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  1. "You"? Who gets hurt the most by high gas prices professor?
  2. But all homos are deviants, and all pedos are deviants. Short trip to Union Center
  3. Idiot, libretards created the environment where such a stupid move is forced on a company that doesn't want to be canceled by the radical progtard activist fascists.
  4. I just did a tineye search and got zero hits so...
  5. Librejects are well on the way to destroying everything decent and good Sick bastards
  6. Uh huh. And no one heard the stories or were influenced by such a draconian move. For one thing I didn't say or even imply that, and you don't know what Xi does or doesn't "decree" More fantasy. You have no fucking idea what the Chinese want. And yes they are controlled with an iron fist. That you either don't know this, or you support their human rights abuses, either one says a lot for your character. Lack of. Not everyone, but plenty. I'd venture to guess most Chinese would rather live in a democracy than a totalitarian dicta
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