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  1. Yeah I posted it already. Never. I'm 100% original.
  2. I believe you copied that one from me.
  3. Typical libtard, turns to personal attacks when their idiotic rants are exposed. LMFAO
  4. Idiot. I have no problem with non-political threads. I have a problem with HYPOCRITES (of which you are one of the biggest here). Swillie the Shillie moved my threads to the water cooler because they didn't involve politics, but he leaves other non-political threads here ... including his own ... that also do not involve politics, because he's a partisan biased hack, just like you. Which also proved that he's a HYPOCRITE. But thanks for proving to the board that you're a dense, myopic idiot who can't reason this for himself. Oh, I guess my description of a real man insulted you, since you're NOT.
  5. No, it looks like you're a sad pathetic internet tough guy that needs to brag to strangers how tough he his knowing full well he never has to back up his claim. That's why you're Internet Tough Guy™ which is a sardonic put-down in case you weren't sure.
  6. Funny chart, but a real man treats his lady with respect, makes sure she's cared for (including satisfied in bed), is a good provider for the family, and helps her raise the children they created together, giving them discipline and teaching them to respect their mother.
  7. Get 'em, Tough Guy™! GET 'EM!! Damn, you shore are one tough ITG! >snicker<
  8. What a crybaby whiny bitch! Haha! Turn in your internet tough guy badge.
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