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  1. Little does the MORON realize is..... The first GOLD NUGGET ever discovered happened because of LABOR, not MONEY capital. So he/she- or is it a she-it- doesn't have a CLUE how a TRUE capitalistic society operates!!!
  2. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!! YOUR labor that YOU own and can do with as you please. You can "sell" it to someone else. OR you can use it for your OWN profit and turn into the MONEY capital you desire. NO wealth is ever "created" from MONEY ALONE. You MUST have LABOR of one form or the other for MONEY capital to increase in value. THIS is where the Socialist "theory" fails completely since in that "system' YOU don't own your labor, the State does.
  3. Your definition is totally wrong. It completely IGNORES the most PLENTIFUL form of capital there is.
  4. Try harder, MORON!!! Let me give you ANOTHER CLUE- the only reason BOTH money AND credit exists is because MAN learned to use the SECOND FORM OF CAPITAL!! WAY over your head, huh????
  5. There are TWO distinct types of CAPITAL, MORON. MONEY is one. What is the OTHER ONE???? And let me give you a clue- we ALL possess the latter one, and if you have that, you have the OPPORTUNITY to have the FORMER!!!
  6. 50,000 comedians out of work and YOU are trying to be one. Don't give up your day job. If you consider sucking mommies and daddies teat a day job that is.
  7. We are NOT a "democracy", MORON!!! Learn THAT simple FACT and you might learn something for a change instead of repeating the same tired, failed bullshit you are repeating now.
  8. So what's "fair" about Socialism? Is it "fair" that those who work the hardest get exactly the same as those who do NO work? Is it moral that there are no morals since the necessity to eliminate ALL moral values are necessary for Socialism to work?? (Marx calls it the opiate of the masses) Is it possible to have concern for your fellow man when you or no one else has the means to offer such concern or help when you have a Socialist society?? You better pull that head out of that ASS of yours and start to think about what you are saying there MORON!!!!
  9. Little do you know that that Electoral College has made FREEDOM you so richly cherish POSSIBLE since the "mob rule' has been ended with it's creation. Sucks for you Commie assholes, huh???
  10. And YOU equate SOCIALISM with freedom. Now THAT is a real fucking stupid thing to believe.
  11. They prefer to worship at the alter of SOCIALISM where FORCED LABOR is a necessity to make it work. The ONLY problem they can't seem to overcome is best summed up with the words of one in the former Soviet Union- "They pretend to pay us as we pretend to work".
  12. NO ONE says you have to "work for a living"..... UNLESS you live in a SOCIALIST NATION which depends on the FORCED labor of others to support it. In OUR society, you are totally free to start your OWN enterprise and make it whatever you want to make it. And the INEQUALITY that comes with that venture means you either do what is needed to succeed or do the things you are guaranteed to fail with. EITHER is YOUR CHOICE. In a SOCIALIST SOCIETY, you have no choice. NONE. PERIOD. So go fuck off and SHUT THE HELL UP MORON!!!
  13. You must bear in mind that in liberrhoid la la land, they believe in equality of outcome, NOT equality of OPPORTUNITY. ONE leaves you with EQUAL POVERTY and the OTHER gives you unequal results, but UNLIMITED opportunity to achieve whatever result YOU choose to have. liberrhoids don't want the choice, but rather believe that that their little "equality of outcomes" is somehow going to magically transform their life into some utopian world, yet they never seem to look at all the FAILURES at making it work. It's why they are such stupid little assholes.
  14. Funny how your worn out liberrhoid "union" playbook got kicked to the curb. Now go sit in the corner and watch the ADULTS in the room show you how it's done. Your COMMIE UNION SHIT just got told to go fuck off.
  15. I did. It's just that you are another STOOPID fucktard that can't seem to "get it" can you???
  16. I did. It's just that you are another FUCKTARD that is too stupid to know it.
  17. Pretty easy to see she has been eating TONS of them, huh???
  18. It's sure easy to spot you little cuckold liberrhoids who FEAR strong and powerful women. No wonder none of them want a damn thing to do with you little pussyboys. Besides, if all you have to choose from is that fugly bunch of liberrhoid women, then you don't have much to choose from. Have you ever been up close to one of them and smelled the stench they emit? God knows that smell would kill a camel in a heartbeat.
  19. Face it. liberrhoids are just plain jealous. Look at who they had in office and all the 'advisors' who never did anything, never ran anything, and never made a payroll ever. So they may as well realize, THE ADULTS ARE IN CHARGE NOW!!
  20. They have been on defense for a LONG time now. It's just the are too STOOPID to realize it. It's why THEY LOST!! Sometimes, you just have to realize that you simply can't take the MORON out of a liberrhoid. Ever.
