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  1. That's not why Midd hid his threads, shitnow. Not I..... But do tell, how would you LIKE to be measured deary?
  2. Your Boss straightened you out on that in post #16686: Hey, we're still tight and all, right? But you got off track on this. Maybe on purpose...?
  3. LMAO Those are the rules??? LMAO Anyone who's been here more than one day knows that's BULLSHIT!
  4. Yeah it looks like all okcupid's threads are gone. LMAO
  5. Yeah, I couldn't figure out where she got "Rule #4" since the rules I see aren't even numbered. And the fourth one in the list is "no porn," and the only person I ever saw break that rule was your mod 5. Whaddup buttercup?? Ooh, modfight!
  6. That's not far off. Add loyal to a fault and easy-going to round it out... "Pup" haha... Doesn't feel like it
  7. Happy birthday. You're a few ahead of me, by roughly 7. As my 92 YO mother says, it's hell getting old. Yes she is a wise lady
  8. Unleaded. Pretty sure you're old enough to remeber that...
  9. Bludog got his nuts whacked?? Good, I can't stand that punk!!
  10. Bludog got his balls whacked? GOOD! I can't stand that punk!
  11. Awww, somebody needs a hug Because he's an asshole Then I guess you'll be shuttin' up then...
  12. Bludog is done? Bwahahahahaha! That's great news, I couldn't stand that guy and is punky little avatar
  13. What makes you think ANYONE cares who you ignore? Would you like to know the weight of my bowel movement this morning?
  14. When did character matter to Dumdumcraps? Just read their posts here...
  15. SixShooter has read a few of Dr Joe's ramblings to himself and he came to the conclusion that Dr. Joe is a little... off.
  16. Shaman/Phoenix: why did you create a new account and new screen name after the election? And why are you afraid to tell us?

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