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  1. Abortion is being restricted and there's nothing you baby killers can do about it. When RBG kicks and Trump appoints another conservative, the SC will start hearing cases that will demolish Roe.
  2. Please substantiate that fairy tale, er ... claim. Or were you just "pretending"? Exactly. I never made any judgment as to the validity or need for regulations. I simply asked who pays the cost. Care to answer? The left pretends that corporations can afford unlimited increases in cost of operation and taxes. I'd like a leftist to acknowledge who pays for those increases.
  3. There is one right and many wrong answers, and yours is wrong, but a least you answered instead of running away like @WillFranklin haha. Of course after the ass beating I gave him over his April Taxes faceplant who can blame him? Self-preservation. The correct answer: Corporations pass the costs to consumers through price increases. Increasing prosperity is accomplished through ingenuity, creativity, hard work, and freedom. NOT regulation. Now I'll keep my word and address your points. I agree with the free market. I'm not opposed to life improvements, obviously, but I recognize there's a cost. I like central air conditioning and power windows but these things cost money. That's all my question meant... to point out that consumers pay more for the "life improvements" imposed on corporations through regulation. Liberals like to pretend there's no cost for regulatory life improvements, and some flat-out through their teeth. "You can keep your doctor."
  4. No. Saying "you suck" is not equivalent to saying "go blow your brains out." "You're pretty much saying" is a ridiculous reach. By your own wording you disqualified your point. Bludog just clearly defined the line. Stop muddying something up that is already crystal clear.
  5. I find it interesting that RR often feels the need to presume someone is lying, misrepresenting themselves, or generally being dishonest. It almost makes you think that he's projecting his own character traits onto others...
  6. Of course. Wouldn't want you wasting time not being able to come up with anything to substantiate your lie about me.
  7. Is that right? Maybe you'd like to show us a time where I've said anything like the vile things that you've posted.
  8. I believe you. I shared that same heart, but I often lacked the courage to take proper action. Sometimes I defended, but too many times I sat silently. I didn't join in the bullying, but I often didn't help either. And I regret that.
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