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  1. Don't know who you're referring to, Trump is just a man. A man who beat HildaCUNT and saved the US from her dirty plans. But if he does lose, I will go on as usual, just like I did when ObungleFUCK won. Life goes on...
  2. You stupid fucking BIDDY! WRONG AGAIN!! The largest number of votes cast in a U.S. presidential election was 138,847,000 in 2016, 131,407,000 in 2008, 129,235,000 in 2012, and 122,349,000 in 2004. Damn, you are the STUPIDIST fucking member on this chatboard!!
  3. OOPS sorry yeah that was a Scout gem. But everyone probably recognized that.
  4. Then you leftists need to stop creating all this unrest! Conservatives aren't doing it. Nah. Nothing's going to break, relax. You didn't think of anything but your own satisfaction when everything was going your way the past 50 years. Now it's our turn, so SUCK IT. I don't. Your side is the one trying to tear down the country. And it started with the seditious race-baiter Obama, who vowed in his first weeks to "fundamentally transform" America. You need to realize who initiated all this crap: YOU!
  5. And I couldn't be happier. Especially since there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Hardline right wing theocratic Supreme Court for the rest of your miserable life!
  6. Kinda looks like you're still in charge. I guess the deal fell through...?
  7. So Trump doesn't play your stupid games and fall for your stupid traps, and you whine and cry like a little baby. Well, that's exactly why he was elected, to stuff shit in your mouth. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for revealing your traitorous, seditious desire to turn the SC into another branch of the legislature. It's not their job to be in sync with the popular sentiment of the time, you idiot. it's their job to interpret the Constitution as it relates to the law.
  9. LMFAO This idiot thinks citing the Constitution is an appeal to tradition. Literally fucking laughing out loud.
  10. It's the concluding part of a speech, you illiterate dumdum!!
  11. Yes, YOU believe anything! You're a commie libtard!!
  12. Well, ya know, ice makes it easier for sissies to get it down! Real men bite off the cork, spit out the broken glass, and guzzle it STRAIGHT. Sorry for your LUCK!
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