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  1. The toons are funny. What's the problem?
  2. I changed your words, but I changed them into a paraphrased version of what you actually said. You, on the other hand, offer nothing but a pathetic fantasy.
  3. Fire a weapon at a cop, bad things happen. Right? RIGHT?
  4. You dumbshits are already are trying it in your shithole cities. And I think it is going to be better.
  5. See how fucked up these libtards are? Does a 180 in three words.
  6. Even a cop has a right to self-defense, you anti-American POS.
  7. Yeah I'm sick of the little remote reporters virtue signaling with their mask tucked into their breast pocket or bra. They just have to show us all how virtuous they are. Sickening!
  8. Idiot. There's a review process that applies when a former bureaucrat with security clearance writes a political book.
  9. HAHAHAHA I knew you'd fall for that trap again, narcissist. Yes 165 is soooo much more manly. LMFAO Oh you've got something in the grip of your slender little girl fingers but it's no one else's neck, that's guaranteed.
  10. So that makes you feel threatened. Doesn't surprise me, Mr. 145
  11. ^^ Gets his jollies threatening strangers. Needs to prove he's a Tough Guy™ to reassure his insecurities.
  12. Oh? Trump is a criminal? What crime was he convicted of? Or are you engaging in more whiny, butthurt sky-screaming? The latter. I see. We knew.
  13. Bolton's mad because Trump didn't let him start a new war and writes a book out of his butthurt, the President wants it to go through proper and usual review to protect classified information, and you're crying that his book of lies might not be released in time to hurt Trump. If Trump is so bad why do you need to keep attacking him to defeat him?
  14. Fight fire with fire. Bolton weaponized a book against the President of the United States. And why would you think that was a good thing, dumbfuck?
  15. Elderly people are more likely to vote Republican. Do the math. Anyone who believes Cuomo is incapable of sending thousands of potential Trump voters to the gas, er... Covid chambers, is the same type of person who didn't believe Hitler was capable of what he did.
  16. +1 Doing something bold forces the weenies to realize their weeniness. Like Pengwin is doing now.
  17. You're an idiot. Your stupid opinion means nothing. NOTHING. Got it?
  18. Okay. Which means his own actions precipitated his demise. Which is why your people don't like the question. You've done better than any other of them.
  19. Wrong again, idiot. I said it's a YES or NO question. TRY AGAIN AND DON'T FUCK IT UP THIS TIME. I will answer your question when you answer mine. That's how it works. I talk to them all the time. I'm a law-abiding upstanding societal contributor. They don't hassle me because they don't need to.
  20. Wrong, idiot. YOU try again: "If he had allowed himself to be handcuffed, and quietly got into the cruiser, would he be dead now?" HINT, since you obviously need one: It's a yes or no question.

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