  21. by Kurt Schlichter ity the poor liberals in the aftermath of November’s humiliationathon – as we’ve discussed before, they thought they were headed for the penthouse but they found themselves in the outhouse, and there’s no Charmin left to squeeze. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from stupiding all over the place ever since, as if they accepted a dare to see how completely they can compound their failure. For example, it’s game on for Joe Biden. He has wandered aimlessly back into the spotlight with vague hints that he might stagger for president in 2020, assuming he can find his way back to D.C. from the Delaware balcony where he will spend his post-vice presidency firing random shotgun blasts to fend off imaginary intruders. Democrats have to be excited about the thought of another ancient person of pallor at the top of the ticket; the hip kids sure love them some Joe. As he likes to say when trying to connect with millennial voters, “How about that rap music, huh? Nothing I dig more than busting a move like the Fresh Prince! It’s wack, homies!” This is the guy who would have probably been president if he hadn’t been scared off by the unstoppable juggernaut that was Hillary. Luckily, when he slams his head over and over again on the particle board desk in the vice president’s office somewhere in the back of the White House annex next to the Coke machine, he’s not risking injuring a vital organ. Hillary hasn’t said much about 2020 publicly. Her fans – both of them – tried to get her picked as Time’s Person of the Year, and she lost that to Trump too. This does raise several questions, though, including “What were you thinking?” and “Is Time still a thing?” Hillary is taking it easy now, her calendar of $250,000 ten-minute speaking gigs having suddenly cleared. When she’s not muttering “But I got the most votes!” she’s drowning her sorrows via tumbler after tumbler of icy Crown Royal. And Bill – who no one has seen since he stood uncomfortably behind her, occasionally checking his watch, during her November 9th failure speech – is drowning his sorrows via tumble after tumble with hot blondes. California, which is still mad after flunking out of the Electoral College, has decided that it will massively resist what it expects will be the Trump administration’s actual enforcement of our immigration laws. And by “massively resist,” it apparently means that it will pout aggressively. Insurrections are not what they used to be – California’s promised rebellion will likely only involve the deployment of devastating Twitter hashtags, like #WeLoveDisplacingAmericanWorkers, #WelcomeForeignCriminals and #ComeOnInWelfareCheats. If California forms its own army to resist a tyrannical federal government bent on shamelessly enforcing duly enacted laws, we can assume it will have to draft the gender indeterminate children of Silicon Valley tech nerds, San Francisco chardonnay sippers, and Westside L.A limo libs since everyone else has moved to Texas. This will not exactly be the most effective fighting force the world has ever known, but it will certainly be the whiniest. Gluten-free MREs, anyone? No doubt the proper term of address for a superior officer will be “Dude.” The latest VA scandal has hundreds of vets exposed to hepatitis and AIDS by a government dentist who thought “Sterilize, shmerilize!” Another vet who survived war could not survive the kind of government health care liberals want to impose on every American; they found maggots in his body, the perfect metaphor for government health care. Apparently, no one above the minion level at the VA has been fired yet; Mr. president-elect, just put John Bolton in as Secretary of State and assign turnaround whiz Mitt Romney to fix this disgraceful abomination. Our currently missing-in-inaction president never cared about our vets; he was always more concerned with preserving the jobs of Dem-voting government slobs no matter how many patriots had to suffer. When finally reached at the 18th hole for comment about why, after eight years, the VA is still less sanitary than Lena Dunham’s bidet, President Obama blamed Fox News, systemic racism, and Donald Trump. Speaking of Donald Trump, his election has apparently made liberal women not want to mate with liberal men. So now these shrill cat ladies are even less likely to breed any more insufferable Sanders voters – talk about #Winning. Note that conservative women never wanted to mate with liberal men; this was because of good taste, self-respect, and the belief that sex should be enjoyable for women too. The liberal news media that brought us Dan Rather is pretending to be enraged about “fake news.” What it’s really mad about is the competition. All these uncontrolled, uncurated, and worst of all, unliberal media outlets are cutting into Big Lie’s action. The fact is that only properly licensed MSM journalists have the education, training, and skills needed to properly produce and promote fake news. I’m not talking small potato stupidity, like pizza parlor pedo rings that involve the Illuminati, the reverse vampires, and the saucer people. I’m talking the big lies that cause riots, get cops killed, and will destroy the economy – the “hands up, don’t shoot” and “the polar bears are melting so everyone except us liberals stop driving SUVs”-level frauds. Come on people – let’s leave the agenda-driven lies to the professionals! And it’s delightful to watch the MSM collectively freak out every time President-elect Trump decides to ignore them and tweet to the masses ungatekept, leaving the media clowns quivering in fussy impotence. There’s plenty to find troubling about Trump, but every true American loves to see the way he mercilessly torments the newsweasels and journalosers. It’s about time someone humbled them, considering they clearly have so much to be humble about. Liberals can’t help themselves. In the midst of repudiation, they console themselves with the certain knowledge that they are the best and the brightest, while all the while essentially saying “Hey, hold my maple-infused craft IPA and watch this!”
  22. Sucks for you, huh??? Seems all this Proggie BULLSHIT is about to get tossed out with the REST of the demorroid garbage!!! America is cheering. Proggies are tearing. Ask me if I give a fuck WHAT you think. Your opinion is like an asshole and all that comes out of that is PURE SHIT!!! Now, go suck your widdle pacci and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  23. IF you have the balls to call what obama has/is doing CAPITALISM, then you must have some mighty tiny little balls. NOTHING obama has done even REMOTELY can be called CAPITALISM. CRONY Capitalism, yes, but pure, competitive capitalism, not in your wildest dreams. ANYTIME that government gets in the "business" of determining winners and losers through massive regulations, you don't have ANY form of capitalism, but PURE 100% FASCISM. Look it up, MORON!!! And that is PRECISELY what your little tin pot god obama has done. Pssssst. CLUELESS liberrhoid alert!!!! obama's DEBT HAS BEEN MORE THAN ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED HAS BEEN. Better get your chest waders and a BIG shovel, You left a TON of BULLSHIT laying around on this one, MORON!!!! We are fucking TIRED of cleaning up demorroid messes, so go clean up your OWN this time.
  24. The MSM is now the "Yellow Journalism" of the turn of the 20th century fame. PURE CRAP. " Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.[1] Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering or sensationalism.[1] By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.[2]"
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