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  1. Not according to the bullshit article you linked. Not one shred of empirical data to support your bullshit thread title. Dismissed, with prejudice against your idiocy and deceit.
  2. No such thing as national popular presidential vote, dumbass. OOPS
  3. HELL NO. What decent person would? A Demoncrap or libretard you say? No, I asked what DECENT person would?
  4. Absolutely. It's not RHETORIC and it's not HATEFUL. It is FACTUAL and FACTS are not hateful nor rhetorical. Absolutely. Not for "fun" but for power, wealth, an easy life, and control over others. Yes, they want to "fundamentally transform" America. Would you like to see those exact words uttered by their most recent Prime Instigator, B. Hussein Obunglehole? Yes, many act on their feelings. That's a bad way to run a society, and the main reason we're dealing with the shit we are right now. WRONG. Most conservatives are acting on PRINCIPLES, not FEELINGS. GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT.
  5. "Sold"?? LMFAO Don't you EVER criticize anyone else's spelling!! Although I will say you haven't been doing it much lately that I've seen, so good boy.
  6. "Decisivelt"?? Wait, checking.... Nope. Definitely not a word.
  7. Did I say anything about the pandemic dumdum? And what does "hhe" and "couuntry" mean?
  8. The character George Jefferson was BLACK. YOU are the dipshit, DIPSHIT!!
  9. +1 I am ashamed of the anti-American Democrats, liberals, progtards, rioters, looters, and statue destroyers. The country isn't falling apart, the above are attempting to tear it apart. Communism is their end-game.
  10. Let me guess. Out of the four demographics, not one straight white man....
  11. Every commercial now that shows multiple humans, there will be a homo couple, a black family, an interracial couple with a half-breed youngun, a racially mixed group of young adults, and MAYBE one elderly white woman. Normal, straight white men are anathema to advertisers.
  12. Yeah, I said that way back. There is no way to know, since there's nothing to compare it to. Hmm, not me. The damage to the economy may be huge, WILL be huge to small business. The only way it won't be huge overall is if mega-corporations fill the void left by the failed small businesses. I don't think that's a good thing.
  13. LOL I just thought back to the toilet experience the morning after drinking that shit. Firehose comes to mind...
  14. I'm not denying it exists, just not where I am. Our county has had 42 total cases, 39 recovered. No deaths. I love it out here, we even like the police. Yes the quarantine was an overreaction. They're even saying that if there's a second wave, another lockdown won't be necessary. Ah, but the first one was because.... Trump??
  15. Just one day. No driving, lifting, etc day of the procedure. Next day back to normal. The shit you have to drink is the worst part. Everything else was picnic.
  16. Nah, but prejudice? Yeah kinda. The last line did it, I was with you up until the "scummy hands" comment.

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