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  1. No answer to my polite request??
  2. Then why aren't you moving all the other non-debate threads to the water cooler? Biased moderating, that's why.
  3. Right. She's saving us from civil war. Better to leave a horrible president in the world's most powerful office writing executive orders and nominating supreme court justices than risk some backlash from conservatives... which never happens due to ... wait for it... THEY'RE CONSERVATIVES... I GET IT.
  4. So your earlier effort to explain her odd reasoning was tongue in cheek... so what is it??
  5. You can't explain how Pelosi rationalizes leaving an illegitimate imposter in charge of the country.
  6. This is about Pelosi, not Trump. Why won't she do the right thing?? You still have failed to answer the question.
  7. I asked for a logical explanation to this incongruence. So far, zip zero zilch.
  8. So... you're saying she's saving the country from civil war by allowing a man who isn't the actual president to remain with his finger on the nuclear launch button... And you call US crazy!! LMFAO
  9. Can't answer, eh? Here's your beloved cnn reporting the same thing: https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/03/11/politics/nancy-pelosi-impeachment-comment/ If you aren't able to explain this oddity, just move along. Or send pics.
  10. No one thinks that. Of course she believes he's guilty, but she won't "do the right thing." Why is that?
  11. Your answer fails to address the incongruence of her believing Trump did something impeachable, i.e., something for which he should be removed, yet her feeling it's okay to not remove him. Odd, don't you think? (By the way, nice to see you around. Got any recent foot pics? The old ones are getting familiar.)
  12. Where are our logical, rational, thoughtful leftist friends when we need an explanation for this incongruence?? Oops, forgot, those are mutually exclusive traits. Nevermind.