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  1. That's odd, considering that 1) I DID read the post you were responding to, which mentioned "ANY general," and 2) YOUR previous post which THAT post referenced WAS specifically about Milley No, it wasn't my mistake. So if there was any error here that leaves only you
  2. But his posts had links in them, and that counts. Right? I mean, yeah, the links were to male enhancement pills, but according to the Lucifer any link in the post counts!
  3. I wrap my head around it just fine, that's exactly my position. It just appeared you were implying everyone should get jabbed. If I misunderstood you, I apologize ... 👍 no, Why thank you. That's very nice I deleted some of the nasty stuff I was going to say above Ok
  4. ^^ I learned that when my wife's car got hit at the supermarket. Turned out it was one of her bosses so they felt responsible and paid for the damage We had just driven the car home from the dealer the day before, brand spanking new
  5. That will raise your rate because while it may not have been your fault, there is no "fault" on private property so you cannot force the other guy to pay for your damages. Which means you have to use YOUR policy for repairs. No different than if I hit my wife's car in the driveway- insurance company doesn't care what happened, they just know they're paying, and you know what that means
  6. Here, where you strongly suggest everyone should get jabbed: After saying you're against mandates And I'm not anti-vax, so get your shit straight
  7. What "order" of Trump's was unlawful or unconstitutional that permitted Milley to "do whatever he wants," as you put it?
  8. Thanks for agreeing with me supraSHIT, that Bidumb is having employees do his dirty work
  9. ^^ "I'll not be baited" into having a political debate at a political debate chat site lol
  10. Yeah, we're used to your thinking not adding up to a whole lot Maybe you should stop trying
  11. We know Translation: I'm too embarrassed by my bullshit to either support it or admit I'm a dumbass
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