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  1. 1 out of 3 is hardly "almost everyone" surely you can understand that right?
  2. The observation in no way indicts ALL people with tats. Logic fail. Prison population is almost 100% tatted. Gray haired church sanctuary is almost 0% tatted. If you can't draw a conclusion from that, I'm sorry for your mental defect.
  3. I guess you missed this in your narrow-minded zeal to lie about me:
  4. Her mother and I weren't real happy but if your adult married daughter showed you a tattoo of her son's name she lost at childbirth, what would YOU do?
  5. SixShooter

    Iran For Idiots

    Why do any of these rogue nations openly defy the well-meaning first world nations that establish the code of conduct for a peaceful planet? Would any wars be necessary if all leaders everywhere worked at ONLY peaceful pursuits? Your position is the same as blaming police for the violence in our country. If no one was a violent criminal, there would BE NO VIOLENCE. But for some reason you can't get that. You seem to think someone can just declare an end to war and everyone will behave. Dangerous myopia.
  6. I don't judge people for having tattoos, I judge people for taking it to a ridiculous extreme, and I judge that you run in a seedy circle if everyone you know has tattoos.
  7. Everyone YOU know. Says a lot about the circle you run in...
  8. I'll take that as a concession since you failed to support your claim. I was using google when you were still swimming in your daddy's nutsack, boy, but I did do a search and found nothing remotely supporting your claim. So yeah, as we all knew, you're full of shlt.
  9. I watch Fox for opinion and live streams of speeches, hearings etc. I watch ABC for generic news because Fox is too focused on politics. And I can only stomach so many My Pillow commercials.
  10. Got the link to that story where Colmes was forced against his will to appear on Fox, drjoke?
  11. Insane. I think it's for someone who never wants to be employed and found a way to guarantee they won't have to.
  12. I don't care either. Personally I wouldn't have one but two of my adult daughters do and I'm okay with it. They're small and meaningful to them.
  13. Yeah? Let's see the story where he was forced against his will to appear there...
  14. Trump cares because he likes Hannity and others who support him and punch hard at leftist policies and politicians. Fox has backed away from the "Fair and Balanced" slogan, using more generic ones like "We report, you decide" and "Real News, Real Opinions" or something like that. The channel is obviously biased, but not nearly as much as CNN and MSNBC, ABC, et al.
  15. Funny, I don't remember the story where Colmes was forced against his will to appear on Fox.......