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  1. The video doesn't show the actual amount of pressure being applied. IF ANY. Whelp, there goes THAT argument.
  2. Pure guesswork. Criminal convictions don't occur without proof and what you claim can't be proven.
  3. Nothing you or anyone says will change these FACTS: 1. The cop's other knee was on the ground. 2. There's NO WAY to verify whether his knee was pressing on the guy's neck, or even TOUCHING it. KEY DEFENSE POINTS.
  4. Exactly. We simply cannot know what effect the knee had, if any, especially since the other knee was on the ground meaning his knee may not have even been touching his neck. You don't know, you can't know. This will be key in his defense.
  5. Yes it does, in regards to the question I was addressing. Was the pressure enough to cause physical harm?
  6. You don't know that. How hard was the cop pressing his knee down on the guy's neck? Remember, his other knee was on the ground.
  7. So? Again, there appeared to be a scuffle outside his car door. Why was he put into handcuffs? Resisting is often the reason. Why were the two passengers NOT handcuffed but allowed to stand peacefully on the sidewalk?
  8. What, that it's justified? You're here defending the taking of innocent life. You're no better than that cop kneeling on Floyd's neck.
  9. Usually the ones murdered didn't "sow" anything except a desire to protect and serve their fellow citizens. You pretend like all blacks who murder cops are noble.
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