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  1. Where is the lie? I asked what your question was so that we both were making an agreement based on the same knowledge, an equal footing. You want me to agree to a deal with you having the upper hand. That's dishonest and slimy. And I did not lie. ASSHOLESLIME, YOU'RE DISMISSED!
  2. And? Wrong, moron. Your failure at reading comprehension is apparent. I asked ONLY that I know your question before agreeing, just like you already know mine. But I realize "fair" isn't your style. That's why I dismissed you the same day you showed your scrawny neck here. You are. Surrender accepted.
  3. I only asked that it be fair. But please, continue to exhibit your desperate need to have the tables tilted in your favor. It sucked, just like you, 165.
  4. I merely asked for a fair deal. That a problem for you? And you still have several questions and challenges on the table. I'll sit over here and hold my breath while you run from answer them.
  5. So you concede. Smart move, above expectations. I see. So you choose with whom to continue. And we all understand your selection process; self-preservation. I answered you once, fuckwad.
  6. Why don't you go back and find out? There are about three questions, two challenges, and an offer you haven't responded to. Ball's in your court, 165.
  7. Welcome back sir, hope you decide to resume participating.
  8. "Mr. 165" AssholeSlime stopped responding to me because I kicked his ass all over his threadfail... AGAIN.
  9. Depends. What is your question? You already know mine.
  10. My older brother always says, they control half the money and ALL the pussy... they should be in control of everything.
  11. Yeah I was thinking that just yesterday.... hey, wait.. I never heard of that before, how can it be a "thing" and I never heard of it before now?? Weird.

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