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  1. LMFAO. Get a load of this asshole, a "pastor" he has claimed, calling ANYONE else a fake Christian. Yeah. You were a pastor alright. Church of Satan
  2. Oh? Schroomer and the other lying hypocrites have stated that ^^ as the purpose? Maybe you can provide something to back up your diseased cum receptacle? Or are you, once again, spewing your diarrhea all over the board...
  3. LMFAO. Wut?? Oh!? Democrats are conducting a sham proceeding? Nahh!! Ya don't say!! I don't know what you're talking about, but we're ALL used to you yapping about male-male sex. You're quite obsessed. 😄
  4. I'm making perfect sense. You're a bigot! And I mean that in the nicest sense possible.
  5. I'm saying you assume they're suffering because you see them as victims, which is a bigoted assumption. MUST I explain EVERYTHING to you??
  6. You totally missed my point. YOU assumed gender freaks are empathetic because of their suffering. I asked why you assumed they were suffering? Rather bigoted.
  7. You only see that because it exposes how inferior to Trump you are, and you know it. Now DANCE monkey* *If you respond to this post you're dancing at my command.
  8. Trump did a lot of things to alter my life for the better, democrats not so much, but that all depends on your circumstances. And you and I get along when we stay neutral, and I like that so.......
  9. Dance,monkey, DANCE!! LMFAO* *If you respond to this post you're dancing at my command.
  10. Right. Yes, there are all kinds of rationales for it. But no "official" explanation that I've heard. Don't get me wrong, they've said WHY they want to do it, they just haven't said what the point of it is, since he's already out of office.
  11. What crimes monkey? Dance for us monkey!* *If you respond to this post you're dancing at my command.
  12. ^^ just look at this mental gibberish and know you're reading the ramblings of an imbecile. You cannot "remove" Trump, MORON, he's already left!
  13. Was that an official explanation from those in charge of the carnival? Yeah well it's Democrats in charge so there goes intellect.
  14. What makes you assume it's suffering, except your bigotry?
  15. There is not, nor will there be an explanation. Demoncraps do whatever they can to lie, cheat, steal, and disrupt normal decent citizens. It's as obvious as reading the news.
  16. +1. And the FF did not trifle with it. It means what it says, mainesatan notwithstanding.
  17. You like to reference William Belknap. What your pea brain can't comprehend is that Belknap resigned in order to avoid impeachment.... much like Nixon. His resignation was essentially revoked as a precursor to his impeachment trial. You might have an analogy if Trump had resigned to avoid impeachment and his term had not expired. He is legally a common citizen, and is not subject to "removal from office," the penalty for an impeachment conviction. And ergo your analogy is JUNK. Moron.
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