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  1. Hows your boy biDUMB doing in his MASSIVE FUCKING OF AMERICA??? Is he "winning" yet???? 37% beanie. Yep, that's your boy biDUMB!! "Winning"
  2. HIL FUCKING LARIOUS!!! biDUMB is SO FUCKING UNDERWATER and AMERICA HATES HIM TOO!!! President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to fall, with 37 percent of Americans approving the job he is doing, according to a Quinnipiac poll released on Tuesday. While only 37 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance, 52 percent disapprove. The numbers are similar when asked about their opinion of the president. Only 38 percent of Americans report a favorable opinion of Biden, whereas 50 percent have an unfavorable opinion. Biden’s approval numbers have drastically declined since his botched Afghanistan pullout at the end of August. The last time Biden’s approval rating was positive was in the days leading up to the August 31 Afghanistan withdrawal. Federal vaccine mandates and a looming supply chain crisis have likely contributed to Biden’s declining numbers. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/10/19/poll-bidens-approval-rating-sinks-to-37-percent/
  3. Psssssst. TURDBREATH. GO WATCH THE SECURITY FOOTAGE on 1/6/2021. IT WILL BORE YOU TO DEATH. 99.95% of it is PEOPLE JUST WALKING AROUND LOOKING LIKE TOURISTS INSIDE THE CAPITAL BUILDING. PERIOD!!! Yes, a FEW-- as in UNDER 20 people-- did a bit of DAMAGE, but the OVERLY VAST MAJORITY did NOTHING but enter, look around, and leave. VIDEO doesn't lie, SHITSTAIN!!! But you FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT do without any regard for FACTS AND TRUTH TO BACK YOUR CLAIMS!!! Your NAZI HANDLERS AND PROPAGANDISTS ARE LYING!! Oh, did you hear?? The US MARSHALS are investigating the TOTAL VIOLATION OF THESE FOLKS CIVIL RIGHTS since they are being TORTURED AND ABUSED while in JAIL. And you missed the part where MISDEMEANORS are pretty much the charge for over 99% of the folks inside the Capital. Sucks for you that it WAS NOT any "insurrection" as you want to claim it was. Hell, it wasn't even a decent RIOT!! But it really IS A POLITICAL PERSECUTION and you LOVE IT!!! Just remember, if YOUR SIDE can get away with it, SO CAN WE AFTER 2024 when WE HAVE KICKED YOUR ASSES BACK INTO YOUR CESSPOOL!!!
  4. @benson13 DOES NOT under any circumstances want to talk about his biDUMB and the massive FUCKING OF AMERICA that is going on RIGHT NOW!! Ever.
  5. Some MSNBC hosts and guests have run with the narrative that parents angered over coronavirus guidelines and new teaching techniques are dangerous and even racist. The National School Board Association called on the Department of Justice this week to investigate what it deemed possible "domestic terrorism" over "acts of malice," violence and threats against school boards across the country, leading to criticism from nonviolent parents that their free speech was being threatened. Attorney General Merrick Garland's order for the FBI to confront the situation, and media outlets like MSNBC have emphasized incidents of parents yelling at school boards over mask mandates and critical race theory teachings. Far-left MSNBC fill-in anchor Jason Johnson wondered Wednesday if White nationalism played into some of the angry scenes Americans are seeing play out across the nation. "To me, is this really about people being upset about mask mandates or are there sort of underlying disruptive forces, White nationalists, anarchists, whatever, in this country, that are using mask mandates and a public health crisis to sort of wage chaos?" Johnson asked. PURE 100% NAZISM!!
  6. SCUNT is the typical SHITSTAINette. Comes in, LIES with a FALSE CLAIM, and then when you KICK HER ASS WITH EVIDENCE AND PROOF SHE LIES, she either RUNS or tries to say she is right about everything. It's COMEDY at its finest!!!
  7. oops........ GUN is CLEARLY in this DEAD FUCKING IDIOT'S HAND!!! Decides he should PROBABLY shut the fuck up, but too late. BOOM, DEAD IDIOT LOSER PIECE OF DEMONSHIT!!!
  8. Hmmmmm. How INTERESTING. SO what you are SAYING is that HAD THESE LOSER PIECES OF LOOTING SHIT not VIOLATED THE CURFEW ORDER, then they wouldn't be dead/or shot!!! See, you get yourself in a BUCKET FULL OF SHIT when you try to bring a POINTLESS AND FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT that a JURY is going to laugh at the second they hear it. OR a judge just tosses it LONG before it ever gets to court for a hearing. You CAN'T BE 'the good guy" when you claim "the bad guy" did something WRONG and you did the SAME IDENTICAL WRONG you are accusing HIM of doing!!! SUCKS FOR YOU, huh SCUNT!!! ROFLMAO!!!!
