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  1. Pay up, you tight ass POS. Or did Mommy cut off your allowance for being a lazy slob?
  2. Wrong. Several people have explained it to you, ad nauseum. We're trying to figure out which brain defect you have that prevents you from grasping something so simple.
  3. I DID notice you dropped "purpose" and switched to "reason" after you got SCHOOLED by @BatteryPowered LMFAO
  4. Because it DOESNT say that, you brain dead moron. And I never claimed it did. Wow. You've reached new levels of idiocy, which I truly thought was impossible. You're amazing!
  5. No, they think they can send others to do their dirty work. People like doctor joke would never actually attempt it himself.
  6. You asked if one man - one vote was the American thing to do, and the answer is no, it isn't, not in a presidential election. All you have to do is understand the Constitution which obviously you do not. And could you quantify "way more" for me please, and explain why you would use such a juvenile phrase?
  7. No, not when it comes to election for President. You should acquire a copy of the Constitution and study it, or take a basic civics class. Might help you avoid appearing like an ignorant dumbass.
  8. Citizens of STATES elect their representatives. Geez. Mother is wailing.
  9. There is no such thing as a national popular vote for President of the US, you dumdum. Damn, must you embarrass yourself so? Mother wept.
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