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  1. Rober E. Lee & Monuments

    I could not care less what happens to Confederate monuments. I have no identity with the Confederacy, I'm an American. What I care about is that the country works together as a whole in peace, but there are factions on the left and on the right that don't want peace, they want violent confrontation. Let's maintain law and order and arrest those who break the law and create violence. From either side. Then let the local citizens and the municipal authorities decide what to do with their statues.
  2. PC madness! The left is INSANE!! Funny no libs here are commenting. Either they're barely smart enough to not support this insanity, barely smart enough to not voice their support for it, or barely smart enough to be so embarrassed by their idiot comrades they hope it slides off the first page.
  3. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    Yes, let's be honest. There's a big difference between saying "fine people on both sides" and "nazis are fine people."
  4. Please see my post above, "I'm certain we'll never know the depth and breadth of vote fraud tactics such as this deployed by the extreme radical left." The report in the OP, and the program of stealing college students' applications I originally responded to should be enough to cause any freedom loving, law-abiding citizen some concern.
  5. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    Thats fair, but you seem to be shilling for the left without regard for the truth. I'm certain that's not your aim...
  6. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    Harry. Most of what you've criticized President Trump for is either untrue or blown out of proportion. Just the other day you had to admit the "woman on the plane" story is untrustworthy. The entire "sexual assault" BS was invented to destroy Trump, can't you see that? And he NEVER SAID "fine people who are Nazis." Hey, here's an idea; let's try honesty, okay?
  7. Shocker, Nazi stories not hurting Trump.

    Didn't you see the video?? That guy was not a "protestor exercising his right to free speech," he was a violent radical leftist criminal. Hey I have an idea; let's be honest.
  8. Is that all of the fraudulent votes? None anywhere else?
  9. Not if there were millions of fraudulent votes cast for her.
  10. Obviously, the millions of illegal votes weren't enough to overcome the will of the legitimate voters.
  11. I'm certain we'll never know the depth and breadth of vote fraud tactics such as this deployed by the extreme radical left, and liberals here and everywhere turn a blind eye to it because they know it advances their interests and they want it to happen. Liberals posting in this thread have proven it repeatedly... by saying "I know of no vote fraud" and then posting a link proving it happens; by denouncing and ridiculing conservatives who wish for vote integrity; and by dismissing the need for voting integrity and reform. It's obvious and simple logic that anyone lying about vote fraud's existence, anyone rejecting the importance of vote integrity, wants fraud to continue. Let's just be honest about it.
  12. flip flopper in chief

    That is NOT in the NHB rules. There is however a rule against spamming, which you do all the time with your stupid YT videos that everyone hates. Shall we report you every time you spam with your vids?
  13. RNC July Fundraising -10.2M DNC July Fundrasing - 3.8M What's wrong? I thought everyone hated Republicans and Trump? Turns out more people like Repulicans, and people are abandoning the Dems. And this in spite of how terribly the leftist media tells us Trump is doing with Americans right now... I thought 2018 would be the Year Of The Dem Takeback...? Looks like maybe not.
  14. Now he will say you're running and screaming from the discussion like a little bitch, after he already ran running and screaming from it... like a little bitch. Wait. That was demoman. They all have the same MO so it's easy to get them mixed up.