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  1. He'll probably go somewhere warm where they don't know him and live out his days being pampered by young brown girls
  2. Yeah one of your type might murder Derek, an innocent man. Fits your morals
  3. If they even halfway follow the law and the judge's instructions, there's no way this is a guilty verdict
  4. This is kryptonite to leftists. They NEED Jan 6 to be deadly Thing is, it WAS deadly. But ONLY for conservatives
  5. Justice is gonna be done and Derek is gonna walk out of that courtroom tall and proud, an innocent, free man
  6. Many here were quick to blame peaceful protestors at the Capitol on Jan 6 for officer Sicknick's demise, but the left-wing propaganda machine lied to them.... again the autopsy found no evidence that Sicknick experienced an allergic reaction to chemical irritants. He also said there was no evidence of either external or internal injuries. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/capitol-police-officer-brian-sicknick-died-natural-causes-after-riot-n1264562 How about it @maineman @jerra- @Toldya @calguy??
  7. No that means their resume will be discarded because they are born from the genes of STUPID
  8. The stupid has always flowed freely here but the past 36 hours has been staggering
  9. No, that's just it, he did not do what the cop told him to do you do nothing but lie and repeat the lies of your left-wing propaganda machine
  10. @Taipan states facts and you post this?? LMAO Trump ruined your mind
  11. Yes we understand that insane progtards like you are nauseated by facts that destroy your false narratives
  12. Bullshit, and the SC disagrees with you I think I'll go with the SC rather than some washed out liberal whacko progressive faggot from Seattfaggotle
  13. Add this thread to the stupid from yesterday Unable to comment, cannot possibly reduce myself to that "intelligence" level
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