  9. ROFLMAO!!!! So goddamn HILARIOUS watching this SHITSTAIN CROWD completely SELF DESTRUCT!!! Former Comedy Central Daily Show host Jon Stewart found himself on the receiving end of a leftist firestorm a day after he dared to criticize and call out their incessant focus on for President Donald Trump. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/10/19/leftist-media-freak-after-jon-stewart-calls-out-their-trump-derangement/ During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Stewart said that the media made a “mistake” by characterizing former President Trump as a “supervillain,” arguing that the current issues in America are much greater than one singular. “I think we make a mistake focusing this all on Donald Trump, as if he’s … Magneto and some incredible supervillain that has changed the very nature and temperature of the U.S.,” Stewart said. “I think it’s a mistake to focus it all on this one individual and not to focus it more on the idea that power is its own reward whether it be in the financial industry or government. Power doesn’t cede itself, and unless we can figure out a better way to balance out that power … we’ll be vulnerable,” he added. SO GOOD to see how these NAZIS eat their OWN when they call out the IDIOTS with FACTS AND TRUTH!!! It must really SUCK being you SHITSTAINS, knowing that in 2022 and 2024 your ASSES ARE GOING TO BE HANDED TO YOU ON A PLATTER MADE OF TURDS!!! HIL-FUCKING- LARIOUS!!!
  10. Looks like ONE OF YOURS there SHITBREATH!!! So you are saying that Philly BLACKS are a bunch of PUSSY COWARDS who did NOTHING!!! Got it.
  11. Shit storm?? Hell, you are giving them WAY more credit than they deserve!!! So where is @benson13??? HIDING like the FUCKING PUSSYBOI she is.
  12. Hey @benson13, isn't Joe one of your FAVORITES??? Even HE knows your potty is in DEEP SHIT in 2022 and 2024!!! I see MASSIVE DEFEATS of pretty much ANY DEMONCRAP that is out there who SUPPORTS biDUMB'S BULLSHIT!!! ROFLMAO!!! Buh Bye DEMOCRATS!!!
  13. So @benson13, WHO are you SHITSTAINS running in 2024 that going to get their ASSES handed to them???? Come on now, your NAZI HANDLERS surely have spread the word who it's going to be!!!
  14. That describes pretty much ALL of these Demoncraps. You'll be lucky to scrape together 20 brain cells between ALL of them.
  15. Gee, SHITSTAIN, why didn't you hire a bunch of COLLEGE EDUCATED DEMONCRAPS!!!! Oh wait, I get it!!! THEY are too fucking STUPID to know how to build or repair ANYTHING!!! So you HIRED ILLEGALS!!! What a goddamn PIECE OF SHIT NAZI you are!!!
  16. She needs to keep RUNNING THAT YAP of a mouth!! The MORE SHE RUNS IT, the DEEPER IN THE CESSPOOL she drags the DEMONCRAP POTTY!!! Even MANY, as in WAY MORE than you realize, DEMONCRAPS think she is a fucking CLOWN and destroying their little playhouse.
  17. ROFLMAO!!! RUN, SHITSTAINS, RUN!!! When the TbiDUMB, Captain of the TITANIC CRASHED INTO THAT SELF CREATED ROCK, YOUR GOING TO SINK!!! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) hopes to keep the House majority past the midterms are slimming as droves of vulnerable Democrats continue to announce retirement or seek higher office instead of fighting tough reelection. Democrats are also facing redistricting across the country and a president whose approval ratings are cratering. So far, 13 Democrats have decided to officially call it quits on the House, leaving their seats open for a competitive fight and giving Republicans a chance to gain another seat. House Republicans only need to net five seats to gain the majority and retire Pelosi as the speaker. This week, two longtime Democrats, Reps. David Price (D-NC) and Mike Doyle (D-PA), both loyal confidants to Pelosi, announced their retirement. Additionally, last week Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY), another Pelosi loyalist and chairman of the House Budget Committee, announced he was retiring from public life. These three Democrats joined the five other retirees, the majority of whom represent highly competitive districts: Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) announced in October 2019 that she would only be running for one more term in Congress, which expires in 2022; Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX) and Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) announced their retirements in March; Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) announced she would not seek reelection in April; and scandal-ridden Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) announced he would be retiring in August. Five Democrats have announced they are running for a different office: Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) announced in April he would be running for the U.S. Senate seat in his home state being vacated by retiring Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH); Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) announced in May he is running for governor in Florida, after previously being governor in the state as a Republican from 2007 to 2011; Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) announced in June she would run for a U.S. Senate seat in the Sunshine State; Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) announced in August, he would be running for the U.S. Senate seat in his home state being vacated by retiring Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA); and Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) announced in September her candidacy for the Los Angeles mayoral race to replace outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti (D). With the news of retirements and members seeking other offices, there have even been reports showing Pelosi herself contemplating leaving elected office. “Sometime in the not-so-distant future, probably after next year’s midterm elections, Pelosi will announce that she’s stepping down,” the Atlantic wrote. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/10/18/droves-of-democrats-exiting-the-house-create-massive-problems-ahead-of-midterms/
  18. ROFLMAO!!! So @drvoke, a PROUD AOC lover will RUN from this one!! So will @benson13, @slideman the NAZI PUKE, and @calguy, his fellow henchman. So funny.
