the welfare tit you have survived on since the day you were born!
  5. Here is a video of ignorant left wing loser cops who have no idea what the law is and arrested a man for breaking no laws. Police chief, a left wing retard with a badge told the auditor that it was against the law to not carry ID. Left wing dumbass for sure. On a better note, the auditor settled with the left wing loser idiots and then went out and bought walmart cards and walked around town and handed those gift cards out to the citizens. Be proud of your left wing trash scoot!.
  6. stamp fag has nothing so he post altered pictures as the truth. There is a reason democrats target trash like him, uneducated, lazy, racist and broke!
  7. 15 years ago he was on another board and he was a loud and proud section 8 dweller who bragged about being owed welfare for voting for democrats!. He has been kicked off many boards!
  8. sounds like that first amendment auditor Auditing America. Guy carries around a whisk like a microphone when he audits.
  9. This video is hard to watch because a person died and law enforcement had no rea son whatsoever to even detain the man let alone taser him! The man is said to be mentally off if that is a proper politically correct term. He was walking from one city to another in the middle of summer and stopped and asked a homeowner who was outside for some water. The man told him to leave and he did. There is no doubt about that fact. Then law enforcement was called and they encountered the man walking down the road breaking no laws. The man wanted no help so officers should have just left or
  10. in the fucked up world we live in I have no faith in any jury or judge! My daughter is friends with a woman who's 5 year old son was shot and killed by her boyfriend who pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger in name of "playing" and the jury found the worthless bastard not guilty! The problems lay in the hands of incompetent people who serve on juries who simply do not understand their jobs and the fact that so many people are easily manipulated! Put up an expert witness, he died by lack of oxygen! Next expert witness, he died by drug overdose! Meanwhile the lawyers get richer, the cour
  11. section 8 queer, where would you losers be without your racism and stupidity. Be proud of your ignorance. Get a job loser
  12. awe. Did you get your feelings hurt again? Have your lover welfare ricky rub your pecker and grow a set. Get a job also, America is tired of keeping you and section 8 benny up!
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