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  1. welfare fag, remember how you used to brag about being owed for voting democrat while lounging in your section 8 shithole drawing a welfare check eating via food stamps?
  2. Just think welfare ricky, trump has more money than you will ever have. Maybe you may have been a success if you hadn't chosen the welfare life and living welfare check to welfare check!. America is tired of carrying you foodstamp ricky, get a job!
  3. I understand your stupidity is massive. I said slick willie attacked iraq for WMD's. He did and that is a FACT that you cannot deny. Try to keep up. The democrats love stupidity and they have a gem in you!
  4. Sorry dumbass but the fact remains clinton attacked iraq for wmd's. You are already a loser so no need in calling you a loser , LOSER. LMAO.
  5. welfare stamp fag, why did you vote for a draft dodging coward over 2 decorated war Veterans? Don't run foodstamp boy.
  6. Ol Hank was sitting on the side of the mountain looking at obama bin ladin and slick willie had to protect his friend by denying the attack. Don't try to educate the idiot liberals, they are just blinded by their failure to get educated.
  7. as usual a loser liberal does not know the facts. Typical of the ignorant base of the losercrat party. Try to keep up stupid!
  8. ignored because you cannot answer a question about your low info loser liberal hype. Don't worry, the democrats love stupid people and you should be the posterboy of stupidity. Life long welfare, section 8, food stamps, queer, free medical, stupid, 680 pounds, drunk, victimhood and lazy. You have all the qualifications!
  9. welfare queer, why did slick willie attack iraq? How much was the gore commission bought out for? When did the terrorist train?
  10. slick willie did attack iraq for wmd's. FACT. There is a reason the democrats target fag losers like yourself, STUPIDITY!
  11. welfare queer, maybe you should try and get an education in order to understand what is being said. Lay aside your low info liberal mindset and tell us what is being said without your stupidity involved. Go for it welfare boy
  12. the democraps have been blackmailing their base for so long claiming if they vote for republicans they will lose their handouts (welfare, section 8, food stamps, medical). Welfare ricky is so scared he will have to get a job every time the republicans take over.
  13. why did slick willie attack iraq welfare queer? Why was slick willie impeached food stamp coward?
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