  19. MASKS are only for the peasant class. ELITISTS only MAKE the rules.
  20. OH WOW!!! Sure looks like beanie is BUILDING AN ADDITION to his EMPTY FUCKING SKULL so REAGAN and Bush Sr. can have THEIR OWN CONDO RENT FREE TOO!!!! ROFLMAO!!!
  21. You SHITSTAINS just keep PUMPING OUT YOUR AOC BULLSHIT and see how BADLY YOUR ASSKICKING in 2022 and 2024 REALLY IS!!! I bet it's BLOODY AND NASTY TO BE AROUND!!! ROFLMAO!!! MSNBC Contributor Donny Deutsch said Monday that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and other far-left progressives attempting to push the Democratic Party further to the left could lead to a "disaster" and be a "suicide for Democrats" in upcoming elections. Deutsch told Joe Scarborough on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that President Joe Biden does not "have the hearts and minds" of American voters. He also said that he believed Biden could narrowly lose to former President Donald Trump in 2024 and that any other Republican nominee would beat the current president "by over double digits." "I would like to see some polls today. First, a poll of Trump against Biden, which I think Trump would eke out a victory. But then I want to see polls with Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis or fill in the blank and they would win by over double digits," he continued. He also noted that people in deep-blue New York City told him they were feeling "unrest" because of how Democrats were running things in Washington and because they do not think Biden is actually in control, to which Scarborough agreed, adding that Democrats are "out of step with mainstream voters." "There were Bill Clinton voters. There were Barack Obama voters. There weren't Joe Biden voters. There were anti-Trump voters … And Joe Biden does not have the hearts and mind of this country," Deutsch said. "And the other Democrats that we see being paraded forward – the AOCs of the world, the far left – are suicide for the Democrats." "So the Democrats better get some new faces, and the Democrats better figure out that this world lives just right of center or, on a good year, just left of center … This socialist kind of pulling all the way to the left is a disaster and we are staring at a democracy in peril," he continued. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/landonmion/2021/10/18/msnbc-contributor-says-catering-to-aoc-farleft-could-be-suicide-for-democrats-n2597617
  22. Hey beanie, so what is it today??? "I hate BUSH" or "I hate Trump"??? I guess you built a DUPLEX IN THAT EMPTY FUCKING SKULL OF YOURS, HUH??? One side for BUSH and the OTHER for TRUMP!!! Congratulations!! You now have 2 great leaders living TOTALLY RENT FREE IN YOUR HEAD!!! ROFLMAO!!!
  23. So these SHITSTAINS run from this??? Wonder why??? Because all they have is "no more mean tweets" and "we hate Trump". Even though TRUMP had things moving along better than it had been in forever.
  25. Same BULLSHIT as always from this bunch of INEPT AND MORONIC NAZI PIECES OF SHIT!!! https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2021/10/18/bidens-nominates-maritime-administrator-with-zero-experience-because-of-course-he-did-n2597594 President Biden, apparently not one to be deterred from making unqualified nominations, announced Rear Admiral Ann Philips (Ret.) as his nominee to lead the Maritime Administration — "the [Department of Transportation] agency responsible for America's waterborne transportation system" — a decision that's now being blasted by those in the shipping industry. Normally, the MARAD post is filled and the administration run without much notice from the public. But normally there's not an unprecedented supply chain shortage going on that has turned some of America's busiest ports — namely the twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles — into floating parking lots. The "world’s top-visited maritime and offshore industry news website" — gCaptain — noted that "The appointment of Rear Admiral Ann Phillips comes as the shipping crisis dominates the world media headlines." And while President Biden has taken "strong action" to address the shipping crisis, "each action however has been a misstep." America, YOU ARE FUCKED!!! TOTALLY!!!! As long as these NAZI INCOMPETENT PIECES OF SHIT are running things, EXPECT IT TO GET FAR WORSE BEFORE IT EVER GETS BETTER UNDER THIS GODDAMN BULLSHIT ADMINISTRATION!!!
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