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  1. I was the one who schooled YOU on that. AND it was I who taught YOU that runs (votes) don't matter in the WS, since it is GAMES (EC) that determine the winner.
  2. The EC is democratic. Go take a civics class. You still don't know?
  3. You still don't get it. It's not about you. The EC is there because it protects the lesser-populated states FROM you.
  4. All this BS because you're still butthurt over Hillary getting her saggy ass handed to her. LMFAO
  5. That's EXACTLY why the EC was put in the constitution-- to protect smaller states from people like you. You can't seem to understand that the smaller states had a say in that, and whether they wanted to join the system or not.
  6. You think. But you don't know. How many are becoming jobless? Homeless? Losing everything they ever had? Depression, anxiety, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, spouse/child abuse. Postponing medical procedures. Overeating. Heart disease up. Cancer screenings being skipped. For all you know (which is nothing) the human toll of a lockdown is much worse than that of living normally. You don't even know a lockdown saves even ONE life. You're talking out your ass, but no surprise there.
  7. If "under these rules" the winner can be either, those are stupid rules. Why does it not surprise me that your example is stupid? The EC has clear rules for determining the winner. Your dumb scenario, by your admission, does not.
  8. People living life bothers you, doesn't it? Disobeying their masters. Can't fix being power-drunk. How many would die if they could never leave their house and never live life? For all you know, which is nothing, more people would end up dead being locked in their house all summer. Not to mention the total collapse of modern society.
  9. In the US, Presidents are elected by the electoral college. Take a civics course, you're ignorant as hell.
  10. Yes, I'm sick of hearing pundits talk about how the virus killed the economy. Governors, hiding under the skirts of their state health directors, killed the economy.
  11. No, it works perfectly. Your inability to grasp it notwithstanding. Seriously? You still don't know how it works? Under the EC system, the candidate who receives the most electoral votes wins. So how many electoral votes does each of your seven states have and which candidate won which states? Then I can answer your question.
  12. I didn't steal it, I originated it. Long ago. Ha! It "proves your point" in your tiny bird brain because you can't comprehend how it explains the workings of the EC. Go look in the mirror. By the way, why did you change avatars? The other was a much better representation.
  13. He was following the guidance of your science gods. Look what that got him.
  14. You have NOTHING to go on. This is a novel virus. Must I explain EVERYTHING to you?!? HA! I know how the Electoral College works, and why it's a good thing. You can't follow a simple analogy explaining it.
  15. Those ARE history. You were making a future prediction. Must I explain EVERYTHING to you?!?
  16. Oh really? What are the residual changes to society from the Spanish Flu that we're still living under?
  17. Can you recommend a crystal ball? Mine's in the shop.
  18. Watching cuckoo Cuomo on tee-vee every day spewing his mouth diarrhea.
  19. Affirmative action was developed to help blacks. You said AA was help for white males. You're a racist and an idiot.
  20. I already told you this is where you're tripping yourself up. Thanks for admitting it.
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